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Can a woman have a penis?

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maddyone Wed 24-May-23 11:16:35

Ed Davey says they can. Keir Starmer isn’t sure. Can women have a penis?

Smileless2012 Wed 24-May-23 11:17:11


Casdon Wed 24-May-23 11:20:51

What does Rishi Sunak say?

MaizieD Wed 24-May-23 11:21:52

Of course they can't. The best they could do is have an artificial one...

Smileless2012 Wed 24-May-23 11:22:54

He says 100% that women can't have a penis.

twiglet77 Wed 24-May-23 11:24:26

These woke idiots aspire to lead the country. There is no hope for us.

Rosie51 Wed 24-May-23 11:24:31

I'd like Ed Davey and his ilk to tell me if we have a word that exclusively describes adult human females, the ones whose bodies are designed to produce large gametes, even if for some malfunction they are unable to. That section of the human race assuredly do not have penises.

HeavenLeigh Wed 24-May-23 11:25:10


Gillycats Wed 24-May-23 11:39:05

No. It’s ridiculous. I’d like to hear what Sunak says about it.

Aveline Wed 24-May-23 11:39:58

No. Just no.

Smileless2012 Wed 24-May-23 11:41:15

Rishi has said 100% that a woman can't have a penis Gillycats.

grandMattie Wed 24-May-23 11:45:21

Well, if it says so in the media!…
Why don’t “they” revert to the good old fashioned XX or XY? It seems that the whole exercise is geared to eradicating XX women!

Dinahmo Wed 24-May-23 11:45:59

Some hermaphrodites do!

25Avalon Wed 24-May-23 11:53:38

No. Only a dildo.

MrsThatcher Wed 24-May-23 11:54:15

No. This is all ridiculous woke nonsense.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 24-May-23 11:54:35

A biological woman does not have a penis. A trans woman (a biological man) was not born with a penis so is not a biological woman. Am I now about to be shot down in flames? If my son was to come and tell me that he is identifying as a woman, that would be fine. But he wouldn’t be a biological woman even if he had his penis removed. Bring on the fire.

Smileless2012 Wed 24-May-23 12:07:01

Where there is true hermaphroditism both male and female gonads are present.

Sago Wed 24-May-23 12:20:01

A woman can have a penis but it doesn’t make her a man.

FannyCornforth Wed 24-May-23 12:23:18


A woman can have a penis but it doesn’t make her a man.

We’re getting into riddle territory here! smile

Rosie51 Wed 24-May-23 12:24:54

How would Ed Davey tell the difference between a bull and a cow, a ewe and a ram, a stallion and a mare, a buck and a doe, a cockerel and a hen...... the list is endless and of course animals can't speak to tell you. Such a conundrum!

Foxygloves Wed 24-May-23 12:28:08

Is anybody else getting tired/bored/sick of this area of discussion?
No offence to OP intended at all but when I read the above article today and then this one, I despaired of our priorities these days
THE Epsom Derby has unveiled an LGBT area to encourage a more diverse audience to attend the races
The “celebratory” venue, which will feature drag performances and free queer literature, will open on Derby Day in early June – the first day of races. While the Jockey Club hopes the additions will make the event more “inclusive”, others believe it is simply a PR stunt and will do little to open up the sport
Does anybody still think that in the days before female emancipation that any woman would have felt “encouraged” to attend the Derby if “celebratory” spaces had been created for her in the name of “equality” It’s enough to make a horse laugh.
Don’t people go to the Derby for a day out at the races anyway?
Who cares about their sexuality or gender identification?
Then this
Lauren Jeska, a transgender athlete who was born male, was given an 18-year sentence in 2017 for the attempted murder of a UK Athletics official after she had been in a dispute with the sport’s governing body over her eligibility to compete as a female athlete.
But on the website of Parkrun, which organises 5-kilometre weekly races for people of all abilities around the world, Jeska continues to hold the women’s record time for Aberystwyth, with a time of 17 minutes 38 seconds, prompting outrage from campaigners for equality in women’s sport
(Entirely justifiable outrage, IMHO)
Why on earth should a biological woman even bother any more?
And BTW “he/she” is being held in a womens prison.

aquagran Wed 24-May-23 12:34:18

Not again!

AmberSpyglass Wed 24-May-23 12:37:07

Yes. 100%, unqualified, wholehearted yes. I love and respect my trans sisters, and their genitalia is as female as mine is.

Dinahmo Wed 24-May-23 12:39:09


No. Only a dildo.

The first foreign film I saw contained an hermaphrodite and she (looked feminine) had a penis and breasts. Definitely not a dildo.

LadyHonoriaDedlock Wed 24-May-23 12:43:10

Lets take this in short steps.

1. If an individual who was recorded as female at birth self-identifies as male, but takes no further action, is that individual a man or a woman?

2, If that individual undertakes gender alignment surgery including the construction of a surrogate penis, is that individual a man or a woman?

If your answer to 2 is 'a woman' then the individual is a woman who has a penis.

If your answer to either 1 or 2 was 'a man' then let's ask a couple more questions.

3. If an individual who was recorded as male at birth self-identifies as female, but takes no further action, is that individual a man or a woman?

If your answer to 3 is 'a woman' then once again the individual is a woman with a penis. Otherwise

4. If that individual undertakes gender alignment surgery including the construction of a vagina and clitoris from the penile tissue, is the individual then a man or a woman?

If your answer to 4 is 'a man' then presumably you don't believe that the surgical construction of primary sexual organs changes the individual's gender, so logically you should accept the individual in question 2 as a woman with a penis.

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