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What would make you join a protest march on the UK streets?

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mokryna Tue 04-Oct-22 23:28:32

France is know for people protesting on the streets.
At the moment, among other things, it is about changing the age of retirement from approx. 62 to 65 and making them fairer.
What would make you go onto the street for protest march in the Uk these days?

mokryna Tue 04-Oct-22 23:29:08


Blossoming Tue 04-Oct-22 23:47:52

I can’t march, it would have to be a sit down protest.

MayBee70 Tue 04-Oct-22 23:58:08

I’m prepared to march against the government taking away my right to march. And the right to strike. Both of which seem to be on their agenda.

crazyH Tue 04-Oct-22 23:59:49

I don’t feel that passionate about anything ……

biglouis Wed 05-Oct-22 00:11:38

I can’t march, it would have to be a sit down protest

Me too. But I think we are far too passive here in the UK.

MaizieD Wed 05-Oct-22 00:19:25

I'm ready right now!

imaround Wed 05-Oct-22 00:35:39

I have never been much of a protestor, though I have participated in my fair share of civil disobedience. I am in the US, but I have finally found the one thing that will get me off my arse and on the streets: the right of women to make choices about their own bodies. Because apparently we have gone backwards 100 years lately. angry

paddyann54 Wed 05-Oct-22 01:20:24

I've been on marches for loads of things over the years CND was my first and have marched almost yearly since with them or protested at Faslane ,I've marched for the Palestinian cause many times and will again,did the poll tax marches back in the day .Marched to save the local hospital ,Dozens of Independence marches and rallies,,The march against the Blair war when I was sure the numbers on the street were bound to be heard ..sadly not.I'll continue to march for and against the things I feel strongly about for as long as Im capable .
My late GM was a suffragette ,she marched not just for womens rights but for local causes and told us all her stories when we were wee,I guess I caught the bug from her

RichmondPark1 Wed 05-Oct-22 04:59:53


I’m prepared to march against the government taking away my right to march. And the right to strike. Both of which seem to be on their agenda.

I agree with this. The last march I went on was a climate crisis march.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:10:00

The Tories trashing the environment.

They can stuff their right to March and strike I will always ignore any human right violations.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:10:54

And animal welfare

vegansrock Wed 05-Oct-22 07:13:41

The French know how to protest - they did a pretty good revolution back in the day.
I’ve been on a good few marches, and will do again. Anti Brexit, pro NHS, anti government, climate crisis, we’ve got to stand up up for the right to protest.

Esspee Wed 05-Oct-22 07:36:34

There are methods of protesting other than marching and with the age demographic of Gransnet marching would be far down the list for us.

I remember during South Africa’s apartheid era being part of a demonstration where the white SA cricket team were prevented from reaching the match venue when we gridlocked the streets from their hotel in our cars. As the match was to be televised live worldwide the message was loud and clear to the South African government.

We need ideas for an appropriate alternative to taking to the streets.

Wyllow3 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:43:07

Used to, lots just like paddyann.

Now limited, but reading above, if they try to take our RIGHT to peaceful protest away, I'd be there come what may.

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 05-Oct-22 07:43:09

Love it Esspee. I'm with Maybee 70, and am also concerned about the rights of women over their bodies. We seem to be returning to 1820 - before the Tolpuddle Martyrs and
a time when women were considered unsafe to be allowed rights.

BlueBelle Wed 05-Oct-22 07:44:33

I have marched before and would again if it was fairly local but I couldn’t get down to London
Espee I too did some marching and demonstrating in London for anti apartheid and free nelson nandela the chants ring in my head now I do remember standing and blocking one of the oil companies (BP or shell I can’t remember which)who were accused of apartheid as well
as helping the cause it was real bringing together and people were very supportive and kind to one another I remember my youngest then a mid teenager fainting (something she’d never done before or since) and a very kind complete stranger drove us to where we were staying

Esspee Wed 05-Oct-22 08:34:41

BlueBelle. We’re you aware that Glasgow City Council changed the name of the square housing the South African Embassy to Nelson Mandela Square while he was still in prison.
It caused huge political embarrassment.
We need ingenious ways of making our feelings known.
Incidentally the gridlock demo I referred to was in the Caribbean.

Blondiescot Wed 05-Oct-22 08:37:42


I don’t feel that passionate about anything ……

Really? Maybe I'm too opinionated then, but I refuse to apologise for being passionate about many causes. I've taken part in CND marches, animal rights marches, abortion rights...the list is endless.

notgran Wed 05-Oct-22 08:39:35


I don’t feel that passionate about anything ……

Me neither, especially now when COVID rates are rising it's foolhardy.

Barmeyoldbat Wed 05-Oct-22 08:49:22

Being able to walk without pain or being dizzy

nanna8 Wed 05-Oct-22 08:55:28

The last March I went on was against the invasion of Iraq and Tony Blair's policies in cahoots with the Americans. Thousands and thousands went on it. Did they take any notice?No. There was a call to attend a March at our church on Sunday but I don’t totally agree with what they were marching about so I won’t be going on that one. I would go on one against the use of nuclear weapons in any circumstances. Even against the dreaded Putin.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 05-Oct-22 09:28:17

I can’t physically March or go to London to Protest, but we support our daughter in various ways so that she is able to go as she is passionate about Climate Change.

Granny23 Wed 05-Oct-22 09:32:08

Like Paddy Ann since I was a teenager, I have been on countless (some the same ones as PA including Faslane) Marches/demos/sit ins car cavalcades and rallies. Have also picketed pro fracking meetings and others. Now I tend to avoid the longer marches, only joining in for the last half mile.

My all time favourite was a March in Falkirk to protest the Council's withdrawal of funding for Womens Aid. Representatives of all the WA Groups in Scotland took part and we were joined by Social Workers, Housing Department, some Councillors and the Police - who all understood the need for a local WA service. Even a member of the Police Pipe Band joined us and played marching tunes between our chanting and singing. As a result the Council reversed their decision and funding was restored.

MayBee70 Wed 05-Oct-22 10:30:41


And animal welfare

Interesting that an animal rights group just interviewed at party conference said that legislation to protect animals that was going through parliament pre Truss seems to have been put on the back burner. I think you mentioned it in another thread.