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Why Diana Ross?

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Sparklefizz Wed 18-May-22 09:07:15

Why is Diana Ross headlining the Platinum Jubilee Party and not a British singer as this is a very British event?

And I also thought it was odd to have Tom Cruise the other evening.

volver Wed 18-May-22 09:08:57

It's just not British, is it, old chap?

If only dear old Dame Vera was still available.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 18-May-22 09:17:21

Perhaps Diana Ross and her music is liked by HM?

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 18-May-22 09:20:11

Charles liked her and The Supremes back in the day didn't he?

Smileless2012 Wed 18-May-22 09:21:59

Her popularity and the respect she's earned is global isn't it, not just here in the UK. She's been to more countries during her reign than any other monarch.

volver Wed 18-May-22 09:24:20

I saw her in Harrods once. She's tiny. (Diana Ross, not the Queen. And I don't often go to Harrods.)

Dinahmo Wed 18-May-22 09:32:58

I saw the Supremes back in the 60s. I wonder if she still has her voice? I loved their music.

Riverwalk Wed 18-May-22 09:47:34

It's all about Royal 'branding' and 'soft power' etc.

The BBC will sell this live event around the world and it needs international stars, so it's handy that Diana Ross will be in the UK as she's doing Glastonbury.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 18-May-22 11:06:59

Ooh, get you volver. I confess to never having been to Harrods. Oh, the shame!😱

Parsley3 Wed 18-May-22 13:42:03

It is not a very British event is it? It is often said on here that the Queen is respected throughout the World. I don't understand the objection to Diana Ross.

Callistemon21 Wed 18-May-22 14:39:32


Ooh, get you volver. I confess to never having been to Harrods. Oh, the shame!😱

There used to be grand pianos playing all by themselves in Harrods.
They fascinated my youngest DD!

MissAdventure Wed 18-May-22 15:08:23

At the risk of offending: I can't stand Diana Ross.
Not that anyone cares, I just wanted to say it.

AGAA4 Wed 18-May-22 15:10:23

I like Diana Ross. Is this thread going to be a Chain Reaction? 😄 Sorry.

BlueBelle Wed 18-May-22 15:12:49

Diane Ross has a great voice perhaps Charles asked for her to sing or maybe the queen likes her Who cares can we only have ‘English’ people entertain up
What a ‘little’ country we have become and what a strange original post

Riverwalk Wed 18-May-22 15:35:16


Ooh, get you volver. I confess to never having been to Harrods. Oh, the shame!😱

You've never been to Harrods? shock

I was a regular there in the 80s & 90s - different times!

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 18-May-22 15:39:13

I prefer Fortnum and Mason.

Esspee Wed 18-May-22 15:40:02

I totally get where you're coming from Sparklefizz Sadly I can't think of any Brit who would be the obvious choice to head the bill.

BlueBelle Wed 18-May-22 15:43:48

But why does it need to be an English singer or group she’s travelled the world and may have wide tastes in music I thought it was fir her not us !! Gosh what a small minded country we have become
She could have had Shirley Bassey but maybe she prefers Diana Ross s voice

BlueBelle Wed 18-May-22 15:44:58

Oh and I ve never even seen Halfords or Fortnum and mason but I have been in Red Square does that count 😂

MissAdventure Wed 18-May-22 15:45:20

I like Burly Chassis...

volver Wed 18-May-22 15:47:42

BlueBelle I hope that's an autocorrect grin

Harrods was my treat when I used to visit London on business. Fortnum and Mason do fab afternoon teas, or they used to!

Chestnut Wed 18-May-22 15:52:09

The only internationally high-profile female singer that springs to mind is Adele but she would have to sing some more suitable songs. The Queen would have to choose the songs.

We also have Annie Lennox and Alison Moyet but she may not be high enough profile. Katherine Jenkins and Charlotte Church the same. Just trying to think of British female singers.

Riverwalk Wed 18-May-22 15:52:57

Halfords! grin

BlueBelle Wed 18-May-22 15:55:45

Haha yes I have been to Halfords 😳 volver it did say it right before I posted
Never been to any posh places in London though, my go to place was Camden market , and Shepherd’s Bush loved them both

Joseanne Wed 18-May-22 15:59:00

Just trying to think of British female singers.
Emeli Sandé?

Prince Harry headlines events in America. Maybe it's just a swap?