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DaisyAnneReturns Fri 13-Oct-23 08:38:56

A new book and a fascinating look into how RS's view of politics is progressing. A very in-depth interview.

Polar22 Fri 13-Oct-23 09:24:47

Am about a quarter of the way through on audiobook. Enjoyable so far. Interesting, but also depressing how rubbish it is to be a new MP. I do like RS. His podcast with Alistair Campbell is a favourite listen.

Chestnut Fri 13-Oct-23 09:29:28

You will also find his interview with Piers Morgan very interesting. He comes across as very genuine and I had no idea he had done so many things.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 13-Oct-23 09:30:48

I’ve just finished his book Politics on the Edge! Highly recommended.

DaisyAnneReturns Fri 13-Oct-23 09:40:07

That's the one that made the interview happen, Ladyleftfieldlover.

I find the way he is prepared to discuss how his thinking has moved forward very generous He also talks about how Parliament works ( or doesn't) in this video. I will have to watch it again to pin down how his thinking has developed.

spabbygirl Sun 15-Oct-23 11:11:34

He is very charismatic but as a Tory has also voted in favour of private healthcare replacing the NHS even in a limited way. Last week I had problems with my ears, my GP said I needed the wax removing. The NHS no longer offer that service so I paid £55 at specsavers. That's ok for me, I can afford it, but what about people who can't? For that reason I don't like any Tory, they're selfish

Louella12 Sun 15-Oct-23 11:28:02

Has anyone seen his speech about hedgehogs in the House of Commons


Anyone who loves hedgehogs is a friend of mine

Applegran Sun 15-Oct-23 11:30:24

I find I like RS but he is a Tory and has many views I cannot share. He is nonetheless impressive alongside so many other Tories like Boris or.......others you can think of........

2mason16 Sun 15-Oct-23 11:38:48

Spabbygirl - not on topic but I had my ears syringed free at my local doctor's surgery.

Louella12 Sun 15-Oct-23 11:43:01


Spabbygirl - not on topic but I had my ears syringed free at my local doctor's surgery.

My husband as well . Clearly available on the NHS in some areas

Irismarle Sun 15-Oct-23 11:53:34

A talented interesting man who I think could have done a good job of running the country. How on earth did the Conservative membership prefer people like Boris Johnson and Liz Truss to him? Baffling. What a waste.

Skye17 Sun 15-Oct-23 12:49:28

Thanks DaisyAnneReturns, pleased to know about that.

undines Sun 15-Oct-23 13:35:16

On the subject of ears - not Rory Stewart, sorry - my friend was told by the receptionist at our GP's that they didn't syringe any more. So when she went to the GP she asked about it and he said yes, to make an appointment with the Nurse. I think maybe you now have to go through the doc, rather than just say 'My ears need syringing'. I'm not sure but that may be the procedure now. Me, I'm going to local Boots in the very near future as they have a much better reputation locally, than Specsavers. My hearing is awful lately!

grandMattie Sun 15-Oct-23 13:38:47

I’ve always had a lot of time for R/S, a fascinating man.

silverlining48 Sun 15-Oct-23 13:48:47

I have only voted conservative once ( mrs T,) as my girls were at the age where they needed to know that being a woman should not stop them achieving their goals and ambitions.
However RS did impress me.

silverlining48 Sun 15-Oct-23 13:51:04

Re ears, don’t syringe, but have micro-suction instead. If you have an ent problem with ongoing appointments you might get this done free at the hospital.

Urmstongran Sun 15-Oct-23 13:57:27


Spabbygirl - not on topic but I had my ears syringed free at my local doctor's surgery.

Ditto for my 91y old stepfather a few months back.

Do we have a postcode lottery regards healthcare in the UK? Perhaps.

If so, that must be very stressful to discover that whatever condition you have might not be treated free at the point of need. Surely ‘basics’ should be mandatory? Someone is pocketing an awful lot of money somewhere along the line.

Urmstongran Sun 15-Oct-23 14:03:00

With apologies for diverting from the topic in hand.

RS is quite charismatic. Charming fellow. I don’t know why he doesn’t appeal more? He didn’t do very well during the Tory party run offs did he? Maybe he’s too nice. The cut and thrust of political life probably wounds him. Maybe too centrist for today’s divisive folk.

NotSpaghetti Sun 15-Oct-23 14:06:45

Some of you might be interested in this talk by Rory Stewart -
You can skip the intros as they are not exactly riveting but he is talking about (mainly) foreign aid.

Soozikinzi Sun 15-Oct-23 14:11:49

We had to pay for my DHs ears to be syringed up here in Wigan must be a postcode lottery thing.

MayBee70 Sun 15-Oct-23 14:33:42

Be warned, fellow dog lovers. I always wondered what happened to his dog…sad

Urmstongran Sun 15-Oct-23 14:40:14

I’ll bite MayBee! 😁

What happened to his dog?

MayBee70 Sun 15-Oct-23 14:50:42

You’ll have to listen to it! I thought I couldn’t adore Rory more than I already do but after listening to this…..!

Struthruth Sun 15-Oct-23 15:08:25

While listening to the chaos in Downing Street during Covid from the ongoing enquiry, I remembered the Tory leadership debate between Rory and Boris, simplistically it seemed that Rory by telling the truth lost support which went to voters believing the lies of Boris. I got to pondering…..if Rory had got the leadership maybe the outcome of the pandemic would have been so much better for the country in so many ways. How to distinguish the good guys!

Grantanow Sun 15-Oct-23 15:11:37

My OH was given an appointment at a nearby GP medical centre by our GP practice for wax removal so it was free.