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CEO Susie Green has left Mermaids!

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grannydarkhair Fri 25-Nov-22 19:02:06

Didn’t really want to start another “trans” thread but this news doesn’t really fit into any of the current threads. As subject header says -Susie Green is no longer with Mermaids. Jumped or pushed?

Blossoming Fri 25-Nov-22 19:59:15

The wording of the statement and lack of an appointed successor implies pushed.

Lathyrus Fri 25-Nov-22 20:00:55

Her Wikipedia page has been rewritten already.

What’s going on?

maddyone Fri 25-Nov-22 20:01:55

Who’s Susie Green? And what is Mermaids?

Rosie51 Fri 25-Nov-22 23:08:38

Mermaids is the charity under investigation by the Charity Commission. They advocate for affirmation, hormones, binders etc for children who are confused about their 'gender' ie children who don't conform with stereotypical behaviours or presentation. Susie Green has been their CEO for the past 6 years. Susie Green and her husband didn't want a gay son which they suspected because he wanted to play with stereotypical girls toys, think My Little Pony or similar. Eventually Susie took him to USA to get cross sex hormones as a young teen and to Thailand where he was given a vaginoplasty on his 16th birthday and returned as their daughter. Famously Susie gave a TED talk which is available on youtube. A very basic account maddyone which I'm sure could be done better. There's lots of information about them if you google, but it is a matter of sorting the wheat from the chaff. There has been great concern about one or two of the trustees recently, who have since left.

maddyone Sat 26-Nov-22 10:57:57

Thank you for that explanation Rosie. My goodness, I think that those parents are guilty of child abuse. A vaginoplasty on his sixteenth birthday, I’m afraid words fail me. What’s wrong with having a gay son anyway? I’m surprised that surgeons are actually allowed to perform such radical and life changing surgery on a minor in America. Women can’t get an abortion even in the earliest days of their pregnancy in many states, and people can’t drink alcohol till they’re 21 in many states, but surgeons can perform such a surgery on a minor!

Smileless2012 Sat 26-Nov-22 11:04:38

It's good news that she's gone. Could this be the beginning of the end for this organisation?

lixy Sat 26-Nov-22 11:06:08

Surgery was done in Thailand maddyzone. Doesn't make it 'right'. but not done in America.

I'm glad Mermaids is being investigated as there is so much conflicting 'information'.

CraftyGranny Sat 26-Nov-22 11:09:12

Surely, being gay is not the same as being transgender. Gay men are attracted to men, gay women are attracted to women but neither want to be the opposite sex/gender. Transgender is a different thing altogether.
Or am I wrong.

Smileless2012 Sat 26-Nov-22 11:15:31

No you're right CraftyGranny but for some reason these parents seemed to prefer their son was trans rather than gay.

JaneJudge Sat 26-Nov-22 11:17:01

Lathyrus Sat 26-Nov-22 11:19:30

My guess is some undesirable practices are beginning to be revealed in the enquiry and they are getting rid of Susie Green so that they can lay it all on her and continue as the organisation with “lessons have been learned”.

Rosie51 Sat 26-Nov-22 11:25:00


Surgery was done in Thailand maddyzone. Doesn't make it 'right'. but not done in America.

I'm glad Mermaids is being investigated as there is so much conflicting 'information'.

Thailand has since revised its laws and transgender surgery is now not allowed on under 18s.

In USA 13 year old girls have been given double mastectomies.

JaneJudge Sat 26-Nov-22 11:26:17

That's horrific sad

Oldwoman70 Sat 26-Nov-22 11:32:21

Like many on here I support anyone who believes they are the wrong gender - however, I do think the decision to undergo surgery should wait until that person is 18 at the youngest, preferably 21. As a young girl I was a "tom boy" but that changed as I grew older (and began to notice boys!). I think many go through a similar phase - also, what is wrong with having a gay son!

MerylStreep Sat 26-Nov-22 11:38:48

Could we make that: Could this be the beginning of the end of this Madness 😡

As for that excuse for a woman being pushed or sacked, I can’t write the words here but I can put them up on MN. 😉

MerylStreep Sat 26-Nov-22 11:40:43

I know a few people who could teach Susie a lesson. 🤫

Rosie51 Sat 26-Nov-22 11:41:24

Sentencing guidelines for young offenders take into account that the brain does not fully develop maturity until around 25 years of age, yet we have organisations such as Mermaids that say even a child of 3 or 4 'knows' they've been 'assigned' the wrong gender and should be affirmed.

Smileless2012 Sat 26-Nov-22 11:41:35

Yes, I think we should make it Could this be the beginning of the end of this Madness Merylsmile.

grannydarkhair Sat 26-Nov-22 11:50:17

Twitter thread showing individuals and organisations who have publicly supported or donated to Mermaids. As someone says, it’s strange how they’re all apparently being so quiet now.

grannydarkhair Sat 26-Nov-22 11:52:48

This is the Ted Talk Susie Green gave.

BeverleyJB Sat 26-Nov-22 13:36:35

And here's an analysis of that woman's TED talk - tells you all you need to know about her and her ilk. In general I agree with Posie about many things, but not here when she says she doesn't believe SG is evil.
SG has apparently deleted a lot of her own tweets where she talks about her son and it is rumoured that she is possibly to be investigated for abuse of him.

JaneJudge Sat 26-Nov-22 13:40:57

He is an adult now surely? I wonder why she is still talking on his/her behalf ?

Galaxy Sat 26-Nov-22 13:47:15

I think it's quite complex. I am delighted she has gone though.
Parents were being told all sorts of things, puberty blockers are harmless, your son can become a girl and so on. Parents faced with desperately unhappy children, with very complex problems, were told this will make it all better. It's a shameful mess.

Stormystar Sat 26-Nov-22 14:03:50

I have no doubt in my mind that Susie Green perpetrated Pernicious child abuse on her child In plain sight, under the rubric of transgenderism, whilst promoting it as a desirable ideologue within Mermaids