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Well done Australia

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Whitewavemark2 Sat 21-May-22 15:33:23

For rolling back the populists and Murdochs influence.

Well done Labour.

DiamondLily Sat 21-May-22 15:49:59

Well, he wants rid of the monarchy, as heads of state, after the Queen goes, which is very popular over there.

Grany Sat 21-May-22 21:30:57

Excellent to see pro-republic Anthony Albanese becoming Australia’s PM. Won’t be a referendum just yet as they’re rightly committed to first recognising aboriginal people as the original Australians in the constitution. But a republic will happen.

Casdon Sat 21-May-22 21:57:18

To be clear, they haven’t voted Labor for the sole reason of ridding Australia of the monarchy. Australia is subject to similar political shenanigans as the UK, and is deeply divided. If the current government survives longer than many recent Australian governments have, there will be a vote on retaining the monarchy at some point. That doesn’t mean it will happen. Clever though I’m sure you are Grany, your crystal ball is no better than anybody else’s.

Bigred18 Sat 21-May-22 22:22:05

What a rubbish result for us. Independents and Greens will now play havoc with Parliament. Albanese won't last long.

nanna8 Sun 22-May-22 00:56:51

Unfortunately with no clear majority we will be in trouble making decisions with the Teals holding sway. Hardly Democratic. It would have been better if the Labor party had won by a larger majority. Also, some of the better Liberals have lost their seats and some of the weaker ones still remain. A rough road ahead , sadly.

nanna8 Sun 22-May-22 00:57:36

No one even mentions the monarchy, it is irrelevant to this election.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 22-May-22 03:04:20

The demographic divide🙂

Spice101 Sun 22-May-22 03:21:35

Comments from afar and apparently more in touch with Australia's political matters than Australians are always interesting.

This result IMO is not as straight forward as you may think. As nanna8 says the ALP will only govern with the help of Independent and Other Parties co-operation. We saw with the last ALP (Australian Labor Party) Government how that ended - not well.

So many of the policies announced were exact copies of the previous government so not too many of their own. As with all new appointiees their intent to change the world will come to a grinding halt as it is realised this is not simply a matter of signing a piece of paper. Historically Labor (yes that is spelt correctly for this party) represented the working class person, but they now are so close in most things that is not the case. Also historically they put the country into so much debt it will take years to get out of.

I have never known so many people who only voted in this election because it is compulsory to do so. Many people so undecided even when at the polling booths.

Also there have only ever been 3 times that a particular party has won 4 elections in a row which is what the government would have had to do. People want change after 10 years.

We live in interesting times.

Grany Sun 22-May-22 10:52:07

While the Labor party manifesto did not include any plans for a referendum on republicanism, the anti-monarchy organisation Republic said that "a republic will happen" as a result of his election

Whitewavemark2 Sun 22-May-22 13:20:40

It seems that women turned away from the main parties and TEAL largely picked up those votes. They also now repres3nt the most wealthy constituents.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 22-May-22 13:24:06

Here is to a kinder Australia.

Spice101 Sun 22-May-22 14:06:51

Interestingly the ALP will govern after receiving only approximately 30% of the vote. Not a huge vote of confidence.
The TEAL and the Greens picked up most of the usual vote of the main parties but I'm not sure that the TEAL represents the majority of the most wealthy people. It looks as thought there will be 16 on the Cross Bench, made up of varying parties with varying policies and ideals. This will likely make it difficult for the government to function at it's best. It would be great to have a government that had a good majority and then the country may move forward rather than be held to ransom by minor players whose vote they need.

I do think many people are so dissatisfied with both of the main parties that they voted elsewhere as a protest vote.

volver Sun 22-May-22 14:17:09

Isn't in single transferable vote for Australian federal elections? So more people voted "against" Morrison and his party than voted for him?

This is how proportional representation works. I say this from the UK where the winning party have a stonking majority and aren't visibly making the country any better for those of us who live here.

Spice101 Mon 23-May-22 00:34:11

volver Morrison in his own seat won 56% of the vote so no, more people voted for him than against him and he holds his seat. The Liberal/National coalition, which was the governing party, had more votes against them than for them as a whole and thus with preferences distributed did not have enough votes to hold government.

The ALP also had more votes against it than for it but Albanese had a higher personal vote.

volver Mon 23-May-22 04:49:21

Yes, I know. confused

nanna8 Mon 23-May-22 09:23:10

I think the foreign policy will be better under the Labor party. It couldn’t be worse, anyway.

Urmstongran Mon 23-May-22 09:28:07

Were the very strict Covid lockdowns any factor in wanting to change the government do you think?

dolphindaisy Mon 23-May-22 09:50:45


No one even mentions the monarchy, it is irrelevant to this election.

This is true My DD lives in Australia and it was never mentioned in the run up to the election. It seems to be the British Press making a big thing of it

Callistemon21 Mon 23-May-22 10:51:02


No one even mentions the monarchy, it is irrelevant to this election.

I haven't heard any Australian relatives mentioning the Monarchy as relevant to this election.

Callistemon21 Mon 23-May-22 10:53:40

Comments from afar and apparently more in touch with Australia's political matters than Australians are always interesting.

DD did mention there were a lot of Independents standing this time, Spice101
I'm not sure if that was in all areas.

Callistemon21 Mon 23-May-22 10:54:57

I meant to add 😁 after this after quoting you post, Spice101!!

Comments from afar and apparently more in touch with Australia's political matters than Australians are always interesting.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 23-May-22 11:09:06

I think the climate must have been a factor after the devastating fires and floods.

Katie59 Mon 23-May-22 12:28:22

This is one of the problems with PR, everyone wants change but because there is a perpetual coalition it’s impossible to agree how to change anything. Australia and others have suffered for decades with inability to get anything done.

For better or for worse first past the post does enable change to take place, although when it does many dont like that, Thatcher, Blair and Johnson made big changes that drew a lot of criticism.