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Covid seems to have been profitable for some

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Daisymae Wed 23-Nov-22 20:46:49

Surely there must be some way to get this money back? After all we're all paying for it now.

paddyann54 Wed 23-Nov-22 23:21:13

Never trust a tory ,especially a tory it for the and all.
That'll be why we haven't voted for a tory government for 67 years !
Labour best thing to the tories,listen to Starmer if you
dont believe me.Then theres the vile. union jack suit, wearing Murray Scotland ONLY labour MP .
THIS COLONY will be leaving,one way or another,now wheres Guy Fawkes when you need him!!

lemsip Thu 24-Nov-22 00:10:31

'Baroness Bra' Tory peer Michelle Mone faces new questions as leaked bank documents suggest she and her children 'received £29m in profits from Covid PPE firm that she recommended to ministers'

MaizieD Thu 24-Nov-22 09:24:22

This should have been in the tory corruption thread too grin

£29million reward for using her status as a tory peer to get a company into the VIP channel for the awarding of contracts during the pandemic. Which she has utterly denied in the past. Well the evidence is out there now...

People think that disgust about 'wealth' is motivated by jealousy and envy. It isn't, it's driven by the utter corruption that the pursuit of 'wealth' engenders. Don't anybody try to tell me that this woman and her family have any vital role to play in our society because they are wealthy and their wealth is meant to trickle down to the poor. They are parasites on society..

And the tory party enables them...

We knew at the time that long established bona fide suppliers were being given the cold shoulder...

sensualpleasure4u Thu 24-Nov-22 09:25:41

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Grannybags Thu 24-Nov-22 09:29:03


MaizieD Thu 24-Nov-22 09:36:51

The PPE supplied as a result of Mone's intervention was not even used, it was unfit for purpose.y

Despite being bought at the start of the pandemic and delivered in 2020, the 25m gowns were never used by the NHS after government officials rejected them following an inspection.

MaizieD Thu 24-Nov-22 09:38:01

Reported again.

Grannynannywanny Thu 24-Nov-22 09:54:51

Their vile greed knows no bounds. Mone had already amassed a vast fortune from her business ventures. Unimaginable wealth to keep her and her family living in luxury for the rest of their privileged lives. What happens to some of these filthy rich people? Does their life become like a game of monopoly?

This story fills me with utter revulsion and I hope those with their snouts in the trough will be thoroughly investigated and punished accordingly. Including the removal of titles.

Lady Mone of Mayfair 🙄

Grantanow Thu 24-Nov-22 11:15:49

What an interesting story! Labour's Angela Rayner asked a question on 9 June about this in the Commons to which Rees-Mogg replied, reported by the BBC, see

Labour queries PPE contracts and Baroness Mone links -

Urmstongran Thu 24-Nov-22 11:22:09

What is it about some rich people who turn into greedy buggers? Baroness Bra knew this was taxpayer’s money but inveigled herself into the VIP fast lane for procurement of PPE. Then she lied about making any profit for her & her family. She should be chucked out of the Lords at the very least. The thousands of gowns they supplied were not fit for purpose anyway and were discarded!

spabbygirl Thu 24-Nov-22 11:33:46

that is disgusting, I didn't know there was a Tory corruption thread, how do I find it? This is disgusting and we're told there is no money to better fund ambulances & the NHS, lots of NHS services are now filled by private companies who all charge a lot not because the services are better, but because they pay shareholders a lot.
What really bugs me is that we can't force a general election cos the Prime Minister has to agree so all we can do is watch as the Treasury gets emptied for the next 2 yrs, except that Labour can challenge the Tories, but they just brush everything away with slick answers and we can't really change anything

MaizieD Thu 24-Nov-22 12:03:35

that is disgusting

Agreed, spabbygirl

The thing is, the whole of the procurement process during covid was disgusting. The use of the 'VIP' channel whereby ministers fast tracked businesses, some of them set up at the time, and with no experience in provision of the items they were contracted to provide, was actually deemed 'unlawful' by the courts at judicial review. contracts went to friends, relatives, and tory donors, while established providers were fobbed off or ignored. £millions was spent on items which proved to be unfit for for use.

