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Just begun watching BBC Verified Live.

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DaisyAnneReturns Fri 01-Dec-23 16:22:05

... and I think it could be quite good. The idea of ongoing verification of 'stories' is certainly a good one.

silverlining48 Fri 01-Dec-23 19:03:25

Yes I like it.

Vintagewhine Sat 02-Dec-23 07:29:37

I've seen the verifications they do on their website is this something different?

DaisyAnneReturns Sat 02-Dec-23 11:05:05

It's the new format of their news programmes on BBC2 and BBC News from 3pm to 5pm. It seems to rely on their own journalist verification as they say "BBC journalists share their evidence gathering."

To me this seems to give a more truthful view than bringing in the one person who opposes a view, time and time again, presenting a false "even-handed", or "balanced" point of view.