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Whitewavemark2 Thu 27-Jan-22 10:53:34

With anti-semitism on the rise, it is just as important that this day is remembered as it ever was.

Scapegoating has become almost endemic in our politics and it must stop.

Smileless2012 Thu 27-Jan-22 10:57:42

I agree. It was on our local news this morning that this would covered in schools and I hope it will be all over the country.

It's still so hard to believe what was done. Man's inhumanity to man and it's worst.

henetha Thu 27-Jan-22 11:01:12

Yes indeed. There is a programme on BBC2 this evening about how artists have been painting portraits of survivors.

Lucca Thu 27-Jan-22 11:07:01

I just listened to Rachel levy a 91 year old survivor on woman’s hour. Astonishing. I sat in the car weeping.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:12:47

Once we begin to forget the humanity behind the person, whether they are a different race or religion or seeking our help in so many ways, like the homeless, the destitute, those running from oppression, hunger or war, then we begin to lose our own humanity, just as the Germans did.

aonk Thu 27-Jan-22 11:15:48

Not enough publicity, air time or education time given over to this. It should be a compulsory part of the history syllabus and visits should take place to museums etc wherever possible. I was completely overwhelmed by my visit to the exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. I didn’t hear a single word spoken while viewing this and many visitors were holding hands etc and some were reduced to tears.

growstuff Thu 27-Jan-22 11:17:41

Every secondary school I have ever know has taught the Holocaust as a topic.

Galaxy Thu 27-Jan-22 11:18:54

Every school I know is the same growstuff.

Alegrias1 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:22:49

There was a documentary last night on BBC2, I think, about a survivor of the camps. The story was so extreme that it was almost unbelievable. DH commented that in 50 years time people will be saying that it was so awful, it can't have happened, it must be made up.

I've visited Dachau and Auschwitz. At Auschwitz I had to excuse myself from the official tour and go back to the entrance, it was too much. I heard that a Dutch tourist had been arrested for making the Nazi salute in Auschwitz recently; I think that for younger generations the full meaning of what happened will fade.

So it must definitely be kept high in public awareness.

Purplepixie Thu 27-Jan-22 11:25:05

I agree! We must NEVER forget.

MaizieD Thu 27-Jan-22 11:30:33

We must never forget what led up to it, too.

(Though I think that's the bit that people do forget...)

Whitewavemark2 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:43:27


We must never forget what led up to it, too.

(Though I think that's the bit that people do forget...)

Like losing sight of peoples humanity?

MaizieD Thu 27-Jan-22 11:49:49



We must never forget what led up to it, too.

(Though I think that's the bit that people do forget...)

Like losing sight of peoples humanity?

I was thinking along those lines, yes, but also recognising the process by which extreme fascist ideas take hold of a country.

Josieann Thu 27-Jan-22 15:13:45

I disagree that more publicity, more airtime and more education time needs to be given over to the Holocaust itself. It is actually very well documented and most of the people who wanted to talk about their awful experiences have already done so. Too many dramatisations and documentaries could lead to fatigue.
The Holocaust per se is one of the most difficult and sensitive areas of KS2 History to teach at school, but as time moves on, to the next generations it becomes just that, History. It actually becomes more important to highlight how necessary it is to be tolerant of other people's beliefs and differences in the 21st century.
What is vital, is to get across how the genocide has percolated into our own contemporary consciousness, and how we should learn from the atrocities of the past. Keeping it high in our awareness means relating it to present day politics and attitudes, and moving forward.
Thank you for the reminder about the programme with the artists' portraits henetha.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 27-Jan-22 15:25:24


I agree! We must NEVER forget.

There was a gentleman on TV at lunchtime Martin Stern talking about his story. He was a 5 year old schoolboy in Amsterdam when he was taken out of school and tricked into identifying adult family friends who were Jewish. He himself ended up at Auchwitz. Having a GS this age I cannot comprehend such evil. He had a baby sister who went to another camp but miraculously they were reunited at Auchwitz later on. Just an amazing story.

I would like to see the portraits Prince Charles has had commissioned for the Queens Gallery.

Yammy Thu 27-Jan-22 15:42:20

I have Jewish friends and know they will be thinking of their lost relations today. I have a friend who fought in the Yom Kippor War as a young men.
I think it should be remembered along with tolerance to all colours and creeds. We only have to look to the labour party a few years ago to see that anti Semetism still exits.

MaizieD Thu 27-Jan-22 15:53:51

I think your last sentence would have been better left unsaid, Yammy.

There is antisemitism and other forms of racism all through the population. It is not exclusive to any one organisation.

Personally, having been brought up in the 50s/60s when the Holocaust was a recent experience and pervaded our lives much more than a once a year 'Day', I couldn't understand why Jews were hated so much and still don't (apart from anti Zionism). They're just people, like everyone else in this world.

(I had more of a problem with having anti-German feelings because of popular culture and the Holocaust)

Josieann Thu 27-Jan-22 16:10:58

I couldn't understand why Jews were hated so much and still don't.
It is such a long standing and universal hatred. If only we knew why.

ShazzaKanazza Thu 27-Jan-22 16:19:19

I was listening to an old man on BBC breakfast this morning and couldn’t believe what he was saying about what he’d gone through. It was so upsetting. How can people treat other humans like this. I believe this should be taught in schools. It’s should never be forgotten. I remember watching a programme when I was young called Kitty return to Auschwitz and was so upset by it and it’s really stayed with me.

growstuff Thu 27-Jan-22 16:22:53

It is taught in schools.

Josieann Thu 27-Jan-22 16:25:09

I believe this should be taught in schools.
It is, certainly from KS2 on.

Josieann Thu 27-Jan-22 16:25:25

crossed post

Blondiescot Thu 27-Jan-22 17:30:48

The Holocaust Memorial Trust does excellent work in schools throughout the country. They organise tours of Auschwitz with secondary school pupils - I was invited to join one several years ago. They do work with the pupils before the actual trip itself, which includes talks from Holocaust survivors, and the trip itself involves not only Auschwitz itself, but the neighbouring town of Oswiecim. Our particular tour was escorted by a wonderful Rabbi and concluded with a short memorial service on the train tracks at Birkenau, where we lit candles in memory of all those who perished. It was incredibly moving.

sodapop Thu 27-Jan-22 17:36:00

Apparently there was an unprovoked antisemitic attack on two men today of all days, unbelievable and sad.

Josieann Thu 27-Jan-22 17:59:57

Yes, very sad sodapop. Boris puts it well,
This attack is a terrible reminder, on Holocaust Memorial Day, that such prejudice is not consigned to history, but remains a very real problem in society.
I used to go over to a Jewish area in North London to teach once a week and the Jewish community had their own security firm patrolling the streets. The problem for them there was that they wanted to keep themselves somewhat secretively aloof from the rest of the community, (in gated areas), which brings about it's own kind of problems.