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Resignation speech

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Stephanie48 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:31:55

Live now - resignation speech

Oldnproud Thu 07-Jul-22 12:37:05

Did anyone hear the word 'resign'. Did anyone hear any indication of humility whatsoever, or any indication of his understanding why he's now in this position?
Only he could continue to big himself up in such a statement. Delusional to the bitter end!

Doodledog Thu 07-Jul-22 12:37:44

That wasn't bad. Short, to the point, and not to self-serving.

I wonder who wrote it? grin

Doodledog Thu 07-Jul-22 12:39:46

too self-serving 😡

He's obviously annoyed, but what else was he going to say?

Stephanie48 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:42:56

Johnson says he was elected with the biggest majority since 1987 and the biggest share of the vote since 1979. He is proud of what he has done, he says. He mentions Brexit and getting the country through the pandemic and delivering the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe. And Britian has led the way in supporting Ukraine, he says

Stephanie48 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:46:24

It's painful not to be able to see through so many projects myself," Mr Johnson adds. "But as we've seen at Westminster the herd instinct is powerful."When the herd moves, it moves."

silverlining48 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:47:54

He never apologised and said it wasn’t a the herd instinct wot did it. hmm

silverlining48 Thu 07-Jul-22 12:49:14

It WAS the herd instinct. Blooming unpredictive script.

Aldom Thu 07-Jul-22 12:51:26

Thank you. smile

TwiceAsNice Thu 07-Jul-22 12:54:16

He did get brexit some others didn’t. I think they all cocked up the pandemic and labour would have us still locked up wearing a mask! He is flawed on a lot of things( as was Tony Blair) but I fear for Ukraine now he’s gone because the rest of Europe couldn’t care less. Be careful what you wish for it’s just going to get worse. Starmer doesn’t stand up for anything!

Doodledog Thu 07-Jul-22 12:56:45

What has Tony Blair got to do with any of this?

Zonne Thu 07-Jul-22 12:58:59

It was a graceless, petulant and self-aggrandising speech, but, you know, leopards & spots.

FarNorth Thu 07-Jul-22 13:04:15

Twiceasnice calm down, dear, the Tories are still in charge.

Doodledog Thu 07-Jul-22 13:10:41

How can he carry on till Autumn?

Even if it is technically legal, it isn't a tenable option, surely?

NotSpaghetti Thu 07-Jul-22 13:15:45


It was a graceless, petulant and self-aggrandising speech, but, you know, leopards & spots.

Absolutely. Spot on!

Doodledog Thu 07-Jul-22 13:20:31

I've just heard a re-run of the speech and withdraw my earlier comment grin.

Can he really stay put until Autumn? He'll be fuming away behind the scenes, and whoever he appoints will be doomed later, so will probably refuse. The whole thing will become more of a giant chess game than ever.

GagaJo Thu 07-Jul-22 13:25:06

The bit he doesn't get (or care about) is that the real herd, us, the public, have been lowing for him to go for months.

MayBee70 Thu 07-Jul-22 13:29:56

It was Boris Johnson’s greatest hits (as pointed out by Beth Rigby).

FarNorth Thu 07-Jul-22 13:30:04

Quite a number of the public will have been taken in by that "statesman-like" speech, and no doubt wiping away a gentle tear.

Oldbat1 Thu 07-Jul-22 13:31:34

He should be walking down street today! Why have a Deputy? The wallpaper stripper is itching to start work. No apologies given. Me I’ve got flags out.

TillyTrotter Thu 07-Jul-22 13:35:08

SirStarmer is not the only choice TwiceAsNice.
There are many in the Conservative party who will put themselves forward to be leader.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Jul-22 13:39:58


It was a graceless, petulant and self-aggrandising speech, but, you know, leopards & spots.

Absolutely, and it hasn’t furthered his aim to remain as PM with a lot of the Tory MPs

Parsley3 Thu 07-Jul-22 14:14:21

Interesting that he is still blaming others for his fall from grace by using the word SLEDGING. I got this meaning from Wikipedia.

In the sport of cricket, sledging is the practice of deliberately insulting or verbally intimidating an opposing player. The purpose is to try to weaken the opponent's concentration, thereby causing them to underperform or be more prone to error.

Clearly, surrounding himself with slavering sycophants and nodding dogs was not enough to keep the nasty Boris Bashers at bay. They caused the poor PM to lose his concentration and this explains those lapses in memory for things sleaze related.

nanna8 Thu 07-Jul-22 14:18:53

Appalling speech and he needs to leave right now. Isn’t there a deputy PM or someone who takes over in the event the PM is not able to do his job? Surely.

silverlining48 Thu 07-Jul-22 14:20:24

Brexit may be done, but it has left a mess behind with much work still to be done post Brexit. This country is in the mire. The lowest of the other G7 members. 0.0%, that’s us yet I heard it stated by a politician on the Today programme the other day that we are top of the G7. Ha! Sorry pal, we are last not first. It’s always wirth checking these statements, as we now know, many are untruths.

The Ireland fiasco too. How can it be honourable to duck out of a contract we signed only 3 years ago. Europe is understandably fed up with us. Ireland too. I heard nothing about NI Status during the Get Brexit Done years, they seem to have been an afterthought.

If you really think Europe doesnt care about Ukraine that is plain nonsense. Its on their doorstep, and in their interests as they have a lot more to lose if Russia succeed.

Not one word of regret or an apology. Not surprised, his ego would not allow it. I am very glad to see the back of him and hope a decent replacement is chosen quickly.