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The Queen is in hospital

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Zoejory Thu 21-Oct-21 22:26:44

Apparently she was taken in yesterday with gastroenteritis. I do hope she's ok. I'm not a fanatical royalist but have a soft spot for the Queen and she's had a ghastly few years recently.

lemsip Thu 21-Oct-21 22:31:00

yes, I just saw this on the news. Gastroenteritis bad at her age. we want her around for a long time yet

Casdon Thu 21-Oct-21 22:32:12

She isn’t in hospital, she went in yesterday and was discharged this afternoon?

Galaxy Thu 21-Oct-21 22:33:05

BBC news saying back at Windsor?

Zoejory Thu 21-Oct-21 22:38:26

Ah yes, I see she's back at Windsor. Well that's excellent news. Hopefully all is well.

gillgran Thu 21-Oct-21 22:46:26

Oh dear, the fact that the Queen was taken to hospital is worrying. Often the senior royals health is played down.
(I remember how we were, at first, told that the Duke of Edinburgh was taken to hospital "as a precaution".)
I'm sure that many things could be treated at Windsor, ( or any royal residence).
I'm a great royal fan, especially of Her Majesty, I wish her well.
"Long May She Reign".

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 21-Oct-21 22:46:29

I don’t think anyone announced what was wrong with her, just that she was having tests. ‘They’ always say she is in good spirits too.

lemsip Thu 21-Oct-21 23:23:40

yes they did. she had gastroenteritis! one night in hospital, now back at windsor

Mollygo Fri 22-Oct-21 00:17:44

Let’s hope she’s feeling better. It was a worrying report.

Bluebellwould Fri 22-Oct-21 01:29:16

The tummy bug was in 2013 which was when she was last in hospital.

Txquiltz Fri 22-Oct-21 02:59:50

Wishing her a quick recovery.

nanna8 Fri 22-Oct-21 05:27:54

She's had a very good innings hasn't she?

Aveline Fri 22-Oct-21 07:46:13

Oh. Poor Her Majesty. Hope she's much better today.

Pittcity Fri 22-Oct-21 08:07:40

How many 95 year olds haven't had hospital tests? She's just lucky enough to get the best care.
We'd have been sent straight home, she was allowed to sleep it off in a first class suite.
The media blows things out of proportion.
God bless her.

25Avalon Fri 22-Oct-21 08:12:33

She had gastroenteritis in 2013. If you google you may not notice it was an old news report from then. She was in for unspecified tests on Wednesday night and home again yesterday. Hopefully nothing too serious.

Aveline Fri 22-Oct-21 08:18:56

Must have been MRI or CT scans. If just blood tests or examination that could be done at home.

etheltbags1 Fri 22-Oct-21 08:40:35

Hope she's ok, she might be having a delayed shock/grief reaction to losing Prince Phillip.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 22-Oct-21 08:43:32

Speculation abounds…

Her Majesty is 95, she has had a busy October thus far, all reports are saying precautionary tests .

Let’s hope she is able to put her feet up between now and going up to COP in Glasgow.

Franbern Fri 22-Oct-21 09:18:41


yes, I just saw this on the news. Gastroenteritis bad at her age. we want her around for a long time yet


Aveline Fri 22-Oct-21 09:46:12

Franbern because we love her.

Anniebach Fri 22-Oct-21 09:55:14

the stress and grief she is living with surely has affected her health .

GrannyGravy13 Fri 22-Oct-21 09:57:02


the stress and grief she is living with surely has affected her health .

I would have thought so Anniebach grief and stress take their toll whoever you are.

Alegrias1 Fri 22-Oct-21 09:57:22

Leave the old lady in peace, for goodness sake.

I admire her, I like to see her when she's happy and smiling. But I don't love her confused That's a bit weird, sorry Aveline

Anniebach Fri 22-Oct-21 10:04:07

Are there rules for whom we can love. Doesn’t seem there rules on hate, read the politics threads

Alegrias1 Fri 22-Oct-21 10:07:01

Anybody can love anybody they like.

"Loving" someone we've never met, spent time with and don't really know is sentimental and minimises the feelings of the people who really do love her.