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If politicians were football managers…..

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MayBeMaw Sun 05-Dec-21 09:45:23

It seems that it takes little more than losing a match for it to spell curtains for football managers.
If only the same applied to politicians- one “cock-up” and you’re out?
If only!

Galaxy Sun 05-Dec-21 10:48:19

I think the way football managers are treated is often absolutely ridiculous. It depends what the cock up is. I have made cock ups in my work.

MayBeMaw Sun 05-Dec-21 11:07:28

Oh dear - point completely missed sad

lavenderzen Sun 05-Dec-21 11:42:10

You are right Galaxy, they are. I think it was Martin O'Neil (where is he now) who referred to the revolving door of football management.

lavenderzen Sun 05-Dec-21 11:42:39

(oh dear - patronising!)

GrannyGravy13 Sun 05-Dec-21 11:48:38

Unfortunately MayBeMaw if the same standards were applied to our MPs as Football Managers, I fear we would be having by-elections every week.

25Avalon Sun 05-Dec-21 11:57:23

Top football managers get paid way way more than our politicians and get compensation if their contract is terminated early. They also tend to get offers from other clubs, hence the merry go round of different managers.

Jaxjacky Sun 05-Dec-21 12:02:51

Difference between private businesses and public office. Chalk and cheese.

MayBeMaw Sun 05-Dec-21 12:31:55


(oh dear - patronising!)

Sorry you dont share my SOH

lemongrove Sun 05-Dec-21 13:09:02

Haha Maw Many politicians would now be reduced to managing Rotherham if that were the case.😁

GillT57 Sun 05-Dec-21 13:22:50

I have no knowledge of or interest in football, but I have often considered putting my self forward for the job of manager, I would be happy to be paid the balance of my 3 year contract after I make a mess of it. Going back to the OP, if MPs were moved, shuffled, sacked on the same basis as football managers, we would never be able to keep up with who was in what job as they would be sacked so often!

Casdon Sun 05-Dec-21 13:24:11

Football managers are judged far more harshly than politicians, loyalty and dedication lasts only as long as the second poor result these days.
However, there have been some long-standing and unforgettable football managers. To quote the late great Cloughie on staying the course:
‘Resignations are for prime ministers and those caught with their trousers down, not for me"

Casdon Sun 05-Dec-21 13:24:52

PS I love football, and Rotherham are top of their league at the moment!

VANECAM Sun 05-Dec-21 13:32:19

Apples and Pears.

lemongrove Sun 05-Dec-21 15:37:08

I have zero interest in football Casdon 😄 and just picked Rotherham out of the air.

Pantglas2 Sun 05-Dec-21 15:42:47

Interesting - the best manager in the English league would have been voted out because he did nothing for the first four years but went on to win everything for the next twenty and will be unmatched in the future- go figure (Fergie)

MayBee70 Sun 05-Dec-21 19:33:23

Football managers might get thrown out if the lose a couple of matches but they get paid millions and then just walk into another job. I’d hate politicians to be able to do that. Then again, they do then get a million for writing their memoirs and get lucrative consultancies.

VioletSky Sun 05-Dec-21 19:45:53

Lol my two least favourite subjects, definitely belong together

Galaxy Sun 05-Dec-21 20:40:50

I am Sunderland supporter violet so football is often one of my least favourite subjects too grin

VioletSky Sun 05-Dec-21 22:00:21

Lol my sympathies