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Do the Tories care?

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grannypauline Sun 08-Dec-19 10:16:16

Do they care about anyone other than their rich friends?
Let's hear it in their own words:
OR Dominic Cummings:

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Dec-19 10:21:04

No of course not. Never have, never will.

Davidhs Sun 08-Dec-19 10:47:20

Disagree entirely they do care - they care about you voting for them this week

Alexa Sun 08-Dec-19 10:48:40

There are a few good mean and women who are also Tory politicians.

Alexa Sun 08-Dec-19 10:49:55

But it's best to vote tactically even if your local Tory candidate is a nice man or woman. We have to try to get Johnson out.

tanith Sun 08-Dec-19 10:55:32

No in a word.

Charleygirl5 Sun 08-Dec-19 11:34:55

Alexa he may do it unwittingly all by himself. He is MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip and last time won the smallest majority for a would-be PM of 5,000. He has been so conspicuous by his absence there that many voters are looking elsewhere.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 08-Dec-19 11:40:08

I assume that every day up until the election there will be a new "anti-conservative thread"??

GagaJo Sun 08-Dec-19 11:40:55

I think their mindset is multifaceted. I think they genuinely believe in laissez faire. But I also think they believe the poor are poor because they are weak. At the same time as perpetuating a system that gives them all the advantages.

Ultimately, they don't care about the 'little' person IF he is poor or working class.

ClareAB Sun 08-Dec-19 11:41:13

Patently not

ayse Sun 08-Dec-19 11:47:31

No, I think they are selfish and feel entitled, blaming those in difficulties for their own problems. OK, there may be some who could do more to help themselves BUT I firmly believe that most do the best they are able in difficult circumstances. Money might not make people happy but adequate finances can certainly make difficult situations easier.

Poverty is the scourge of this society as well as social deprivation etc.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Dec-19 11:58:49

You only have to look at their rhetoric to know exactly what they think of those less fortunate than themselves, which if you include wealth in that it is most of the population.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Dec-19 12:12:39

Of course they don’t

has given Amazon access to huge swathes of NHS data to exploit however they choose - for free. The NHS won’t see a penny.

Our NHS is being sold off even as
swears blind it isn’t.

Alexa Fri 13-Dec-19 10:09:54

Conservative voters believe poor people who cannot manage are like "it's their own fault".

However clever Conservative politicians well know it's not all poor people's fault. Clever Conservative politicians believe it's natural that some people will be very much poorer, have shorter lives, and do the menial jobs like their parents and grandparents before them.

varian Fri 13-Dec-19 20:00:57

I heard a shocking rant today in an otherwise empty shop. I was out of sight I think when one shop assistant started ranting to the other about Jeremy Corbyn , scroungers, get brexit done and other shocking nonsense, straight out of the pages of the Daily Express.

Ignorance, prejudice, hatred and a smug satisfaction that he had voted for good old Boris. I was tempted to tell him a few home truths but chickened out. A couple of days ago I might have tried to educate this moron but it is too late now.

annodomini Fri 13-Dec-19 21:04:51

People like that are ineducable, Varian. I've met a few (really only a few) like that in my doorstepping days.

M0nica Fri 13-Dec-19 21:55:05

Yes, of course they do. Lots of ordinary people like us voted for them. These people are not stupid and were not duped, tricked or anything else into voting Conservative. They looked at what was on offer and decided that the best offer came from the Conservatives and they were the most likely to deliver it.

I find the contempt for the ordinary voter expressed by so many GN members who consider themselves so much more morally superior and intelligent compared with the ordinary voter or anyone who doesn't share their views, quite shocking.

Most of them are supporters of the Corbynist Labour Party. Perhaps a bit of humility to admit that they got things badly wrong and that most of all that they did not listen to what their average Labour voter was actually saying, so convinced they were that they knew better than anyone what was good for us.

eazybee Fri 13-Dec-19 22:47:13

Ignorance, prejudice, hatred and a smug satisfaction that he had voted for good old Boris. I was tempted to tell him a few home truths but chickened out. A couple of days ago I might have tried to educate this moron but it is too late now.

I just wonder who on earth you think you are, Varian.
People are allowed to hold different opinions from you, and to express them.
This moron, indeed.

lemongrove Fri 13-Dec-19 22:58:39

I think you are acting along the lines of ‘attack is the best defence’ Varian you were peddling this sort of thing all last year.
It’s just lashing out because the Lib Dems did so very badly and are out of the running.

Smileless2012 Fri 13-Dec-19 23:09:09

No not morons varian. Not stupid enough to believe that all the money Corbyn said he was going to throw around like confetti wouldn't bankrupt the country.

Not moronic enough to vote for a party whose only aim was to overthrow the referendum result. For so long you have told us here on GN that the majority of people wanted to remain, well if they do, why did the Lib Dems do so badly and why did their leader fail to keep her own seat?

No "smug satisfaction" in your post, how could there be? But certainly "ignorance (and) prejudice" .

Alexa Fri 20-Dec-19 08:59:25

Varian said she would formerly have "educated this moron".

How are the electorate to be educated so as to be fit to elect our legislators?
School teachers try to lead the children to be autonomous adults. They do awfully well in this this.

A right wing government will arrange the education system so as to strengthen the present class system by means of fee-paying schools, prescriptive orders to the professional teachers, commercially owned academies, and restricted university entrance.

Labaik Fri 20-Dec-19 13:47:26

varian; I was chatting o an old guy at Beamish the other year. He seemed very lonely and obviously went there to that particular café on a regular basis, so I felt sorry for him. He'd been ill; knee operations etc. He then started ranting on about Brexit and how wonderful Farage was. I just had to walk away ad finished my drink outside sad.

Jane10 Fri 20-Dec-19 13:53:42

What amazingly ridiculous statements are being made about 'Tories'. All people who voted Tory automatically must have no conscience or care about others?Somehow its OK to insult a large number of people? Hate speech is a crime these days! I consider such ill conceived and sweeping statements as such.

Labaik Fri 20-Dec-19 14:05:28

There were good Conservatives. But they've been hounded out of office by Johnson et al. I can't think of a single decent Tory MP now. And are those who voted for them proud of the way Johnson smirks, grimaces and plays with his phone when the opposition are speaking. All that posh education and yet he doesn't know how to be polite.

Labaik Fri 20-Dec-19 14:21:30

Far-right Britain First is urging its supporters to join the Conservative Party in order to “make Boris Johnson’s leadership more secure”.
The extremist group, whose leaders were jailed last year, sent an email to subscribers claiming “thousands” of its activists were becoming members of the Tories.

It came after Mr Johnson was endorsed by Tommy Robinson and garnered public support from other far-right figures.

“If you haven’t joined the Conservative Party yet, we urge you to do so immediately, to make Boris Johnson’s leadership more secure,” Britain First said in an email sent on Wednesday.

“Senior Britain First officials and rank-and-file members have been receiving their Conservative membership cards in the post.