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62Granny Sun 19-Mar-23 18:12:11

Apparently on the 23rd of April I the early evening every mobile phone will receive an Emergency Alert notification and sound . Even if your phone is on silent it will still come through and you won't be able to use the phone until you acknowledge receipt of it, the Government is gaining access our phones whether we want it or not apparently they will use it to notify you of flooding or huge fires in your area but what next, are we entering an era of Government propaganda being put out via our phones? I am not happy about this but short of getting rid of my mobile I don't see a way out.

Auntieflo Sun 19-Mar-23 18:20:38

I read about this, this morning and I believe that after the initial one, you will be able to turn off these notifications in the phone settings. Not sure how true this information is though.

toscalily Sun 19-Mar-23 18:32:33

I read the same as Auntieflo. I imagine the directive would go to the mobile phone companies who would then forward on to all their customers. Your phone can be tracked, you yourself can use the "find my phone" unless you have an older one, track & trace, cookies & tracking on the internet, camera's and facial recognition. The realties of the modern world whether we like it or not.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 19-Mar-23 18:33:11

Where did you find about this? It seems very unlikely.

boheminan Sun 19-Mar-23 18:40:11

I'm dead then as I haven't got a mobile phone! What a farce.

Dempie55 Sun 19-Mar-23 18:41:49


Where did you find about this? It seems very unlikely.

It is a true thing, reported on Sky New and The Guardian.

Dempie55 Sun 19-Mar-23 18:43:11

Here's the link to the site, it IS happening on Sunday April 23rd.

Cherrytree59 Sun 19-Mar-23 18:56:57

Apparently we are one of the few countries (UK) that doesn't already have a mobile phone alarm system in place.

On Mumsnet quite a few posters have reported that this is the norm in their Country.
One poster from the US says it quite interesting, when everyones phone goes off at once in the grocery store.grin

welbeck Sun 19-Mar-23 19:04:57

i think it is a good thing.
i welcome it.

Septimia Sun 19-Mar-23 19:05:50

It does have some elements of intrusiveness. On the other hand, if you live in a flood risk area, it could be really useful and a lifesaver. Being warned of a major fire or similar danger is useful too. Better to use modern technology than Second World War air raid sirens!

However, the place I'm going to that evening - so I've been told - has no mobile signal. I wonder what will happen in those circumstances

62Granny Sun 19-Mar-23 19:08:20

Be interesting for those that go to an evening church service😲

Visgir1 Sun 19-Mar-23 19:14:38

Doesn't really bother me, think it's a good thing.
I was in New York a few years ago and my phone picked up an Alert for a missing Child.

Ashcombe Sun 19-Mar-23 19:27:26

If all goes to plan, DH and I will be cruising on that evening between Honfleur and La Rochelle! I wonder if it will reach me in the Bay of Biscay?!

choughdancer Sun 19-Mar-23 19:32:30

Like Welbeck and Visgirl I think it is a good idea.

Marydoll Sun 19-Mar-23 19:48:48

I too think it is a good idea.

welbeck Sun 19-Mar-23 19:53:54

there are so few police stations now, so doubt if there are many working aid raid sirens anyway.
i got alerts about local covid outbreaks etc during pandemic.
it is a good way of reaching most of the population in an emergency.

NanaDana Sun 19-Mar-23 19:58:36

It seems to now be widely reported, so is not looking like a scam, which was my first thought. Don't see a problem with it, as it seems that after the initial message you can actually opt out in your Smartphone settings if you wish. So no long term invasion of privacy, I guess. Who knows, it may even prove useful. Wonder what it's costing the taxpayer...

Deedaa Sun 19-Mar-23 20:48:06

With extreme weather conditions becoming more common every year this seems like a good idea.

Oreo Sun 19-Mar-23 20:55:02

Seems like a good use of tech to me.
If Putin goes nuclear we can be prepared to hide under the table.🤪

Sago Sun 19-Mar-23 21:06:40

Your phone will receive a text message on April 23rd.
If it’s concerning you switch it off.

Jaxjacky Sun 19-Mar-23 21:07:17

Already used in the USA for tornado etc warnings. I’ve no problem with it.

Katie59 Sun 19-Mar-23 21:09:39

Those who have the knowledge - like GCHQ can track you now and even listen in your conversations, the whole phone spectrum is scanned for terrorism trigger words.

So if any of us are planning mischief, throw away your mobiles and computers

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Mar-23 21:11:51

I’d like to think that it’s a good idea, but I’m deeply cynical.
I would not want the current government any where near any possession of mine.
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if our mobile phones suddenly start bleeping, clanging, bursting into flames and speaking in tongues

Galaxy Sun 19-Mar-23 21:19:20

Yes fair point. I wouldnt trust them to recognise an emergency if it was dancing on the table singing I am an emergency.

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 19-Mar-23 21:50:32

The alerts are only for more modern mobiles that are 4G or 5G, so really old mobiles won't be affected.