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GagaJo Wed 25-May-22 16:35:33

Talk about a race to the bottom.

* Sue Gray report details drunken behaviour from No 10 staffers during lockdown-breaking events

* New images from report show Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and country's most senior civil servant Simon Case

* One No 10 staffer was sick after drinks event, which also saw an 'altercation' between two unnamed individuals

* Principal private sec to the prime minister Martin Reynolds boasted 'we seem to have got away with' BYOB garden party in WhatsApp message

* Prime minister says he takes “full responsibility for everything that took place on my watch”

* Boris Johnson asked if he'll 'resign before this House is forced to remove him', by SNP leader Ian Blackford at Wednesday's PMQs

paddyann54 Wed 25-May-22 18:29:33

Yet there are some ,even on here ,who thing the tories are "doing their best" Well if thats the best they can do god save us from the worst .

mokryna Wed 25-May-22 18:35:21

I don’t understand why the Sue Gray report didn’t include all the parties. The reason given is that the police didn’t investigate so there was no need.
I thought the whole point in the beginning was that Sue Gray was asked to do a report because the police didn’t think it was worth any investigation.

Happygirl79 Wed 25-May-22 18:36:21

He really needs to go. Our MPs are letting us down by standing by Boris. What is this telling our children. Its fine to lie?

Anniebach Wed 25-May-22 18:47:05

The tory MP’s want to keep their jobs , they don’t give a damn
about decency and honour

vegansrock Thu 26-May-22 07:17:49

He says that he takes responsibility but these are sorry- not sorry hollow apologies and everyone knows it. It’s like a toddler being told to say sorry but then runs off saying he didn’t do anything wrong. Anyone who thinks he is sincere needs to give their heads a wobble. I only hope the Tories get a kicking at the next by- elections.

JaneJudge Thu 26-May-22 07:24:53

I wonder if Sue Gray lost the will to live. They acted like a bunch of children

Daisymae Thu 26-May-22 10:07:08

Just how much has this report cost? How much for the police investigation? Now the government can only think of chucking a few quid at the electorate to divert attention. Of course people are in dire need of assistance, but planned, targeted and effective help. I would bet that this is going to be a scattering of £ across the board.

MayBee70 Thu 26-May-22 11:13:53

He’s made it clear that he’s going nowhere and his party seem helpless to remove him from office. It’s appalling to look at the list of things that went on under his watch and realise that it doesn’t bother some people. And when he says he’s changed things at no 10 he only changed things back to how they were before he took over!