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Mis-information on Sky news!

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LizzieDrip Fri 23-Sep-22 17:44:06

Just read this on Sky News online:

The government previously confirmed the energy price guarantee, which will reduce the unit cost of electricity and gas so a typical British household pays around £2,500 a year on average on their energy bill for the next two years, from 1 October.

It is incorrect! The ‘price guarantee’ will NOT REDUCE the unit cost of electricity and gas. The unit cost is still going up on 1st October, albeit not by the original 80%, but it is certainly not reducing! This sort of incorrect reporting infuriates me. People read it; believe it and ‘congratulate’ the gov🤬

Ilovecheese Fri 23-Sep-22 19:55:57

Yes, it infuriates me too.