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Logan Mwangi's family sentenced for his murder.

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DiamondLily Thu 30-Jun-22 15:17:51

What a sad and horrible case.🙁

"A mother, stepfather and a teenager have been given life sentences for murdering five-year-old Logan Mwangi and dumping his body in a river

John Cole, 40, will serve a minimum term of 29 years in prison while Logan's mother, Angharad Williamson, 31, will serve at least 28 years.

The boy, 14, will serve at least 15 years. All three were convicted of murdering Logan in July 2021.

His body was found in the River Ogmore, near his home in Sarn, Bridgend county.

Mrs Justice Jefford told Cardiff Crown Court that the attack on the "defenceless" schoolboy, who was 3ft 5in (104cm) tall and weighed 3st 1lb (20kg), was "nothing short of horrifying"."

Sparklefizz Thu 30-Jun-22 15:22:18

This case is so upsetting and shocking. My heart breaks for all these children who are murdered or injured by the very people who should be loving them.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 30-Jun-22 15:26:59

I cannot comprehend how they can do such things Sparklefizz . Plain evil.

Chestnut Thu 30-Jun-22 15:28:43

Why aren't all those who torture, starve and murder their children locked up for this long?

Sparklefizz Thu 30-Jun-22 15:40:41


This case is so upsetting and shocking. My heart breaks for all these children who are murdered or injured by the very people who should be loving them.

It's not as if there isn't help out there if these parents can't cope, and there are so many people who would adopt one of these beautiful children and give them the love they deserve.

That lovely bright little boy Tony with his 2 artificial legs after what his parents did to him ..... I'm lost for words.

Toetoe Thu 30-Jun-22 15:50:20

I do wonder about these kind of people , is it pack mentality, is it pure evil , and the mother, why ,how could she allow this and do this . I wonder what psychologist and psychiatric doctors would say about the minds of these vile creatures . they will get their justice in prison , no one likes a child killer .

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jun-22 15:52:26

When I saw that little face at the time I cried and I still cry for these poor little kids These people should never come out ever! any of them, what a strange sentence at least 29 years for him and 28 for her what’s the difference !! Both allowed a little boy to be tortured and murdered and dumped
Horrific I hope they feel some of the pain her baby felt I would take a million beatings to save my child how could she ?

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jun-22 15:53:57

For ever Chestnut

Kate1949 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:06:24

I've just read it. I wish I hadn't.

MissAdventure Thu 30-Jun-22 16:10:12

I've made my thoughts clear on what I think should happen to these pieces of crap. angry
That poor, defenceless little soul.

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:49:57

Poor little boy. This has been on our news since it happened.

I hope the evil pair have to serve their full sentences and as for the teenage boy who cannot be named - if he's old enough t torture and kill a small child he's old enough to be named.

In June 2021 the family were removed from the child protection register - meaning it was believed there was no longer a risk of significant harm.

Social workers visited Logan's house the day before he died, and took no action in May 2021 when he burned his neck on a hot bath tap. Social services had also been aware that Cole had a criminal record for violence.

Why? Why?

Surely his teachers should have noticed the change in him too?

What upsets me most about these cases is that many of these little children seem perfectly happy little souls until evil enters their lives, often in the form of a new partner for their parent.

MissAdventure Thu 30-Jun-22 16:51:20

Lessons learned, anyone?

Smileless2012 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:53:31

They should die in prison.

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:55:26


Maria Colwell - A Public Enwuiry and "lessons will be learned"

And so many others

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 16:56:01

Sorry for typos, it is so upsetting

Georgesgran Thu 30-Jun-22 16:56:29

My grandson will be 5 soon - I’d swing for anyone who harmed him.
I can’t face reading the details, as I’m still haunted by the facts leading up to the death of Daniel Pelka.
Such evil.

Dinahmo Thu 30-Jun-22 16:57:40

I should think that they will have a hard time in prison - even the most violent do not like child killers/abusers.

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jun-22 17:53:38

They have now named the young boy who was probably the killer or a big part of the murder he was of no relationship to anyone in Logan’s family he was a product of a woman Cole had once been in a relationship with he had only lived with them a few weeks before Logan was killed and it seems that it was in these few weeks that Logan’s life changed The child was Luke Mulligan who is said to have made his last foster parents lives hell and used very threatening behaviour towards their child or children playing murder games
He obviously should never have been deemed safe to be in a foster home he sounds incredible damaged in his short life
Oh what a dreadful dreadful story
Poor little Logan

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jun-22 17:56:03

Sorry I misprinted the boys name Craig not Luke

Iam64 Thu 30-Jun-22 18:24:46

All murders of defenceless children by their parents or family members are awful. I found this little boy’s murder particularly distressing. The prolonged assault, the terror and pain he suffered then this calculated attempt to say he’d been abducted or wandered off, unspeakable behaviour.

I’m bewildered that these 2 were given responsibility for the 14 year old boy who had complex needs. Experienced foster carers couldn’t manage him, he frightened them, physically assaulted the foster mum and the family dog. He told them he wanted to kill Logan.

maddyone Thu 30-Jun-22 18:27:33

Poor little lamb. How anyone can do this is totally beyond me.

rafichagran Thu 30-Jun-22 18:44:37

Glad they got long sentences, the child who done it should never have been allowed into that home, he had made threats to kill that child.
Logan's Mother and Step Father are evil. It pains me to think this but I hope prison life is hell for them.
That young boy would have been far safer and loved by his biological Father.

sodapop Thu 30-Jun-22 19:08:58

Where was his bio father in all this rafichagran ?

Another horrific crime perpetrated against an innocent unprotected child. Once again "lessons will be learned"

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 19:59:34


Where was his bio father in all this rafichagran ?

Another horrific crime perpetrated against an innocent unprotected child. Once again "lessons will be learned"

His father lived in Essex, apparently mother left father and contact was infrequent but when she got together with Cole, Cole stopped any contact because he was jealous of any contact between Williamson and her ex-husband Ben Mwangi.

sodapop Thu 30-Jun-22 21:05:56

Thanks for the info Callistemon 21 I wonder if the bio father made strenuous efforts to keep an eye on his son's welfare. Social Care Services get a lot of flak in cases like this and sometimes deservedly so but absent parents appear on the scene wailing when it's all too late.