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World Economic Forum (WEF) A Force For Good Or....?

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Namsnanny Wed 10-Aug-22 13:54:27

What are your thoughts?

Are you interested in it's aims?

Does anyone understand the aims for our future according to WEF?

Why do we need it?

Daisymae Wed 10-Aug-22 15:26:41

Well I understand that conspiracy theories have it that it's part of the plan for a one world government.

Namsnanny Wed 10-Aug-22 16:37:21

Thanks Daisymae that's what I was wondering about.
What should we believe?

WEF release statements about their aims after the bi annual conferences
Klaus Schwab and Xi Jinping have recently (Jan 22) met at the Davros conference, and it is this statement that I've been reading about.
Suggesting among other things, that no on will own anything including land. Everything will be rented or digital (ie money).

Although I believe Bill Gates is actively buying up as much farm land world wide as he can.

It all seems quite frightening to me.

The Dutch German farmers are protesting because their use of Nitrogen is to be prohibited.

The reasons to suddenly do this in the light of the expected energy crises and world famine, doesnt seem to make any sense what so ever.
The relevant governments have already drawn up plans for a new mega city called Tristate (I think, forgive me if it has a different name), exactly where their farm land is.

I'm wondering if farm land is depleted how will that help Europe or the rest of the world?

MaizieD Wed 10-Aug-22 16:39:44

Well, I followed them on twitter because they posted some nice video clips of simple technology that was helping to improve lives in underdeveloped countries. Haven't seen any lately, either they aren't producing them or the twitter algorithm isn't putting them into my timeline.

But, is this an attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes (as the conspiracy theorists would undoubtedly say) or is it a genuine attempt to improve lives on a global scale?

Here's an EU briefing from 2016:

And here is the WEF home page:

( I don't buy the 'one world government' thing..)

MaizieD Wed 10-Aug-22 16:47:50

Have you a link to something that explains what you were talking about, Namsnanny?

MaizieD Wed 10-Aug-22 16:54:44

Aaah,,, It's 'the Great Reset' hmm

Namsnanny Wed 10-Aug-22 19:12:32

Thanks for that MaizieD I couldn't access it, but may be others can.


It all sounds Orwellian to me shock.

But I would like to know if others of our age (50-whatever) think about it all. Given that we won't be the ones actually living in this new 'Utopia' (even the name The Great Reset sounds threatening grin)

Namsnanny Wed 10-Aug-22 19:16:27

Oh BTW MaizieD I've just been reading all over the place, as the main channels don't seem to be that interested in the subject.

So far as I can make out, who ever becomes PM it won't make a jot of difference.
As this over arching non elected group of wealthy people will be calling the shots.

grannydarkhair Wed 10-Aug-22 20:16:00

An alternative to how a city of the future can look. It would be Hell on Earth imo.

Namsnanny Wed 10-Aug-22 21:15:57

grannydarkhair I would love to read your link but I have to yet join twitter!

Thanks for the effort though, others may benefit. smile

A little more information.

Elegran Wed 10-Aug-22 21:29:02

If "everything will be rented" then it will have to be rented from someone, which means that someone will own an awful lot of it.

Rather like the move towards no-one actually owning the software they use on their computers, phones, etc, but just renting it from the software companies - who can stop supporting it whenever they choose.

grannydarkhair Wed 10-Aug-22 21:44:46

Namsnanny Google something like - long city but narrow. It’s Saudi Arabia.

grannydarkhair Wed 10-Aug-22 21:48:11

Also Namsnanny Twitter isn’t the awful place that some try to say it is. It all depends on who/what you follow, just like Fc’bk.

Jumblygran Wed 10-Aug-22 22:15:24

The way I see it is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So even if the great reset is being done with good motives it’s not likely to end well.
I feel concerned for the Dutch farmers and the way they are being treated, the way of life related to the family farm is disappearing in the West, but that is another subject.
If individual countries or areas eg Europe looses it ability to produce food then the populations are easier to control.
It we aren’t producing food then who is.
When Stalin dismantled the food production in the USSR it was to destroy farmers very similar to the Dutch farmers.
Stalin’s experiments led to mass starvation, I am not saying that we are all going to starve but manipulating populations is not good.

Namsnanny Wed 10-Aug-22 22:45:41

If individual countries ect lose the ability to produce food then the populations are easier to control.
When Stalin dismantled the food production in the USSR it was to destroy farmers, very similar to the Dutch farmers

I so agree with you.
It's the first rule in the handbook of control. I believe it was the same in China.

It brings it home even more as I read today the Irish farmers are being offered money by the EU to stop cattle farming.

It's another way to limit the dairy and beef industry from producing quality food.

Ostensibly this is supposed to help with the methane problem.

