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Trump's UK visit

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mcem Fri 12-Jan-18 06:46:47

Just heard that he has cancelled.
It will be interesting to hear more as the story unravels.
All because he thinks Obama got it wrong when he sold the embassy building in Grosvenor Square and he doesn't like the new building.
As my grandad would have said "Aye, right!"

whitewave Fri 12-Jan-18 07:17:32


notnecessarilywiser Fri 12-Jan-18 07:52:32

My DIL and I had agreed that we would take to the streets in protest if he comes here, so my first reaction was relief at not having to turn out in wintry February!

Now that he's cancelled, I do hope that HRH's diary will be very, very full and it will be nigh on impossible to agree a new date with his people.

OldMeg Fri 12-Jan-18 08:01:55

Aye, right!

Jane10 Fri 12-Jan-18 08:10:35

I think it would be much better to absolutely clear the streets if /when he arrives here. He clearly thrives on attention so ignoring him would wound his ghastly pride much more.

travelsafar Fri 12-Jan-18 08:10:37

just think of all the money we will save not having to provide security!!! grin

OldMeg Fri 12-Jan-18 08:19:11

Pity in one way. I was quite looking forward to the good old British Public giving him what for!

tanith Fri 12-Jan-18 08:36:44

This planned visit is only for him to open the new embassy, the State visit sometime later this year is still on. Let's hope he takes the hint and cancels that one too.

Cherrytree59 Fri 12-Jan-18 09:06:20

George Bush administration planned the embassy move in 2008.

Hoping for another unpresidential type tweet and foot stamping to say his state visit off.

There was no mention of State visit in the last Queens speech.

vampirequeen Fri 12-Jan-18 09:56:19

He can't even get his facts right about who OK'd building of a new embassy. George Bush was a Republican so he can't blame this on the Democrats and/or Obama (although he did in his tweet).

He's sulking because the powers that be wouldn't change the Embassy opening to a State Visit. He's like a little kid taking his ball back.

gillybob Fri 12-Jan-18 10:02:12

I think we are foolish to piss DT off (whatever you may think of his style of leadership/personality) he IS still the presidents of the USA. We are burning our bridges one by one.

Urmstongran Fri 12-Jan-18 10:08:43

I think we are getting too het up here people. Trump represents the majority of votes in the USA. Their choice remember. Nothing to do with us. We should extend a welcome to the POSITION he holds as head of his country. As we did to other heads (some of whose human rights are truly shocking). Too much virtual signalling IMO.

vampirequeen Fri 12-Jan-18 10:09:10

You can't appease a bully. They have to be stood up to no matter who they are.

eazybee Fri 12-Jan-18 10:09:16

I really don't care whether Trump comes to Britain or not, but I am concerned by the people who feel they have the right to take to the streets to protest:
"the good old British Public giving him what for!"
I don't think so. Stony indifference is far better. This rise of rent-a mob, fuelled by loudmouths on social media, does nothing for our integrity or reputation for tolerance.

reelashosser Fri 12-Jan-18 10:13:08

Instead of shouting protesters, I think it would be more effective if we lined the streets but turned our backs on the procession and let it roll past in silence. It would be interesting to see how he could make any good tweets out of that.

vampirequeen Fri 12-Jan-18 10:14:40

I am not part of a 'rent-a-mob' group. Nor has my opinion of DT been 'fuelled by loudmouths'.

I have the legal right to protest. By doing so I do not damage my integrity or reputation for tolerance.

'Stoney indifference' could be taken as acceptance. I have no intention of letting anyone think I accept the words and actions of Donald Trump or any other misogynist, homophobic, racist bigot.

dizzygran Fri 12-Jan-18 10:16:02

I agree with comments that whatever we feel about DT he was voted for and is the President of the US. We have had many worse people make state visits with terrible human rights issues - did GN take to the streets then? The UK has always had strong links with the US and when we leave the EU we will be looking to them for trade. There wasn't a lot of choice when DT became President (Clinton or Trump!!), but we should respect his position. Do GNs really want to be part of the mass hysteria planned for his visit....

Jaycee5 Fri 12-Jan-18 10:16:52

I think that we should tread water so far as Trump is concerned until the elections later this year. If the Republicans lose control of one or both Houses he will have less power. It would also make him less likely to stand again.
He is a nightmare but he is the first President for a while who has not started a new war for all his sabre rattling although it is unfortunate that he went back of his promise to not increase the bombing in Syria and Iraq.
He is awful, his supreme court appointments will cause problems in the US for decades and his giveaway to the rich tax bill was nasty and his attitude to immigrants is horrid but he has yet to do anything as internationally damaging as Clinton's repeal of the Glas Steagal Act or Bush's Iraq invasion.
Hopefully, his appointment will be a jolt to the Democrats to put up a better candidate next time.
I am hoping that Kushner will be charged (his and his wife's financial dealings are shocking and it is hard to believe that there will be nothing to charge him with) and as people like Banning fall from the wayside, the people around him are beginning to look a bit more rational.
We are stuck with him for a while and while he is travelling he is doing less damage so I am ambivalent about the visit.

dizzygran Fri 12-Jan-18 10:18:47

vampirequeen.... hope you were out protesting when heads of other countries with far worse heads visited!!!

AmMaz Fri 12-Jan-18 10:19:31

Urmstrongran I completely agree with you. As for Vampirequeen it is you folks who are the bullies. What do you think you are doing - 'sending him to Coventry' ? Do you know that is classic female bullying tactic?

radicalnan Fri 12-Jan-18 10:20:05

Trump again. Methinks you ladies do protest too much.

Secretly you must have the hots for him, every day he features here and yet the world is beset by absolute despots and when they turn up, not a peep out of you.

Go on admit it, the orange hair, the fake tan, the small hands, you just lust after him and are not protestors at all, just a bunch of old groupies.

MaizieD Fri 12-Jan-18 10:22:01

'Taking to the streets to protest' is a good old British tradition which goes back to at least the 18th century 'bread riots' when people protested vigorously, and sometimes violently, about the increased price of bread caused by the combination of poor grain harvests and speculators hoarding grain in anticipation of getting higher prices as the shortages got worse.

Whether one approves or not it is a way for frustrated individuals to make their feelings very clear about policies and government actions if all other avenues fail.

Just saying....

MaizieD Fri 12-Jan-18 10:23:44

Well, by your reasoning, radicalnan , a number of posters must have the hots for Corbyn, too... wink

maddyone Fri 12-Jan-18 10:25:09

Some people on here are SO uninformed! This was not a state visit, he was coming to officially open the new USA embassy! This visit has nothing to do with HRH. When and if DT eventually does visit on a state visit, we would do well to remember that HRH has welcomed many leaders of countries with appalling human rights records, she may very not wish to receive these people, but she is totally professional in her attitude at all times (love the monarchy or hate it) and we would all do well to emulate her.
gillybob, urmstongran, eazybee, quite!

lemongrove Fri 12-Jan-18 10:27:19

dizzygran I completely agree with you.
What about countries with terrible human rights ( what about China) yes, there were some protesters, ( don’t know about GN posters being there) but I can imagine with a Donald Trump visit and the hysteria of social media there would be indeed a huge rentamob, milling about, yelling and generally enjoying themselves ( possibly a bit of light looting as well.)

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