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The Tavistock Clinic is facing massive legal action

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25Avalon Thu 11-Aug-22 22:48:29

According to The Times the Tavistock Gender Clinic is facing massive legal action from youngsters who claim they were rushed into taking life altering puberty blockers. About 1,000 families are expected to join a medical negligence lawsuit alleging vulnerable children have been misdiagnosed and placed on a medically damaging pathway.

This was to be expected after the NHS decided to close the Clinic over safety concerns. I can see this costing the NHS a lot of money which it can ill afford.

LauraNorderr Thu 11-Aug-22 22:54:00

‘Told you so’ is a very annoying phrase but I think many of us could use it in this case.

Doodledog Fri 12-Aug-22 00:40:20


It is very sad that the NHS will have to pay out £££ in compensation, so there will be less money for operations and to shorten waiting lists; and also very sad that the young people involved have had to suffer for an ideological cause.

growstuff Fri 12-Aug-22 01:06:51

Errrmmm! Please could we get some facts straight? Apparently, there's one lawyer who "expects 1,000 families" to join in a suit against Tavistock. Sorry to nitpick.

25Avalon Fri 12-Aug-22 11:41:56

Growstuff isn’t that exactly what my post says? It’s now in all the papers that the law firm, expects 1000s will join it’s negligent lawsuit. It will be interesting to see how many actually do. Possibly it will be like PPI with families encouraged to join. There are definitely some who have a very good case such as Keira Bell. Will they all use the same legal firm who are out to make money and get publicity.

Chewbacca Fri 12-Aug-22 11:43:31

Told you so’ is a very annoying phrase but I think many of us could use it in this case.

Indeed many of us could. And have.