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paddyann54 Mon 29-May-23 21:02:46

Include GLASS in your DRS ...but Wales can and England will when they get theirs up and running ,,next year?
The Westminster government are quite frankly acting like nutters ,trying to control devolved decisions already passed by the Scottish government
.Including glass would take @ 54 million bottles and jars off the streets know like we did for a long time here take it back and get a small payment .
Apparently the whole union act or whatever its called is being dragged out AGAIN to suit them .All they'll do is get backs up and make us more determined to get away from them
Why is Westminster full of complete assholes?
It didn't stop Thatcher imposing the poll tax on us so why should it stop the safe disposal of GLASS.cLOWNS!!

Foxygloves Mon 29-May-23 21:06:11

Could you please explain what the heck this is about?

welbeck Mon 29-May-23 21:08:18

some explanation of what this is about would be useful in order to discuss it.
there must be a rationale; is it to do with safety standards perhaps ?
more heat than light does not engage.

BlueBelle Mon 29-May-23 21:17:03

Glass at the Drs when what why ?

Aveline Mon 29-May-23 21:23:25

Glass is already collected in the whole UK. Grievance mongering again paddyanne?

Ziplok Mon 29-May-23 21:26:47

I’m sorry, but the initial post is very unclear.

Foxygloves Mon 29-May-23 21:28:07

Has a glass or a bottle featured somewhere…..grin

crazyH Mon 29-May-23 21:35:48

What’s this post about ?

M0nica Mon 29-May-23 21:58:18

paddyanne what has happened to you recently'
? You used to be someone whose views were reasoned and thought through and won respecct.

Now, they are the exact opposite.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 29-May-23 22:18:01

I’m guessing that in Scotland 20p is added to the price of each bottle/can/ plastic container bought, then when the containers are returned the 20p is given back to the buyer.

I think Westminster has stopped it?

I could be wrong…

SueDonim Mon 29-May-23 22:30:38


Has a glass or a bottle featured somewhere…..grin


Callistemon21 Mon 29-May-23 22:37:18


Could you please explain what the heck this is about?

Glass in your doctors? 🤔

I read it as glass in your doors as I thought it must be a typo.

Marydoll Mon 29-May-23 22:42:15

UK ministers have confirmed Scotland’s deposit return scheme (DRS) can go ahead but have insisted there is “insufficient justification” for glass bottles to be included.

I think this may be what paddyann's post is about.

Foxygloves Mon 29-May-23 22:51:39

Thank you for a simple explanation Marydoll
Seems an odd decision to me, but still can’t understand why the incoherent opening post confused

Elegran Mon 29-May-23 23:18:54

What is the the Scottish DRS ?

All but six of the 51 deposit return schemes operating elsewhere in the world include glass

Why has Westminster decreed that it can go ahead - but not include glass bottles,?

Elegran Mon 29-May-23 23:22:20


Thank you for a simple explanation Marydoll
Seems an odd decision to me, but still can’t understand why the incoherent opening post confused

Because Paddyanne was a bit cross when she posted.

Elegran Mon 29-May-23 23:27:22

Scotland would be two years ahead of the rest of the Uk in launching this scheme, which would lead to confusion.
Westminster were well aware of the continuing progress toward this, and I would have thought that if they were serious about really wanting to set up others around the country, a better reaction would have been to match the speed at which it was happening on Scotland.

Callistemon21 Mon 29-May-23 23:33:46

Don't you do glass recycling in Scotland? 🤔
Why are there 54 million glass jars and bottles on the streets?

I just googled and, according to My Recycling Wales, Wales recycles more glass than England. Scotland isn't mentioned.

Elegran Mon 29-May-23 23:58:42

Yes, glass is recycled, as are plastic bottles and other containers, but just like in England and Wales, a disapointing percentage doesn't get put into the recycling bins. This is about putting on a deposit (a Deposit Return Scheme), so that people are more motivated to return them so as to get back the deposit.

Westminster has agreed that the scheme can go ahead, but excluding glass bottles, since England and Wales will not be launching their schemes for glass bottles until 2025.

Callistemon21 Tue 30-May-23 00:09:20

Thanks Elegran

I just thought most people recycled their glass as it's collected or there are bottle banks in every town.

VioletSky Tue 30-May-23 00:15:25

There is a shop local to us that has a refillable section but there isn't much available and it's all very high-end expensive things

I'd love to see this for more products but slightly cheaper, maybe a slight tax cut.

There is a current trend for having a container for everything and people post videos of themselves decanting their shopping into fancy containers into perfectly organised cupboards and fridges... Then the plastic container it arrives in binned

Why not build on that and have more products everywhere that are refillable, every supermarket could do a range and everyone could slowly switch over a bit at a time, as long as the cheaper cost offset the price of the containers and then saved money long term

I've seen a few attempts at this and a few products that come in bags but not many. I remember doing the milk bags for a while but then that stopped

Elegran Tue 30-May-23 00:35:00

Callistemon". I don't know where the 54 million figure came from, perhaps *Paddyanne can tell us.

The figures I have seen are that Mark Ruskell of the Green Party says that "“At least 550 million glass bottles are sold in Scotland every year. Why wouldn’t we include them in a recycling scheme?”

Zero Waste Scotland says Including glass bottles in Scotland's #DepositReturnScheme will allow Scotland to recycle 504 million glass bottles every year.. That is, about 90% of them. the other 10% is about 56 million.

The only £54 million mentioned in Mr Google's search engine results in connection with glass is that "Glass Futures has broken ground on its £54 million development in St Helens, UK." However, they seem to be in the manufacture of glass, not the recycling of it.

Paddyanne may know more.

BlueBelle Tue 30-May-23 04:22:46

callistemon no unfortunately I don’t recycle my glass apart from that I can use myself ( jam making etc) we don’t have a fortnightly house collection
We do have bottlebanks but they are few and far between and the nearest to me is easily half a mile away and I can’t carry a bagful of glass that far

Foxygloves Tue 30-May-23 05:06:28

A bit cross ? More like incandescent.
Far be it for me to sound smug(?)maybe just proud rather of our local recycling but our glass is collected weekly for recycling as is garden and food waste (green bin) hard plastic, cans and cardboard (clear or pink bag) and general waste (black bag)

Casdon Tue 30-May-23 06:25:43

Wales is very hot on recycling, and we already have the 3rd highest recycling rate in the world, capturing 87.3% of glass bottles and jars through household collections, ours is taken weekly where I live.

We have been told that the returns scheme will operate here from 2025, and that is to be a UK wide scheme, so you can return a bottle anywhere. I don’t understand why Scotland couldn’t go earlier, unless the government envisage us all driving up there with cars full of bottles to get the refunds in the meantime?