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Prince Harry faces a fight to keep his US visa application secret

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lemsip Tue 21-Mar-23 16:51:18

So how DID Prince Harry get a US visa?

Campaigners demand to know if Duke admitted 'multiple' drug use on application - and call for the royal to be deported if he lied about taking cocaine before moving to California

In Spare and the TV blitz that followed, Harry admitted taking cocaine, cannabis and magic mushrooms. He said marijuana and psychedelics 'really helped' with his 'trauma' while cocaine was more a 'social thing'.

GagaJo Tue 21-Mar-23 16:55:30

Yet more royal effluence. 😴😴😴

Dickens Tue 21-Mar-23 17:01:08

"An immigration expert of Lightman Law in New York also came forward and admitted, “Harry would have no problem getting the O-1 because he's a prince. He's travelled all over the world... and there is his work with Invictus. It's going to be enough to qualify him.”

Katie59 Tue 21-Mar-23 17:04:00

Married to a US citizen, but the application would be reviewed.
Political decision

Aveline Tue 21-Mar-23 17:09:53

Nooooo. Let America keep him!

MerylStreep Tue 21-Mar-23 17:17:06

He admitted to taking it but he has no criminal conviction.
It also helps that he’s a prince. Wheels within wheels

TerriBull Tue 21-Mar-23 17:19:17

Oh come on America, he's yours, I mean we've already got James Cordon back here, punishment enough surely shock

Sparklefizz Tue 21-Mar-23 18:19:24


Oh come on America, he's yours, I mean we've already got James Cordon back here, punishment enough surely shock

grin grin

Glorianny Tue 21-Mar-23 18:29:07

Actually full admission of usage, particularly on health grounds is recommended for drug usage, So his assertion that it helped his mental health could be regarded as a positive. Add to that the fact that marijuana is legal in California and it's all just a media creation isn't it?,8(B)(1).

Littleannie Tue 21-Mar-23 18:29:43

They couldn't send him back could they? I thought we were friends.
My husband has suggested that if they do, we could put him on a plane to Rwanda. He would like that, he could save a few elephants and rhinos.

Glorianny Tue 21-Mar-23 18:31:15

I'd swap Harry for James Corden any day. Just cos his initials are JC it seems to have had a very unfortunate effect on him. Can we send him back?

Grantanow Thu 23-Mar-23 08:42:10

Symbolises the strength of the UK export trade post-Brexit! Are there any other princes we could export?

Blondiescot Thu 23-Mar-23 08:55:11

Who cares?

Devongirl4 Thu 23-Mar-23 11:16:42

I have a conviction from 1982 for growing cannabis plants ( only a few). I still go to America. I currently have a 5 year visa. Ones application goes to Homeland Security who decide. Of course Harry can legitimately enter the US. People should read up about it before pontificating

Neilspurgeon0 Thu 23-Mar-23 11:56:08

Can I fully support blondiescot I couldn’t give a toss either

Smileless2012 Thu 23-Mar-23 11:58:06

I'll only care if they send him back.

nanna8 Thu 23-Mar-23 11:58:11

Ghastly little man, leave him where he is as he plainly doesn’t like the UK.

nexus63 Thu 23-Mar-23 12:19:54

who cares.

katy1950 Thu 23-Mar-23 12:52:58

Please keep him America

nipsmum Thu 23-Mar-23 13:32:17

Oh I don't really care.

lyleLyle Thu 23-Mar-23 13:38:08


merlotgran Thu 23-Mar-23 13:40:46

I’m sure they’re building up to a Coronation stunt!

Even Omid Scobie’s gone quiet. 😂

4allweknow Thu 23-Mar-23 15:14:06

I'm always amazed at the number of Americans who seem to easily move to live in GB. Don't think it is quite so easy for a GB citizen to just up and move tgen decide they'd like to live there on a permanent basis. I know of an adult whose son moved to US anout 12 years ago for his work and is now resident. When tge person wants to visit for 6 weeks in tge summer the visa application was refused one year on the basis too much time spent in the year before! Granted a two week visa for a visit. Of course none are royals!

Keffie12 Thu 23-Mar-23 15:32:06

It's not what you know but who you know. The U.S have taken in my ex-husband. Thank God. We don't want him back here.

He's a criminal record and was deported from Canada. I kid you not.

He met his 3rd wife who is American and they married as soon as he landed their.

Her ex has a very high position job. He would lose his job if it came out why she left him. You can guess the rest

Oh and the best place for H & M is the U.S. Not because I dislike them.

I'm very much a supporter of them. They have been treated appallingly by the media and RF.

They can live their best life out their and be safer away from the vile media who are in cahoots with the palace sources to deflect from Charles, Camilla, Andrew, William and Kate.

The media are still doing it even with them out their

Siope Thu 23-Mar-23 15:34:25

4allweknow. As I know from
experience, there is nothing simple, easy or cheap about immigrating to the UK from
America. It was far more straightforward and affordable for me to emigrate to the USA than it was for my husband to emigrate to the UK (even though he had an immigration route as a spouse by then, whereas I did not).