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And like was gone.

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volver Thu 29-Sep-22 09:53:39


Namsnanny Thu 29-Sep-22 10:01:12

Pity it doesnt work like that on rl?

silverlining48 Thu 29-Sep-22 10:01:55

But now it’s back.

silverlining48 Thu 29-Sep-22 10:10:17

Having a senior moment! Ignore,

MawtheMerrier Thu 29-Sep-22 10:29:23

It was deliberately stirring , and it worked sad

MaizieD Thu 29-Sep-22 10:33:55

Private joke?

Doodledog Thu 29-Sep-22 10:39:07


Squiffy Thu 29-Sep-22 10:56:32

Late to the party, as usual, and missed whatever it was …

kircubbin2000 Thu 29-Sep-22 11:05:14

What was wrong with it?

Urmstongran Thu 29-Sep-22 11:07:52

I’m none the wiser. ?

Casdon Thu 29-Sep-22 11:11:05

I’m guessing it’s the latest Meghan thread?

Chrissyoh Thu 29-Sep-22 11:13:01

The Funeral coverage ?

ixion Thu 29-Sep-22 11:16:30

Message from GNHQ: We're taking this thread down, as we don't think it's in the spirit of the site

Yup, MM again.

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Sep-22 11:16:45


I’m guessing it’s the latest Meghan thread?

It was about vegetables.
Or are they fruit?

Prentice Thu 29-Sep-22 11:18:41

I think you are correct Casdon and also MawtheMerrier
It is what happens when stirring on a thread because a few posters do not like it when others do not agree with them.
If this is the case then it is a shame, as genuine thoughts were expressed without any rancour.

Prentice Thu 29-Sep-22 11:21:00

Still, I think most posters managed to get their messages across, probably not much more to say.

Mollygo Thu 29-Sep-22 11:23:58

Sounds like the latest Monday Morning thread.

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Sep-22 11:33:42


Still, I think most posters managed to get their messages across, probably not much more to say.

I still think the wandering apostrophes were irritating.

Of course! They were greengrocers' apostrophes ?


Prentice Thu 29-Sep-22 11:36:46

Would anyone care for some banana’s or grape’s?

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Sep-22 11:38:48

Sharp intake of breath!

We have a glut of courgette's.

Prentice Thu 29-Sep-22 11:40:41

I need to buy more aubergine’s for my lasagne.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 29-Sep-22 11:42:02

I have no idea what was taken down.

fairfraise Thu 29-Sep-22 11:54:43

I have no idea what it was about.

volver Thu 29-Sep-22 11:59:33

Just been to Tesco's. I did buy an aubergine. Subliminal messaging?

Squiffy Thu 29-Sep-22 12:01:07

Oh that thread. When I last looked at it, it had become very lighthearted/risque. Not to mention the apostrophes!