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Scottish Election 6 weeks away.

277 Urmstongran

The working classes just aren't very bright so have no chance of bettering themselves

192 Whitewavemark2

Anyone understand why Johnson is so far ahead in the polls? ( 2)

136 Greeneyedgirl

A year of Starmer What do you think?

492 trisher

What I think will happen tomorrow

451 Galaxy

France threatens to cut power to Jersey amid fishing row

276 Mamie

The Common Good Party - where will I find it?

59 PippaZ

Bill Gates and vaccines

8 M0nica

Welsh Elections

32 Casdon

Anyone understand why Johnson is so far ahead in the polls?

1000 PippaZ

Confused over Local Elections

21 Pittcity

If I lived in a run down area, voting.

1 mokryna

The Troubles

68 nadateturbe

Is this the best they can do?

16 Dinahmo

Local Government Elections, Postal Votes

51 trisher

Can I opt out of contributing to the new royal yacht and put my bit into the NHS please

93 Lucca

Women suffer at least 26 sexual crimes on average in their lifetime

70 Iam64

... and the sleaze goes on ...

135 MayBee70

Tory MP admits government prioritises Tory councils.

13 EllanVannin

Do leaflets help you to vote?

35 Mollygo

New Earth Creationist for First Minister

9 Grannycool52

What is wrong with John Lewis?

233 Callistemon

A poem with meaning.

24 FannyCornforth

The government is to reduce the water aid budget by 80%

45 varian

Should the speaker give opposition a chance to debate the importance of truth

14 Doodledog

Zaghari-Ratcliffe - why doesn’t the U.K. pay what we owe Iran

96 MayBee70

Message the PM?

9 Ramblingrose22

A home owners nightmare

21 EllanVannin

Patronage was abolished in 1854. Why does it seem to be back now?

9 varian

Stampede at religious site in Israel, with awful loss of life.

15 Marydoll

Northern Ireland is in more danger since Brexit

131 varian

Just as I suspected, Cameron isn't actually very smart

11 Dinahmo

Mr Johnson and Mr Cummings

742 varian

Protest March in London today

56 Chestnut

Expensive redecorating costs...

7 Whitewavemark2

David Cameron and the Greenhill scandal

151 Whitewavemark2

X R rebellion at Canary Wharf this morning

87 Yorki

Biden does the right thing (although perhaps not for the right reasons)

57 Whitewavemark2

Aid to China?

17 Alegrias1

The Grand National

53 Daisymae

The govt talks the talk but does it walk the walk?

45 MaizieD

PLEASE COULD YOU SIGN THIS PETITION--Petition: Require mandatory training on ASD/ADHD and SEND for teachers

44 growstuff

Some recent Labour Politicians/Councill ors misdemeanours (for balance)

40 suziewoozie

Police and Crime Commissioners

16 keepingquiet

Wills and Harry rift blown out of proportion

447 lemsip

Boris Johnson can't name current Conservative West of England mayor

9 25Avalon

United Nations elects Iran to Commission on Women’s rights?

6 Aveline

The Queen and dedication to duty in the 21st Century

285 jacqrose

Jennifer Arcuri publicly admitting four year affair with Boris Johnson

158 varian

Do you feel politically homeless?

53 MaizieD