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Monday - will you watch....and why?

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Pantglas2 Sat 06-Mar-21 21:00:12

Obviously, the Oprah interview with the Sussexes.

I will because I want to hear it straight from the source rather than media spin/interpretation so that I can comment later on what I saw and heard, when discussions start up as they surely will.

However, I don’t think they should be doing an interview at all (I felt the same about Diana and Charles interviews) these things end up backfiring against them.

Aveline Sat 06-Mar-21 21:12:45

I don't know. I don't want to as I'm not interested in this allegedly publicity shy yet attention seeking couple. However, Pantglas2 makes a good point about seeing exactly what is said rather than what might be reported later. So. I still don't know! Sorry.

EllanVannin Sat 06-Mar-21 21:12:50

There's a taster on Ch5 at the moment which started at 9pm.
I've got the bloomin' yawns already grin

Aveline Sat 06-Mar-21 21:13:45

Blimey. That interview must have sold over and over again! Quids in.

Ellianne Sat 06-Mar-21 21:26:03

I agree Pantglas. How can one comment without having seen the body language, the expressions and the gestures for oneself? The words might just be a load of hot air and even a transcript might not tell the whole story.
And yes these interviews always end up badly in the long run.

Sara1954 Sat 06-Mar-21 21:35:30

I’m not going to watch, I’m simply no longer interested in anything they do.

No good can possibly come out of it for anyone, why will they never learn?

Grannynannywanny Sat 06-Mar-21 21:36:14

To be honest it’s not something that would even have been on my radar. But I’ve been fascinated in recent days reading several lengthy threads about the topic and I’ve been drawn in by all the free publicity Gransnet has provided. So yes, I’m going to watch it now out of curiosity!

Lexisgranny Sat 06-Mar-21 21:38:38

Pantglas could have written that myself. I have no faith in anything I read in the newspapers. The headlines are click bait and the articles slanted to match the various press agendas. Venom and vitriol pours from social media from supporters of the Sussexes and the rest of the Royal Family. I do feel though, that the interview will obviously be designed to favour Meghan, and the way the Royal Family do or do not respond will be paramount. I don’t think either side will emerge without fault.

I will probably watch it, with reservations as to the wisdom of the broadcast. I hope that having carried it through, we will hear less of the grievances. Let them get in with their lives, they have chosen the path they wish to take, the matter should be closed.

crazyH Sat 06-Mar-21 21:39:15

Yes, I will watch...always been fascinated with the Royal Family....

NellG Sat 06-Mar-21 21:41:41

Not sure, if I do I'll be necking a bottle of Gaviscon in the breaks.

Greyduster Sat 06-Mar-21 21:45:09

No. I’m ashamed of him.

M0nica Sat 06-Mar-21 21:58:10

No, I rarely watch television and I will have better things to do.

Jaxjacky Sat 06-Mar-21 22:06:23

No, not interested.

Kim19 Sat 06-Mar-21 22:07:28

Yes, my plan is to watch and hope that I don't fall asleep in the middle. I need to have my own interpretation of what is said and how the questions are framed (or loaded) and keep reminding myself that it will be thoroughly edited.

Devorgilla Sat 06-Mar-21 22:08:55

I will watch it and also tape it as I am not sure I will stay the course. There is only so much dirty laundry you can stomach at any one time. Like Pantglas, I think you can only really comment if you heard it first hand. I also want to see Harry's expressions. From what I have seen so far on the clips he looks like someone not entirely happy to be there. Very unlike the casual atmosphere of the Corden interview. It will be interesting to read on here the posters take on it. And yes, perhaps a stiff drink to accompany is an essential.

Esspee Sat 06-Mar-21 22:10:27

No. They are attention seeking and best ignored.

Boz Sat 06-Mar-21 22:10:59

No need to watch; highlights (or lowpoints) will be all over Monday morning papers.

GagaJo Sat 06-Mar-21 22:22:13

I wonder if Oprah's production will be better than the previous debacles. She's supremely experienced at interviewing.

heath480 Sat 06-Mar-21 22:26:05

Not watching,sick of it all and it hasn’t been on yet!

Casdon Sat 06-Mar-21 22:31:30

No, it clashes with Masterchef.

Missfoodlove Sat 06-Mar-21 22:33:25

Definitely will watch,it will be a car crash, just like Andrew and Emily, Diana and Martin etc etc.
They don’t seem to learn.

Dottynan Sat 06-Mar-21 22:34:32

No, dirty laundry is best washed in the privacy of ones own kitchen

LauraNorder Sat 06-Mar-21 22:55:53

I wish I could say that I’m a woman of principle and therefore will not watch. However Orlin and I had a conversation earlier pretty much mirroring what Pantglas has said.
We will probably record it because undoubtedly I’ll doze off at some point.

annodomini Sat 06-Mar-21 22:58:30

I'm sure I can think of better things to do!

AmberSpyglass Sat 06-Mar-21 23:04:34

It should be entertaining and frankly I’m hoping for a bit of juicy scandal.