MerylStreep Wed 10-Aug-22 23:02:57

Has the eu offered France, Germany, Italy and Spain money, they produce more beef than Ireland.

Namsnanny Wed 10-Aug-22 23:47:30

Elegran If everything is rented it has to be rented from someone

Precisely, and no doubt Bill Gates et al will be reaping (sorry no pun intended) the rewards ad infinitum.

I was in favour (51% to 49%) of the new technology of lab engineered meat, as I thought it would help feed the world.
Especially if animal welfare was a concern for people.

But if it is to feed the people in the new mega cities (45 million people are expected to populate Tristate alone), because the normal agricultural industry has been commandeered and rendered inoperable, that would be terrible.

I'm not sure what all the people will be doing there, but obviously it would be easier to control people in a city rather than dotted around the countryside.

Thanks for all your comments. Other ideas would be welcome smile

MaizieD Wed 10-Aug-22 23:52:54

Some of you might find this useful. A BBC blog about 'the great reset'

Namsnanny Thu 11-Aug-22 00:48:56

MerylStreep So far I'm not sure.
I do know that Spain, Italy and Greece are also having problems with protesting farmers.

The difference for Ireland is the cattle are 100% grass fed and the cost of fertilizer for the silage is high.
I presume that is different in Spain ect?
Or they haven't got around to offering the other countries the same deal yet?
Or our press isn't bothered to inform us about those farmers?

It's quite hard to find cohesive information.

I find you have to reject a lot of supposition.

I'd rather not put up a link that wasn't reliable shock

I have read that the EU is about to subsidise Ireland's pig farmers for the cost of storing the pork until a later date. When presumably the price will have risen?

Why help one and not the other I'm not sure.

I could make a supposition/guess and say the Chinese had a bad bout of swine fever back in 2018, and bought all the breeding pigs or pork they could lay their hands on. It was a bit of a bonanza for Ireland.
So the EU could be holding out for the Chinese to buy more soon, as Swine fever has a habit of reoccurring.

Namsnanny Thu 11-Aug-22 00:56:11

Thanks MaizeD look forward to reading it tomorrow smile

Namsnanny Thu 11-Aug-22 10:29:28

The BBC blog is well put together.

It does seem to be giving the reader a forgone conclusion, and the reasons for that conclusion, in the writers opinion are connected to conspiracy theories.

So it gives the impression that only people who have extreme views are questioning this move.

Time has moved on from this article and it leaves me with a few unanswered questions.

It is a fact that plans are in place for a mega city in the Netherlands (I believe others also)

Farm land all over the world is being bought and taken out of use.

The most wealthy and influential people in the world are involved. What's in it for them?

Why would they invest in 'Stakeholder Capitalism' if it didn't benefit their own interests?

MaizieD Thu 11-Aug-22 14:50:49

It is a fact that plans are in place for a mega city in the Netherlands (I believe others also)

Farm land all over the world is being bought and taken out of use.

Have you a link to any of this?

MaizieD Thu 11-Aug-22 14:59:44


^It is a fact that plans are in place for a mega city in the Netherlands (I believe others also)^

Farm land all over the world is being bought and taken out of use.

Have you a link to any of this?

I ask because I couldn't find references to anything like this on the WEF web site.

Re conspiracy theories:

This article isn't connected to the WEF in any way at all, but it demonstrates how a conspiracy theory can be built upon no factual evidence whatsoever,

To me it says be very careful about sources.

Namsnanny Thu 18-Aug-22 13:55:55

Thanks MaiseD
Of course you're right, paying attention sources of information is important.

As is reading a wide breadth of opinions on any subject.

As is paying attention to the language used.

It's so easy to call something, or someone, (which you havent) a 'ism or worse a conspiracy theory(ist), just to shame people and shut down any enquiry.

Obviously not you smile in this case. You were just pointing out the pit falls.

I did read the other day that Reuters fact checkers (those who are employed to check the veracity of information posted about business Reuters represents), were paid by and actively biased in favour of said companies.

So, all information seems to have to be questioned.
No matter how high standing or reputable the source.

I remember believing the emissions tables claiming VW cars were cleaner.

Well, to mis quote Mandy Rice Davies, ( or was it the other one?)
"He (they) would say that wouldn't he (they)?!"

We live in quite uncertain times.

Another mis quote that holds water for me is, (and I am paraphrasing badly), by Bertrand Russell,
"Fanatics are convinced and wise men are undecided"
Or if you prefer,
"Dont be afraid of holding an eccentric idea.
All ideas were once eccentric".
(I've just been watching a Steven Fry debate, who is a B.R fan, can you tell??🤣🤣).

I think the replies on this thread have added to my understanding, even if my questions remain grin

Who does the World Economic Forum really benefit?