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Next Tory leader

164 MaggsMcG

Resignation speech

61 silverlining48

It's official - it's not transphobic to recognise the reality of biological sex in humans

15 eazybee

Boris resigning as tory leader but not as prime minister?

20 M0nica

Johnson must go immediately

70 Boz

Boris Bingo

12 NittWitt

Why is Keir Starmer trying to put so many voters off?

165 Witzend

Heard the news? He has refused to go.

60 MayBee70

Javid and Sunak have both resigned their cabinet posts….

317 Chewbacca

Sky reporting that a resignation statement is being prepared

37 Callistemon21

Time to put the champers on ice?

57 Dickens

The next big scandal to hit Johnson, should he not resign before hand.

20 Doodledog

Why this? Why now?

13 Dickens

PM Question Time Today

51 Callistemon21

The loss of freedom of speech, of sidelining women and biology

872 Mollygo

Health Secretary says no more money for NHS

91 growstuff

A little light relief

2 M0nica

Captain Sir Tom Moore's charity under formal investigation.

102 oodles

The real important topics of the day

5 Chewbacca

Gas explosions and high energy prices

15 JaneJudge

Preferred pronoun badges at the Halifax bank.

305 StarDreamer

Robert Peston

18 lemsip

£102.4 million

193 maddyone

*”Boris is a w*nker”* chant at the cricket.

54 JaneJudge

Chris Pincher has had whip removed

62 varian

Prince Charles has jeopardised his reign. amoneyccepting

291 Granny23

Now a shooting in Copenhagen

25 Chestnut

For those of you worrying about fascism and our government

5 RichmondPark

Boris hairdresser pregnant story

73 vegansrock

Boris Johnson’s Lies - All of ‘Em! 🤥

14 varian

RIP The right of a woman to choose

248 RichmondPark

Anti Brexit man silenced

122 Zonne

The reason why the Boris and Carrie story was pulled

61 varian

Northern Ireland Protocol

3 Lovetopaint037

Speaking the truth about brexit

453 MayBee70

Babies in the workplace.

106 NotSpaghetti

I love GB News

55 Mamardoit

What would be the reaction in your workplace?

31 growstuff

Carrie’s blow job for a job…

84 NanKate

Is this what Leave voters wanted?

27 silverlining48

Pressure grows for Johnson to remove the Whip from Chris Pincher

3 MayBee70

Logan Mwangi's family sentenced for his murder.

48 Kate1949

What are your views on unions & strikes?

351 Shropshirelass

Just one day in the Conservative party

11 Happygirl79

Royal Mail staff to strike.

29 Doodledog

News that could become political 😄. Tornados in the USA and our inability to afford to keep the sea back in the south of England

75 StarDreamer

Blackout Preparation?

91 mokryna

Proportional Representation

51 Fennel

MPs and 2nd Jobs - should they be restricted?

11 Dinahmo

Can we discuss the migrant crisis in a sensible and humane way?

233 DoNotDisturb