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Meghan Markle Faced 'Disgusting and Very Real' Threats in the U.K., Former Counterterrorism Head Says

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GagaJo Tue 29-Nov-22 20:02:25

So possibly NOT figments of fevered imaginations.

In a new interview with Channel 4 News, the former head of counterterrorism for the Metropolitan Police said that there were genuine threats to the Duchess of Sussex's life while she lived in the U.K.

Neil Basu opened up about the alarming allegations amid his resignation as Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations for the Met Police in an interview released Tuesday. Basu, 54, is leaving the force after 30 years, during which he earned the Queen's Police Medal for distinguished service and served as the senior-most officer for the counterterrorism unit of the Met Police starting in March 2018 — two months before Meghan and Prince Harry's royal wedding.

"You were in charge of royal protection. How would you characterize the threats that Meghan and Harry received?" journalist Cathy Newman asked in a quick clip shared on Twitter.

"Well, disgusting and very real," Basu replied, calling extreme right-wing terrorism the "fast-growing threat" to the country.

Quokka Tue 29-Nov-22 20:13:25

Doesn’t surprise me after reading the vitriol aimed at her online.

Blossoming Tue 29-Nov-22 20:22:15

It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

GagaJo Tue 29-Nov-22 20:23:04

Me neither. Despite the right-wing media denials.

Joseanne Wed 30-Nov-22 07:25:15

She as a person is history now and no longer worth discussing. Of no importance really.

Sparklefizz Wed 30-Nov-22 07:29:38

Princess Anne was actually attacked by a gunman who shot her bodyguard. She didn't make a fuss.

When there was a serious threat to the Queen a few years ago by a man who said he would shoot her with a crossbow, the Queen is reported as saying "That would have put a dampener on Christmas." And, of course, she coped with Michael Fagan appearing at the end of her bed.

Harris27 Wed 30-Nov-22 07:32:01

Anyone in the public eye would be a threat I would assume.

Galaxy Wed 30-Nov-22 07:32:28

I am not sure that's the greatest message to send to people that they shouldnt make a fuss about threats or actual violence.

Lollin Wed 30-Nov-22 07:42:09

As you said quokka Doesn’t surprise me after reading the vitriol aimed at her online.

The warning keeps being repeated that the internet isn’t all about sweet people who remember that being kind isn’t actually that difficult if you give yourself chance and none of us know who we are really conversing with online and what their agenda might really be.

nanna8 Wed 30-Nov-22 07:54:30

No different from anyone else in the public eye. Best she stays away if it worries her.

BlueBelle Wed 30-Nov-22 07:58:05

Exactly what I thought it would be
That’s nasty nanna8

Grannynannywanny Wed 30-Nov-22 08:05:38

Interesting to see how quiet this thread has remained since it was started yesterday evening. If the title contained a negative comment about MM it would be running at several pages by now.

MerylStreep Wed 30-Nov-22 08:05:43

I wonder how the thousands of women who live with threats to their lives every day feel about the protection she received.
After all, according to Meghan, we are all equal.

eazybee Wed 30-Nov-22 08:09:54

Nobody should tolerate death threats, which many, many people receive, and they should, and do, make demands to the relevant authorities for action, but constantly parading them in public only encourages like-minded people.

Esspee Wed 30-Nov-22 08:12:52

I imagine many people in the public eye are subjected to threats.
Thankfully they now live in the USA where gun related homicides are 4.46 per 100,000 compared to the U.K. where the figure is 0.02 per 100,000. How reassuring. 🙄

volver Wed 30-Nov-22 08:13:34

I spotted this thread last night but decided not to comment until I saw which way it went.

A senior security person says that Meghan and Harry were subject to real and credible threats to their lives. And some people think an appropriate response is that they should stop complaining about it.

It's incredible, in a way. In another, the response is entirely expected.

Casdon Wed 30-Nov-22 08:14:01

There’s not much detail in the article, but the impression I get is that the threats against Meghan were not of the lone hitman type, but rather from an organised far right movement, which is far more sinister.

Glorianny Wed 30-Nov-22 08:34:08

As always on these threads you can really appreciate why they felt leaving the UK was their only option. The idea that it was OK that she faced real threats and she should just have put up with it is appalling.

lemsip Wed 30-Nov-22 09:02:37

wonder how many pages this will run to.

Sparklefizz Wed 30-Nov-22 09:42:18


As always on these threads you can really appreciate why they felt leaving the UK was their only option. The idea that it was OK that she faced real threats and she should just have put up with it is appalling.

No one has said they should have to put up with threats, but leaving the UK to move to the US where the population are legally heavily armed and school children have to learn "shooter drills" doesn't seem the safest option.

Normandygirl Wed 30-Nov-22 09:45:09

Impossible to comment on a statement that has no context around it. Were the treats greater than those aimed at other royals or less? Were the threats themselves significantly more serious or sinister than those received by others in the public eye? Without that context there is nothing to discuss.

volver Wed 30-Nov-22 09:48:42

That is such a ridiculous comment, sorry to say so but it is.

Which is likely to be safest:

1) staying in a country where people have made actual real threats towards you because you are perceived as an affront to their sensibilities, and they can pick you out and target you whenever you appear in public. A country where even senior security people think you were at imminent risk. Or

2) moving to a country where you can go out in public to lead the normal life of a wealthy person, and people with an agenda don't hate you because they think you are an interloper who has insulted the Queen and made her life a misery.

Let's think...

halfpint1 Wed 30-Nov-22 09:52:54

And America is a less violent country,
Let me think

Smileless2012 Wed 30-Nov-22 09:52:56

I agree Normandygirl, nothing substantive to discuss. It's appalling that anyone would have death threats against them and surprising to me, that this was never mentioned at the time they made their decision to leave the UK.

Sparklefizz Wed 30-Nov-22 09:54:16

Haha volver . Now your usual rudeness and sneering have started to shut down any debate, I'm out.