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If you have written to your MP, have they replied?

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JaneJudge Sat 25-Sep-21 22:43:50

No political bias

Mine just ignores everyone in our constituency even if we rely on support of very personal issues

Is this now normal?

How do we get a response or service?

Whatdayisit Sat 25-Sep-21 22:49:18

Old Labour MP and I believe are red wall - Mary creagh never replied once.
New Tory MP since 2019 replies every time. I dont agree with his replies but he has done 6 times since 2019.
Unfortunately he is suspended at the moment on sexual assault allegations so I don't know who is running the show.
And I spoke to many in my area who had no reply from creagh on where she stood on Brexit and they said that's why they didn't vote for her. I did vote for her but i didn't want to. I felt she was a Blair's babe safe seater.

MerylStreep Sat 25-Sep-21 22:50:47

Yes, on Wednesday 18th September. Got a reply in a couple of days informing me of the name of the person he had contacted who would deal with my complaint.

Callistemon Sat 25-Sep-21 22:51:46

Ours usually investigates, sometimes asks questions of the appropriate Minister then replies fully.

SueDonim Sat 25-Sep-21 23:01:49

I emailed Nicola Sturgeon about the vaccination programme. Received a generic response back and no action happened.

I also emailed my own MSP. He was v good.

Lincslass Sat 25-Sep-21 23:02:11

Yes on three occasions. Yes a Tory MP. Answered fully, one I didn’t agree with, but there you go, she answered.

DillytheGardener Sat 25-Sep-21 23:17:54

Mine a Tory, but never answers. I receive an email confirming it’s been received, but then no response on my query. Infuriating.

boat Sat 25-Sep-21 23:41:01

Yes once. To Marcus Jones, Tory MP for Nuneaton.

I made my email as short as possible. I asked him to please not support the moves to take away the £20 a week from Universal Credit recipients and gave my reasons.

I was surprised to receive a reply within days. It was generic (I can't be the only constituent who's bothered about this) and made no comment on my reasons.

I doubt he wrote it but would have had to approve it.

At least it shows his Aides are efficient.

lemsip Sat 25-Sep-21 23:43:48

Yes, over the years I have written to my Mp when I needed something sorted out.....I write to them at the House of Commons London... always get an acknowledgement then in time a copy of the letter he has sent to the dept I wanted help with and there reponse... Got £60 back from BT after they refused to cough up what they owed me.
last year I contacted by email .about a dental problem and the 111 service lack of help......he contacted NHS England who then contacted me.......different MP over the years but always done what they are there for.

Bluefox Sun 26-Sep-21 00:28:45

Every single time and promptly.

Nannytopsy Sun 26-Sep-21 03:27:31

Yes, Matt Hancock replied but it was generic and supported the government line.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 26-Sep-21 05:29:11

I haven’t contacted mine for a while, but I usually do so by email and he replies within a day.

I can’t speak highly enough of him as a constituent MP.

He does his work without bias or favour. Works incredibly hard and appears trustworthy and a man of great integrity.

You don’t get many like that.

nanna8 Sun 26-Sep-21 05:48:47

Mine always replies. I don't email that often and when you do it goes to his pa but he always lets you know he has it and a reply comes through eventually. He is in the cabinet so pretty busy.

BlueBelle Sun 26-Sep-21 07:38:35

I have and he doesn’t

BlueBelle Sun 26-Sep-21 07:40:02

Should have added mines Tory and I get a generic acknowledgment to say it’s been received but no answer from him

ayse Sun 26-Sep-21 07:44:51

Yes, I’ve written to our MP once and received a reply. A long standing Labour MP.

kittylester Sun 26-Sep-21 07:51:39

Our (Tory) MP always replied and was extremely helpful when disabled Ds1 had a problem. I spotted her in Sainsburys and thanked her for her help. She remembered his name and where he lived. I was very impressed.

Jaxjacky Sun 26-Sep-21 08:09:14

Yes when I last contacted her, she’s subsequently been replaced, the new one is very active and communicative on local Facebook sites.

Susan56 Sun 26-Sep-21 08:19:08

We have written to our MP Owen Paterson on two separate occasions and both times he has replied.

NotSpaghetti Sun 26-Sep-21 08:29:14

Mine has always replied (2 different ones) but the replies are long and generic and generally require me to ask the same questions again in a "reply". All replies are bland and tell me things that everyone should know. The nuance in what I'm saying is always totally lost on them. The replies are full of platitudes and invariably make me cross.

I have taken to saying things like "I won't bore you with the arguments for doing x as I know you will have heard them before" and then just flagging up one thing. If they have more than one question/idea at a time they can't cope.

I don't know why I bother as this is a safe Tory seat and they obviously don't need my vote. From the dozens of letters I've written, I've never properly had an answer to anything.

My husband wrote a pretty angry email recently and got no reply.

anna7 Sun 26-Sep-21 08:32:24

Yes, I emailed our local Tory MP and got a helpful response the same day. I was very impressed

Cherrytree59 Sun 26-Sep-21 08:40:39

Yes I have emailed on a couple of occasions and always had a reply.

On the one occasion, we were visited at home by our MP.

The MP in question was very vocal in the needs of our county.
He also lives locally.

However at the last election he retired and we now have female MP who does not live in the constituency (somewhere down south) and does not have the same understanding of the area and have not seen hide nor hair of her since she was elected.

fiorentina51 Sun 26-Sep-21 09:01:19

I've had dealings with our local MP and with one in another constituency. Both were on behalf of vulnerable family members.
One mp was tory and one Labour. Both replied personally and got assistants to deal with the matters raised.
Excellent response and outcomes. I couldn't fault either of them.

lemongrove Sun 26-Sep-21 09:05:02


Yes, I emailed our local Tory MP and got a helpful response the same day. I was very impressed

Same here, I have emailed him twice, a quick response so very pleased.

lemongrove Sun 26-Sep-21 09:06:22

🤣not your MP though Ana ( although I suppose it could be)