During the first six months of the pandemic, officials paid £12.5 billion on PPE – with nearly £3 billion of the county’s stock deemed unusable by the NHS.

But now the government is telling us that we must suffer tax increases and real terms cuts to public services because of the money they spent during covid. (This isn't true, of course, but most people believe it). They have made very little attempt to recover the money they handed out through an unlawful procurement process...

They should be serving time at His Majesty's pleasure...

Daisymae Thu 24-Nov-22 14:19:03

It's extraordinary that there were no specifications or some clause that if goods were not fit for purpose the contract would be null or have prohibitive penalties. It's just standard business process, or rather common sense.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 24-Nov-22 15:15:17

If the investigation finds this lady and her husband guilty then a court case should be the next step.

I am not defending the Government’s record on procurement of PPE however, it is part of our business to supply all grades of PPE and as soon as the signs something was afoot in China end January beginning of February the PPE business quickly deteriorated into the most horrendous bun fight for all concerned.

Part of me can sort of understand why the Government were clutching at proverbial straws in order to provide the vast amounts required.

HousePlantQueen Thu 24-Nov-22 15:16:40

PaddyAnn, as a fellow Scot I find it rather tiresome that every single issue has to be seen as anti-Westminster. I note that you did not mention that the awful Baroness Mone is a Glaswegian.

I wrote about this months ago, and I am glad that it is finally coming to the surface.

Urmstongran Thu 24-Nov-22 16:23:42

Thank you for your balanced post HPQ. I didn’t realise Lady Mone was from Glasgow. Regardless of that fact, I can’t believe the audacity, sheer greed and lies from this woman. I hope she’s prosecuted. Probably no chance. These people can hire very expensive legal representation and seem to get off on a ‘technicality’.

Eloethan Thu 24-Nov-22 16:33:22

I think the fact that paddyann has commented on this, even though Michelle Mone is a Glaswegian, demonstrates that she is not just having a go at the English.

It is quite difficult at the moment to be anything but anti-Westminster, given the amount of bad behaviour that we have seen. Of course, not everybody is behaving disreputably but it is hardly surprising that many people feel very disenchanted. The issue of PPE contracts, in particular, is scandalous and someone should be held responsible for what appears to be flagrant profiteering from a national emergency.

Whilst I have always been a Labour supporter, I do have some sympathy with paddyanne's views re its current state - in particular Keir Starmer's seeming inability to show any genuine commitment to anything, and his over-reliance on ever shifting public opinion.

In the final analysis, though, it's a free country and if someone doesn't like the English system why should they not say so?

Not sure I like the reference to Guy Fawkes though - don't like what he planned - or what happened to him.

MerylStreep Thu 24-Nov-22 16:38:59

We ( the tax payer) won’t be seeing a penny of this money.
This is another can being kicked down the road until we ( the taxpayer) forget about/ get sick of discussing.

Urmstongran Thu 24-Nov-22 16:42:11

Can we blame Matt Hancock?
Is that why he’s forging himself a new career?
He’s such a shirt button. I’d like to blame him.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 24-Nov-22 17:14:25

Don't see why you shouldn't, Urmstongran, if it makes you feel better. I find I can usually blame Margaret Thatcher for most things.

Urmstongran Thu 24-Nov-22 17:16:48

Thank you 😁
It does!

Georgesgran Thu 24-Nov-22 17:23:49

It never stops does it. I think firms who ‘stole’ furlough money should be forced to pay it back and the co-owners of the bankrupt Bulb (?) have just made £millions!

volver Thu 24-Nov-22 17:24:25

The £29 million is shocking. But when I think of her I spend most of my energy wondering why a wummin from the East End of Glasgow thought to call herself Baroness Mone of Mayfair.


And if you've seen some of her tweets...😲 She doesn't come across as a nice woman.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 24-Nov-22 17:28:43

All that money made out of bra’s which in my opinion were neither supportive or comfortable.