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Seems Boots the Chemist is up for sale.

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Urmstongran Thu 20-Jan-22 20:24:39

Boots of Nottingham sold out years ago to USA Walgreens. Sad to see the brand become shabby. Mind you, if a chemist can't be successful during a pandemic then I think their time is up....

Kali2 Thu 20-Jan-22 20:31:50

They used to make a lot of money selling toiletries, etc-but then came all the cheap drug-stores and toiletries sold in supermarkets.

kittylester Thu 20-Jan-22 20:33:32


growstuff Thu 20-Jan-22 20:52:26

Prescription meds are moving online too and are administered from a central hub.

Nonogran Thu 20-Jan-22 21:12:31

From what I’ve heard about Boots as an employer, they found like a dreadful uncaring company to work for on the shop floor.
I do hope the new owners will breath new energy into their shops & treat the staff better.

Hetty58 Thu 20-Jan-22 22:37:57

Years ago, I phoned our local one to say that I couldn't go in there. The door and handle were so filthy that I didn't want to touch them. The manager said she 'hadn't noticed' yet agreed that if I did, others would.

Callistemon21 Thu 20-Jan-22 22:43:58

Our nearest Boots is fine as a shop for general toiletries and the staff are helpful but a couple of the pharmacists have not been the most helpful.

However, I just ordered a number of items online as I couldn't get to the shop and they have arrived very promptly and all items available.

LadyGaGa Thu 20-Jan-22 22:46:27

It’s a shame. I have always liked Boots and it’s history. Our big local one is nice, but I had my flu jab this year in a small local one and I was really surprised. The staff were lovely but the place was filthy. The floor looked like it was covered in mouse droppings and the surfaces all grimy. I got out as quick as I could.

SueDonim Thu 20-Jan-22 22:52:39

The big Boots in my nearest city always looks as though it’s been burgled, they have so little stock. It has improved a bit of late because John Lewis closed down and Boots have upped their baby department, now stocking prams and baby equipment.

It’s also the only place to buy premium make up and scent, again because JLP and also Debenhams have closed down.

Casdon Thu 20-Jan-22 22:57:34

I think there’s an issue with the premise of this post, because in the pandemic the profitable items for all pharmacies fell, not just Boots. Lloyds made massive losses as well. I guess we weren’t buying makeup, hair products etc, because we weren’t going out.

Pepper59 Fri 21-Jan-22 01:39:21

I have waited longer for my prescriptions to be processed by them. Twelve days was the longest wait. Unfortunately, they are the only pharmacy in my area. Lloyds doesn't seem much better and their customer 'service' leaves much to be desired.

Urmstongran Fri 21-Jan-22 06:54:44

I read years ago that when Walmart took over they kept the brand name Boots because it was a trusted retailer on the high street and hence many people never realised it had been bought out. The staff were demoralised in our local branch saying services and products, plus cleaning and refurbishment had been slashed. I do use ours occasionally for their ‘Sanctuary’ products, Ted Baker shower essentials, to print off photos from my iPad etc but use our local independent chemist for my monthly prescription which is automatically sent out there from the surgery.

Unlike most retailers, Boots have never owned their commercial buildings. Historically, they have always rented their shops at a very attractive rate as their brand name alone guaranteed foot fall in an area. Now, the sharks are circling but want a competitive price as it isn’t as attractive as it once was. Quite sad really.

kittylester Fri 21-Jan-22 07:21:19

Boots in our village is so disorganised and poorly stocked there are always complaints on the local Spotted.

Our gp is linked to a Lloyds pharmacy and we have never had a problem.

Calendargirl Fri 21-Jan-22 07:39:02

Our GP surgery has a Boots pharmacy next door. It is a little building, far too small to service the needs of the patients it deals with. Still only allows 2 in at a time, even then the customer side is full.

mumofmadboys Fri 21-Jan-22 08:29:02

Our Boots pharmacy is very disorganised. It is almost laughable it is so bad! The staff are friendly and nice but it takes forever to sort out prescriptions!

Hetty58 Fri 21-Jan-22 08:43:54

Pepper59, I've used Pharmacy2U for years - as I simply didn't have the patience to wait in Boots for my allergy prescriptions. It saves the NHS money and just arrives with the post.

fiorentina51 Fri 21-Jan-22 08:57:35

Sad to see the decline of Boots. I worked for them for nearly 10 years. Back then, they were a very caring company providing many benefits for the staff. There was a profit sharing bonus scheme and a staff discount, each area had its own welfare officer to support retired staff. They organised days out and local lunch meet ups plus the company owned property on the coast where short breaks would be available for those ex staff members who were in need.
One year, during the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland, the staff at the Belfast branch were offered the use of the facility.
I know that Boots rented its premises situated in shopping malls but many of the shops were company owned. Back in the 1970s they had a large property portfolio in preparation for the large scale retail development of town centres.
Not sure if this was the case in later years but if it was, I can see why the company was ripe for an aggressive take over bid.

Chestnut Fri 21-Jan-22 09:52:57

I have a bit of history with Boots. I worked on Saturdays in the Kings Road in Chelsea in the 1960s, and my mother worked on the Pharmacy counter for some years in the 1970s. The large branch I used approx 10 years ago was busy, clean and well stocked but I am not up to date with their current situation as haven't been shopping at my local branch for the last two years. I have always thought of Boots as the one high street chain that would not go down so I am disappointed to read all this.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 21-Jan-22 10:30:14

Confession time - in the smallish Boots in the next village the pharmacist is really gorgeous (think a younger Mr.Sunak) which is one of the reasons I choose to have all my vaccinations there if possible. blush. He is kind, helpful and very empathetic.

I have just checked my Boots points and I had accumulated £168 so after a quick online shop I have reduced the balance to £30 just in case

Urmstongran Fri 21-Jan-22 10:32:27

Ooh good point GG13 about the Boots loyalty card! I think I’ve got about £50 on mine so I shall spend it up next weekend when I’m home.