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PM Question Time Today

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Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 11:35:52

Anyone else sitting waiting for it to start?

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 11:37:24

16 Tories have quit so far.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 11:38:16

Home Office Minister the latest.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 11:42:30

Lee Anderson MP has just withdrawn his support for Boris.

Zonne Wed 06-Jul-22 11:55:58

I have a meeting booked for noon, damn it. I’ll try sneaking looks at Twitter!

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 11:57:59

The chamber is packed to the gun whales.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:03:16

His minions are feeding him set questions.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:04:12

Starmer is waffling.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:04:49

Ooh. Now he is onto the kill.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:06:01

Boris looks happy and in control. He is either deluded or a brilliant actor.

Callistemon21 Wed 06-Jul-22 12:06:59

DH has it on in another room.

I can hear Boris shouting the odds from here.

JaneJudge Wed 06-Jul-22 12:07:39

he is a narcissist

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:09:10

Wow, Starmer is poking the bear who is lying through his teeth.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:10:52

“The sinking ship fleeing the rat”. That will be the Starmer quote of the day.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:11:52

“The charge of the lightweight brigade” another good one from Starmer.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:14:44

Starmer suggesting getting rid of the lot of them i.e. a general election.

JaneJudge Wed 06-Jul-22 12:18:36

honestly, he is full of shit isn't he

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:19:20

Blackford, as usual making sense but Boris banging on about cutting taxes. Boris being compared to the dead parrot.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:20:17

Interesting expressions on the Tory party faces.

Casdon Wed 06-Jul-22 12:20:23


honestly, he is full of shit isn't he

He’s a consummate liar, it must be built into his DNA.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:21:13

I missed who asked if there are any circumstance under which he would resign.

JaneJudge Wed 06-Jul-22 12:21:36

look at both Nads pawing over the dead parrot confused
what with the blonde wig brigade and all the nads, I feel like we are living out the world's end and dominic rab is about to malfunction

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:22:01

Usual waffle.

Esspee Wed 06-Jul-22 12:23:54

Matt Western bringing up the £150000 treehouse. Usual waffle in reply.

JaneJudge Wed 06-Jul-22 12:25:51

150k? shock