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Anyone like to guess how long this government will last?

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DaisyAnne Fri 23-Sep-22 18:38:13

I think it could be spring, but they may drag it out to the summer.

maddyone Fri 23-Sep-22 18:41:37

Not long, in my humble opinion, not after today.

DaisyAnne Fri 23-Sep-22 18:42:34

Days, a month - that sort of short Maddy?

Wyllow3 Fri 23-Sep-22 18:49:26

I hope a year: as after Brexit, Covid, energy crisis: hopefully things clearer re Ukraine (tho not holding out over much hope there
.... opposition parties need time to prepare clear policies for an election. (and some more time for people to get REALLY fed up)

But they are travelling inevitably towards the end of a road.

maddyone Fri 23-Sep-22 18:57:28

I suspect they’ll make it to the next election Daisy but they’ve got absolutely no chance of being re-elected in my opinion. I could be wrong and they get outed sooner, but they are finished after today in my opinion. It’s time for a change, the country needs it.

maddyone Fri 23-Sep-22 18:58:22

I hope whenever they go, that the new government will continue to support Ukraine. That’s important I think.

maddyone Fri 23-Sep-22 18:59:46

I would welcome a change of government after today, the sooner the better.

Witzend Fri 23-Sep-22 19:01:48

GE next May is my guess, and they’ll be out.
I do just wish Labour could find a more inspiring leader.

M0nica Fri 23-Sep-22 19:05:23

Too long.

DaisyAnne Fri 23-Sep-22 19:22:24


I hope whenever they go, that the new government will continue to support Ukraine. That’s important I think.

I think that's pretty high on all their lists and ours generally so I wouldn't worry. We need to back Ukraine.

I do just wonder if any of the MPs will feel they have to resign? There seems to be no attempt at "levelling up" and some jobs could well disappear to the free ports. Add to that the fact those on benefits could lose money while the only ones to come out ahead are those earning over £150,000 pa.

Katie59 Fri 23-Sep-22 19:24:50

Truss will last 2 yrs the ERG will see to that they will benefit massively, god knows what the state of the UK will be by then.

Oldbat1 Fri 23-Sep-22 21:13:17

Too long!

Casdon Fri 23-Sep-22 21:20:35


Truss will last 2 yrs the ERG will see to that they will benefit massively, god knows what the state of the UK will be by then.

I don’t think so. The ERG is allegedly only about 80 Tory MPs. They can and ultimately will be outvoted when other MPs see this new economic strategy is failing - I’d lay money that there’s regrouping going on already.

Riverwalk Fri 23-Sep-22 21:26:26

There were rumours of letters going in and a no confidence vote before Truss had even been to Balmoral! grin

DaisyAnne Fri 23-Sep-22 22:55:04

So much of the money they have given away will disappear offshore.

vegansrock Sat 24-Sep-22 05:49:52

We thought Cameron was bad , then we had May. We thought May was awful, then we had Johnson. We didn’t think anyone could be worse, now there’s Truss. Seems like it’s Tory policy to have leaders more dreadful than the predecessor.

Mamardoit Sat 24-Sep-22 06:12:40

It's going to be another winter of discontent. We all know which workers keep the country running now thanks to covid. It's not the bankers. If key groups of workers strike this government won't last long.

My real fear is the London based crew in the opposition parties haven't got a clue either.

Riverwalk Sat 24-Sep-22 06:22:10

FOUR prime ministers and SIX chancellors in six years illustrates the chaos and incompetence - heaven knows what lies ahead from the party of 'strong and stable government'.

Kandinsky Sat 24-Sep-22 07:33:39

Thing is, despite everything, the tories always talk more sense on certain subjects. Suella Braverman for example.
She’s completely right about the police.

She said - there is a perception that police "have had to spend too much time on symbolic gestures, rather than actually fighting crime".

Initiatives on diversity and inclusion "should not take precedence over common-sense policing" she said.

The vast majority of people will agree with her, even Labour supporters.
But Labour would never come out with a statement like that. They’re too worried about offending someone.

I still think they’ll win the next election.

Urmstongran Sat 24-Sep-22 07:46:33

I like Suella Braverman I think she’ll do well in post. I don’t think the Tories will call a snap election so we will have them for 15 months at least. The Budget in November may have some pleasant surprises for us little people. We can but hope! Raising the Personal Allowance threshold by a hike would be a start. A step towards levelling up if say no-one paid tax on the first £20k of earnings. I don’t think Truss intends to forget the workers. It was just her priority right now was to kick start big business and the finance sector. From this all things flow. She will also play hard ball now with the EU and push for a real Brexit. Superfluous red tape from Brussels will be cut to make the UK leaner and light touch. That will please the Red Wall who voted for it.

Starmer has his work cut out. He has lost some of his appeal now, even amongst his supporters.

volver Sat 24-Sep-22 07:54:51

I've never thought of myself as one of the little people and have no intention of starting now.

Suella Braverman may well be certifiable. We'll have to wait and see.

vegansrock Sat 24-Sep-22 08:01:12

What is a “real”Brexit ? Is it something like the “true” religion?

Casdon Sat 24-Sep-22 08:09:12

Kandinsky you might find it useful to read this, although I’m not sure you could stomach it.
Chronic underfunding of the police force cannot be improved by Braverman’s gloss. The vast majority of people won’t agree with her, they are clued up enough to understand that you can’t get a quart out of a pint pot. The evidence is all around.

Katie59 Sat 24-Sep-22 08:18:42

Truss is a puppet PM with the right wing pulling the strings, the mini budget was as golden opportunity to make money short selling sterling, I’m sure they did well.
If Truss plans to go head to head with the EU the economy could well get much worse, they havn’t compromised yet, no reason to see them change.

Urmstongran Sat 24-Sep-22 08:21:51

I don’t mind being ‘one of the little people’. I have no intrinsic value in the big scheme of things (other than to my family of course).

Things are tough in Europe too. No one apart rom the rich has money to spend. We are being helped with payments towards our electricity. The NI rise is to be scrapped in a couple of weeks.