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The rich get richer!

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CvD66 Mon 23-May-22 12:33:14

Under the last 12 years of Tory rule the number of billionaires in the UK has increased from 29 to 177.
At the other end of the scale: 20% of UK families are living in poverty.
The number of people needing to receive 3 days of emergency food per week has risen from 62k to 2.54m between 2010 to 2021 (Source:Trussell Trust foundation).
This is wrong!

Happygirl79 Mon 23-May-22 12:41:59

It is very wrong but it will sadly never change
Greed is one of the worst sins in my book.

OakDryad Mon 23-May-22 12:52:33

Millionaires and billionaires have joined Davos protests demanding ‘tax us now’.

These proposals were put to the government last year and rejected by Johnson and Sunak:

As Mandy Rice Davies would say ...