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Jenner's in Edingburgh

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Fleurpepper Fri 27-Jan-23 18:34:33

How sad.

And how dreadful that one firefighter has died too.

Blondiescot Fri 27-Jan-23 19:34:23

Absolutely tragic. RIP Barry Martin.

Fleurpepper Fri 27-Jan-23 19:42:23


Oldbat1 Fri 27-Jan-23 19:52:18

I was very sad to hear this evening that the Firefighter has died. (I do have many memories of Jenners Department Store - lovely interior. Why do so many empty buildings catch fire?)

Aveline Fri 27-Jan-23 19:53:57

What do you want to know? The fire started when workmen cut through a gas pipe which had been painted blue to indicate that it was a water pipe except that it wasn't! Flames immediately shot out at explosive speed. The temperature shot up very fast. Barry the firefighter who died was initially taken to ERI but transferred to a Burns unit in Glasgow but had internal as well as external burns. Just awful
The other firefighter that was badly injured has burns to his hands and forearms and his back.
The basement and lower ground floor on the North side of the building is damaged but the rest of the building seems OK. It was built to be fireproof after the last fire in the nineteenth century.
I think it will be ok and the restoration will continue. However, this is a tragedy for poor Barry. One can only imagine how his family is feeling tonight.

MayBee70 Fri 27-Jan-23 19:54:43


I was very sad to hear this evening that the Firefighter has died. (I do have many memories of Jenners Department Store - lovely interior. Why do so many empty buildings catch fire?)

I think it’s during refurbishment. A combination of electrical work being done and fresh paint. Isn’t that what happened at Glasgow School of Art, too?

MawtheMerrier Fri 27-Jan-23 20:08:29

Glasgow School of Art (twice!) - yes, Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, I believe Clanden House in Surrey, and no doubt other places.
Moral - don’t get the workmen in!

Aveline Fri 27-Jan-23 20:10:44

In this case it was due to previous workmen probably years ago who painted the gas pipe the wrong colour.

V3ra Fri 27-Jan-23 20:28:11

That's awful news and has reduced me to tears.

We had a bad house fire six years ago. The firemen insisted I ring my son as I couldn't say for certain he wasn't in the house.
If I couldn't reach him they would have to send someone upstairs to make sure, and the fire was so intense they said they really didn't want to have to do that.
But they would have done.

Fortunately I spoke to him and he was in town. I ran back up the road to tell the firefighters.

You can't believe the heat that comes off a building on fire.
You can't stand anywhere near it but these brave souls are prepared to go in on our behalf.

So sorry for Barry's family and friends. He's the same age as my son.

Fleurpepper Fri 27-Jan-23 21:06:31

Aveline :'What do you want to know?'

nothing in particular, but I seem to remember this place is special to you and that you are local, so thought you might have some more precise information. Thank you.

Yes, what a tragedy, for this poor young man first, of course, but for this amazing historical building.

Aveline Fri 27-Jan-23 21:18:34

Fleurpepper the building is in very good hands. I'm sure it will take a long time but Per Anders Povlsen is committed to doing a good job with the restoration.

Fridayschild Fri 27-Jan-23 21:32:53

I hadn’t heard that the firefighter had died. That’s just awful and very sad. These brave people put their lives at risk as their job and we should all be grateful to them.
I live next to Edinburgh and I was there yesterday and walked past Jenners. I was only on Princes Street so just saw the front of the building which looked normal. The street round the corner was closed to traffic and there was a lot going on but I didn’t stop to stare. I wanted to go into M&S which is next door but it was closed because of the fire.
Jenners is a beautiful building but I do miss Jenners the store. I never liked it after Fraser’s took over.
Reading the comments above, it seems that the fire was the result of someone painting a pipe the wrong colour? That’s an absolute disgrace.
My condolences go to Barry’s family.

IrishDancing Fri 27-Jan-23 22:39:38

Such a tragedy for the poor firefighter’s family. And the other man who was badly burned.

Grammaretto Sat 28-Jan-23 06:25:04

So terribly sad to hear that Barry Martin has died and another fireman badly burned.

I passed Jenner's yesterday on the bus on my way to visit my 97yr old DMiL who was born in Edinburgh and knows all the stores. She was also very sorry to hear the news.

Thanks Aveline for explaining the circumstances.

yggdrasil Sat 28-Jan-23 08:41:15

Why such a plain mesage. No indication of what it was about or what happened. I have seen no news of this, or explanation anywhere else

Aveline Sat 28-Jan-23 08:43:42

yggdrasil the news of the Jenner's fire was even on the main BBC news

paddyann54 Sat 28-Jan-23 12:03:34

My first memory of Jenners was being sent to the store by train from Glasgpw to collect an evening gown for my boss' girlfriend .It had to be taken in for her and she needed it that day.She was a Scottish newspapers "face of the year" and the award was being presented.
Being a weegie I loved Lewises ( not John Lewis) and Frasers and the other beautiful department stores we had all across the city but Jenners was in a league of its own...maybe the setting had something to do with it ?Sad to see the fire and the death and injury ,health and safety need to up their game on empty buildings ,this happens far too often


Wheniwasyourage Sat 28-Jan-23 12:40:28

Such sad news. Our fire fighters are just amazing and we owe them a lot. It beggars belief that they are sometimes attacked by idiots when they are working to save lives and property.

Aveline Sat 28-Jan-23 13:15:21

Those firefighters were very brave indeed. Four went in. Two made it out more or less OK, one was badly burned but survived the other tragically didn't make it.
An MSP has called for the George cross to be awarded posthumously to Barry Martin which is fine but all four of them entered not knowing what would happen. Four brave men knowingly putting themselves in harm's way. They all deserve medals.