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Why did Starmer settle out of court Give a grovelling apology and pay out six figure sum?

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Grany Sat 25-Jul-20 19:20:30

The former Director of Public Prosecutions ignored the legal advice and made a political (personal) decision to make the apology and fork out members money with over a six-figure payout to the so-called whistleblowers.

Carole Morgan is organising this fundraiser.
It is reported that John Ware a reporter for Panorama is taking legal action for libel against former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The relentless attacks on Mr Corbyn, a man of integrity, honesty and humility cannot be allowed to continue and we have an opportunity here to offer him support in a practical way. It will also let him know that his supporters have not forgotten him, nor have they gone away.

A Go Fund Me for Mr Corbyn has raised a quarter of a million so far in just a few days.

A study from Loughborough University has shone a light on how the media joined together to rig the election in favour of Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party, and against Jeremy Corbyn.

Starmer is now the Labour leader but is he Establishment a red Tory?
Lots of young people have left Labour and given their reasons They knew what Corbyn stood for What does Starmer stand for?

Galaxy Sat 25-Jul-20 19:24:17

The hope of actually winning an election.
The fact that you use the phrase so called whistleblowers is just beyond words.

Ilovecheese Sat 25-Jul-20 19:27:18

I don't know what Starmer stands for, I am trying very hard to wait and see what policies he supports. I very much object to my money being paid to a bunch of journalists for no good reason that I can see. Labour members are not all well off and the subscription has not always been easy to find. Is the membership just a nuisance to him? Would he rather have rich backers?
I voted for him as leader but am starting to regret that I did.

Grany Sat 25-Jul-20 19:28:09

Many of the whistle blowers are also in the report acting against the leader and Labour's interests.

lemongrove Sat 25-Jul-20 19:28:49


The hope of actually winning an election.
The fact that you use the phrase so called whistleblowers is just beyond words.


There are many deluded Corbyn supporters still out there then.

Ilovecheese Sat 25-Jul-20 19:30:29

Winning an election in order to do what though? What are his aims for the country? Does he have any?
As for calling them "so called" surely that should have been investigated, not shut down with a pay off.
How will we ever know now?

Whitewavemark2 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:31:46

Starmer drawing a line under the issue and moving on is the most credible thing to do.

Ilovecheese Sat 25-Jul-20 19:32:12

Yes, there are still people out here who would like a more equal society.
I have to go now, but this is a thread of real interest to me.

Chewbacca Sat 25-Jul-20 19:53:47

Starmer drawing a line under the issue and moving on is the most credible thing to do.

And I admired him for doing it. He wants a clean slate; no historical grievances that have rumbled on for years that Corbyn would neither face up to nor address. I'm liking Starmer more and more.

Grany Sat 25-Jul-20 20:06:25

Well he hasn't drawn a line under the issue made it worse. The Labour supporters have helped Jeremy Corbyn him shown support against all the unfairness accusations from the trouble makers.

Grany Sat 25-Jul-20 20:26:11

Agree with all you said Ilovecheese

Jane10 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:30:02

Maybe he just wants this debacle over so the Labour party can move on? That would be understandable.

Chewbacca Sat 25-Jul-20 20:42:31

The Labour supporters have helped Jeremy Corbyn him shown support against all the unfairness accusations from the trouble makers

The Jeremy Corbyn who couldn't keep a united party? Who couldn't win an election even when his opponent was Boris? Who was the puppet of Jon Lansman who, incidentally, has apologised for joining Labour’s attack on the whistleblowers? That Jeremy Corbyn?

Anniebach Sat 25-Jul-20 21:19:59

There was no grovelling apology, it was a very much long overdue apology.

janeainsworth Sat 25-Jul-20 21:30:16

Grany instead of copying and pasting from various blogs and articles, could you please explain what you’re talking about?
Preferably in words of one syllable?
I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what you’re on about.

janeainsworth Sat 25-Jul-20 21:31:33

And don’t tell me to read the links.
I’ve tried and they are barely comprehensible to an outsider.

Anniebach Sat 25-Jul-20 21:48:57

They were not a bunch of journalists, they were employed by
the party . They gave interviews to a Panorama programme on
anti semetism in the Labour Party

Chewbacca Sat 25-Jul-20 21:54:46

This is going well isn't it?

Grany Sat 25-Jul-20 22:00:28

There are a few more saying this offering their legal services for free.

Howard Beckett

Was proud to lead the legal team that defended Jeremy Corbyn’s right to be on the ballot in 2016.

I make this promise today. When the need arises, I offer my legal services pro bono to Jeremy Corbyn & we will win that fight. Money cannot be allowed to stand in the way of truth.

Here's to all those who know the difference between criticisism of the Israeli government and criticism of the Jewish people.

Luckygirl Sat 25-Jul-20 22:03:00

Starmer has rightly drawn a line under it - he could not take his party forward with this negativity still clinging on.

Grandad1943 Sat 25-Jul-20 22:07:35

This somewhat unexpected apology is only the beginning az two further extensive reports and actions that are two follow.

The Race and Equalities commission are still to produce their report on antisemitism in the Labour Party from which prosecutions of the party will undoubtedly follow.

There is also still to come the internal report in regard to the allegations that employees at the Labour Party Central Office continually acted against Jeremy Corbyn even to the extent of working against the Parliamentary Labour Party winning the 2018 general election.

It matters little in financial terms whether those employees carried out those actions or not as their names where contained in the leaked report which was in breach of the Data Protection Act and Employers Duty of Care under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

The above is expected to accrue a cost to the Parliamentary Party of at least seven million pounds in prosecutions and claims which is funding the Party does simply not possess at this time.

The only positive thing that has come about this week in regard to the Labour Party was that Steve Turner won a close fought nomination from Unite Left as their candidate to replace the retiring Len McCluskey as General Secretary of the Unite Union. Unite are the Largest donors to the Labour party with Turner being in support of maintaining the political levy subscription to the Labour Party provided there are wholesale reforms and also a large reduction in the bureaucratic structure of the Parliamentary party.

Iam64 Sat 25-Jul-20 22:16:18

Starmer made the right decision, again.

Corbyn never supported the Party leader when he was a back bencher.. No change now he’s a back bencher again, undermining the democratically elected leader.
His supporters are vitriolic in their criticism of Starmer. They call for unity but clearly don’t want a United L
P. I don’t believe many of them want a Labour government. They don’t care about the poverty they condemned so many traditional labour voters to

Anniebach Sat 25-Jul-20 22:21:46

Agree Iam

Grany Sat 25-Jul-20 22:21:52

Being a lawyer he should have let the legal process proceed Labour had a strong case. Also the investigation into the leaked report and outcome may be compromised.

And what a vicious nasty bunch of Blairites they are working to stopping a Labour government So they are to blame very much so.

The GoFundMe page now stands at £253.700 and rising.

Anniebach Sat 25-Jul-20 22:26:47

Being a lawyer he knows far more about the law than Corbyn