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MawtheMerrier Sat 01-Oct-22 12:41:49

Nicknames from last night’s HIGNFY included Kamikaze Kwarteng and Khazi Kwarteng as that is where the country is headed.
Any more offers?

(Is this too optimistic?)

Prentice Sat 01-Oct-22 12:47:12

I find HIGNFY more and more childish in it’s humour, cruder at times too.
Is making fun of an African name a good pastime for some?
I am not a Conservative supporter but dislike this sort of infantile name calling.

Riverwalk Sat 01-Oct-22 12:51:57

Having an African name doesn't make him immune from political satire.

He's the British Chancellor of the Exchequer presiding over an economic disaster, which makes him fair game.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 01-Oct-22 12:53:28

What is special about an African name? Odd comment

Prentice Sat 01-Oct-22 12:54:20

If that is satire, I am a Dutchman.
Satire is clever and funny, this is neither.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 13:01:33

I find myself in the unique position of agreeing (sort of) with Prentice for the very first time. Making fun of people's names, whatever their origin, isn't funny at all. It's lazy and pathetic.

Fleurpepper Sat 01-Oct-22 13:02:04

Well, we really injoyed HIGNFY last night. The current circumstances are perfect for one thing only, and that is satire and dark humour.

But agreed with others that moking his name was OoO.

Blossoming Sat 01-Oct-22 13:14:40

Kamikwasi has been all over the internet since he announced his disastrous ‘fiscal event’, HIGNFY didn’t invent it. Why is it worse than Bozo Johnson? I’m not a fan of either, by the way.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 13:16:25

Good grief.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 13:17:55

It's not worse that "Bozo" Johnson or any of the other silly name calling. They are all silly and nobody should indulge in it. In my opinion.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 01-Oct-22 13:20:30


Good grief.

In 21st century U.K. that is wrong on so many levels, how on earth did nobody notice.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 01-Oct-22 13:28:26

The satire had nothing to do with his colour. A way would have been found to mock him for his disastrous mini budget whatever his colour.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 13:32:28

Nobody mentioned colour. People mentioned that he has an African name. ?

Jumping to interesting conclusions there, GSM

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 01-Oct-22 13:36:30

Please see earlier posts volver rather than just leaping on me.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 13:40:19

I could give you the same advice GSM. Nobody mentioned his colour as being the source of the satire, I posted a link showing how the Mirror made a huge error that had nothing to do with satire.

This time you're wrong. Own it.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 01-Oct-22 13:48:43

Tell me then why Prentice, who I believe is a lady of colour, referred to ‘mocking GN an African name’. Why mention ‘African’? It’s irrelevant. You could start an argument in an empty room volver, as you’ve been told many times before.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 13:52:01

Are you of the opinion GSM that all people with African names are people of colour? The source of the mockery is his name. Not his colour. Except, maybe, in your mind.

You have automatically associated having an African name with being a person of colour.

Interesting thought process.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 01-Oct-22 13:54:50

He has an African name. Fact. He is a person of colour. Fact. No thought process. End of.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 13:55:51

If it makes you feel better, you carry on thinking that GSM.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 01-Oct-22 14:08:24

I have no need to ‘feel better’, thank you.

Blossoming Sat 01-Oct-22 14:09:13


It's not worse that "Bozo" Johnson or any of the other silly name calling. They are all silly and nobody should indulge in it. In my opinion.

Maybe so, but I don’t recall seeing any similar criticism of it.

volver Sat 01-Oct-22 14:10:41

You haven't read all my previous posts then wink

Callistemon21 Sat 01-Oct-22 14:14:00

Kamikaze Kwarteng

I think that's quite apt.
It reminded me of someone with a British surname beginning with K who somehow earned the same nickname.

Nothing to do with race, colour, nationality or creed but all to do with alliteration and a propensity for dodgy decision-making.

Prentice Sat 01-Oct-22 14:18:44

It is nothing to do with colour.It is making fun of the African name Kwasi and seeing what unpleasant names it can be turned into.If the man was called Ian or Stephen then I believe no attempt would be made to do this. It is a foreign name therefore, to some, a ‘funny’ one.
I do not believe this childish name calling to be fine for anyone, and certainly not ‘fair game’ simply because they are a politician.I sometimes wonder how far the antipathy towards MP’s will go, they already receive sacks of hate mail and hate email.
Criticism, yes of course, satire, yes too, but not personal insults or name calling.Would anyone consider it satire to have Mr Starmer called ‘Khazi Keir’ I wonder, the minute he did something that was disagreed with?
HIGNFY used to be really amusing and grown up, but not for a long time.

Callistemon21 Sat 01-Oct-22 14:41:21

Would anyone consider it satire to have Mr Starmer called ‘Khazi Keir’ I wonder, the minute he did something that was disagreed with?
Kamikaze Keir? If he sent the UK on the kind of disastrous downward spiral we have just witnessed then yes, it might suit.

It's not that Kwasi Kwarteng has done something that we disagree with. It's far worse than that.

If you prefer to think of it as the literal translation for kamikaze then it means 'divine wind'.
He's perhaps on a mission to save the UK?