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Could this government be brought down by the Nolan Principles?

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CvD66 Sun 29-Jan-23 14:45:47

In today’s Zahawi inquiry, Sir Laurie Magnus refers specifically to the minister's breach of the 7 Principles of Public Life (Nolan principles): selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. One has to acknowledge the connection to Sunak’s stated commitment on taking office. However with bullying allegations against Rabb rising to 24 claims and the Johnson/Sharp loan debacle gaining traction, it seems Sunak’s commitment is facing further attack. Then we think of Braverman’s reneging on the Windrush promises and abandoning refugee children, Jonathon Gullis’ forced apology, (30p) Anderson’s insulting comments and Hunt patronising pensioners! Do they uphold the Nolan principles in government - I wish.

JaneJudge Sun 29-Jan-23 14:50:11

How as a country are we expected to just accept all these poor children have gone missing? it is absolutely awful sad

JaneJudge Sun 29-Jan-23 14:50:46

I'd like to say they were just morally corrupt but it's worse than that isn't it?

Daisymae Sun 29-Jan-23 14:54:36

I can't see it happening. Yes, they should go without doubt. Apart from anything else the Truss regime brought the country to its knees and should have triggered an election. But they are going to make as much hay as they can. They have no shame, behaviour that would have brought a resignation in the past is now normalised.

Urmstongran Sun 29-Jan-23 15:00:30

Who will we vote for?
I’m thinking of Reform UK next time.

Baggs Sun 29-Jan-23 15:01:15

Governments are brought down by elections and that's what will happen to the current government.

I'm trying to think of what could be worse than morally corrupt, janejudge, and not succeeding.

Ramblingrose22 Sun 29-Jan-23 15:04:38

The Nolan principles may have been expanded from 7 to 10, btw.

They are all laudable but this Government seems to appoint people to high office who like to test thm to the limit to see what they can get away with.

Then there's the Ministerial Code which can be blithely ignored by the PM as he has the final say. Not very reassuring, is it? No wonder Sir Laurie's last 2 predecessors resigned.

People in high office should be accountable to an independent in investigator who can decide for themselves when to investigate and what to investigate and not be dictated to by the PM trying to protect his chums.

As for the Zahawi investigation, it took all of 2 minutes because it was plain as a pikestaff that Zahawi had breached the Ministerial Code but Sunak was too cowardly to sack him outright.

I wonder if the PM has the final say on Raab once that investigation has been completed. When civil servants are tripping over themselves to report how he bullied them could Sunak really keep him on? I hope not.

Incidentally, I have heard from a civil servant who had to make a presentation to Raab that he is thick as two planks so I can't help thinking that if he couldn't understand advice he was being given about a subject he may not have been familiar with he got impatient with (and therefore was disrespectful to) the civil servants who gave it.

Grantanow Tue 31-Jan-23 14:19:30

Whether the Tories go has little to with Nolan and a lot to do with Tory MPs wanting to save their seats or find another easy, high paying job before they lose them. My guess is they will hang on till the last minute to maximise their salaries and expenses and collect their loss of office compensation before heading off to a well-deserved rest in some boardroom or other, leaving Labour to sort out their mess while those remaining gripe about 'socialism'. And what a mess they will leave behind.

MayBee70 Tue 31-Jan-23 14:45:34

Well, I thought the Conservatives were finished when Johnson tried to illegally prorogue parliament. So much for that. He always made it clear that he wanted to make himself above the law but people still voted for him. The stench of corruption that he created still hangs over this government.