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travelsafar Wed 22-Mar-23 15:41:29

Am watching the questioning of BJ at the moment, it is making me cringe. Any one else feel the same???

rosie1959 Wed 22-Mar-23 15:54:34

I have been watching it can't say its making me cringe a bit monotonous from both sides covering the same ground

Boz Wed 22-Mar-23 16:00:51

I don't know they can prove the claims against him; a slippery eel comes to mind.

Farzanah Wed 22-Mar-23 16:03:48

Much repetitive blathering going on from Johnson.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 22-Mar-23 16:06:31

I gave him five minutes. I can cope with most MPs from all the different parties, but not BJ. I felt my hackles rise within seconds.

NotSpaghetti Wed 22-Mar-23 16:15:58

He's just named 2 people who were supposed to have protected identities. 🙄

Oreo Wed 22-Mar-23 16:23:39

I think it’s impossible to prove that he knowingly misled Parliament.
Watching it he seems a lot more coherent than he used to be, even has combed hair!

Grannynannywanny Wed 22-Mar-23 16:25:08

He’s insisting the multiple gatherings were all necessary work events despite admitting his wife and interior designer were present on one occasion. He defended that by saying no 10 was her home and she was entitled to be present.

Casdon Wed 22-Mar-23 16:40:11

He’s not controlling his body language well when he blames other people, which is telling.

Iam64 Wed 22-Mar-23 16:45:12

He’s a slippery, skilled liar. He’s making sure his responses are lengthy and focussed on the pressure under which number 10 was operating, He’s honed his craft at avoidance, minimisation and deflection over many years
He’s not trustworthy and lacks integrity. He uses his Eton/Oxford experience to good effect but we see him

Riverwalk Wed 22-Mar-23 16:49:01

Interesting how his 'cuddly Boris' tousled hair can be tamed and look normal when it suits!

NotSpaghetti Wed 22-Mar-23 17:00:18

My husband and a colleague both left work "during Covid" and neither had a leaving "do" - there was an option of a zoom "drinks at home" party which they both declined.
His colleague had worked at the University for nearly 30 years.
I wonder how "essential" the no10 leaving do really was?

NotSpaghetti Wed 22-Mar-23 17:01:17

I hope he is brought to book this time.
I expect he'll slimy out of it.

grannyqueenie Wed 22-Mar-23 17:02:19

It’s making me so cross watching it, I just cannot bear to listen to his arrogance. The thought that this man could make any sort of political comeback makes me despair. 🤬

Farzanah Wed 22-Mar-23 17:26:24

I thought drinking at work had been unacceptable for years, but clearly there was a drinking culture at No.10.
I wonder if so many of these “gatherings” would have taken place if alcohol had not been involved?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 22-Mar-23 17:37:30

Interesting to listen to Johnson saying that he would refuse to accept the committees verdict if he is found guilty of misleading parliament.

He appears to have thrown down the gauntlet.

Rosie51 Wed 22-Mar-23 17:39:48

I've got a headache!

I can hardly believe the NHS staff and police in my family forgot to tell me how the bosses did the "essential work gathering", often accompanied by alcohol, to say "thank you". And I obviously missed the press reports of supermarket workers, refuse collectors, transport workers et al having their "thank you" gatherings.hmm

He's totally lacking in any feelings of responsibility and seems to think he's something special and superior. As I recall his school report from Eton said as much.

I wish one of them had asked exactly what "work" was being done especially in the garden gathering when there wasn't a laptop, paper or pen to be seen.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 22-Mar-23 17:43:15

Jill Rutter senior fellow for Institute for Government - said - and I agree- that as leader we should expect the prime minister and his office to be the model which showed how everyone should behave in lockdown.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 22-Mar-23 17:45:01

I really don't understand why, when we were all avoiding any sort of gatherings, and people were being denied visits to elderly relatives with dementia (who could not necessarily understand why), these people thought that they were entitled to "work events".

I keep going back to the sad pictures of the Queen sitting alone at her husband's funeral - she knew what the rest of the country was having to do. Why should 10 Downing Street be so different?

25Avalon Wed 22-Mar-23 17:50:42

It’s about whether he deliberately lied or not. The inquiry lasted 3hours and 20 minutes. I thought he put his case across quite well but I’m not sure he’ll pull it off.

Rosie51 Wed 22-Mar-23 17:59:38

"deliberately or recklessly" deliberately may be a harder prove, but recklessly was adequately demonstrated in my opinion.

25Avalon Wed 22-Mar-23 18:00:31

Boris’s character is reckless!

Whitewavemark2 Wed 22-Mar-23 18:00:47


It’s about whether he deliberately lied or not. The inquiry lasted 3hours and 20 minutes. I thought he put his case across quite well but I’m not sure he’ll pull it off.

I should hope he put it across well! We paid for that advise😡

MawtheMerrier Wed 22-Mar-23 18:04:39

I watched for a few minutes and seriously could not take any more. I just wanted to wipe that smirk off his face along with the entirely fake sincerity 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Whitewavemark2 Wed 22-Mar-23 18:06:57