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Not another one😮

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Whitewavemark2 Tue 20-Feb-24 11:15:25

Scot Benson a Tory mp has been suspended for 35days for dodgy dealings.

Will almost certainly be re-called and there will be another bye-election.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just have a general election?

Anniebach Tue 20-Feb-24 12:28:57


CvD66 Tue 20-Feb-24 12:33:09

At this rate, if we just wait a couple more weeks, there won’t be many Tories left!

Whitewavemark2 Tue 20-Feb-24 17:50:45

Just heard someone say

“Sunak is the first prime minister in U.K. history to hold an election in instalments”


Oldbat1 Tue 20-Feb-24 17:53:01

Why am I not surprised?

Iam64 Tue 20-Feb-24 18:51:12

You couldn’t make it up.
Mark Menzies the Tory mp down the road in Lytham St Anne’s had to resign as a ministerial aid after concerns about drugs and a Brazilian rent boy. He’s still an MP

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 20-Feb-24 19:40:19

What other job would employ/ keep in post these low lifes?
WWM - loved the comment about Sunak!
He must be sitting at home with his head in his hands wondering " what next"...

Devorgilla Tue 20-Feb-24 21:30:45

Yes, I too, loved the comment about Sunak. Bring on the election. Don't forget to check that you are actually on the Electoral Roll and thus able to exercise your right to vote.

flappergirl Tue 20-Feb-24 21:31:39

They've always been the party of sleaze, it's just that it's getting harder for them to hide in this day and age.

Drugs and Brazilian rent boy? Sounds about right.

Nanatoone Tue 20-Feb-24 21:36:38

Won’t be long before the Tory apologists come along. Fortunately the time for Sir Kier is nigh. A decent manor the people, intelligent, honourable and the right man at the right time.

Grantanow Wed 21-Feb-24 10:00:02

The Tory Party is like Brexit: the gift that keeps on giving.

Katie59 Wed 21-Feb-24 11:08:30

Not a person I would have voted for, the policies he stood for are not on my agenda at all, the sooner he goes the better.

deedeedum Thu 22-Feb-24 12:29:50

I wish. The number of Conservatives who have received recalls during this government only serves to indicate they are unfit to serve us.

Annma Thu 22-Feb-24 13:57:40

General Election cannot come soon enough.These sleazeballs need to be removed from office before they remove all of our rights.I long for competent politicians who govern fairly for ALL of the people and not just for the benefit of the super rich.

stewaris Thu 22-Feb-24 18:36:51

Sorry #Nanatoone, but on this occasion I completely disagree with you. If it's true that Keir Starmer threatened to revoke Labour support for Sir Lindsay Hoyle in the General Election just before the SNP motion was debated that is a truly appalling position to put anyone in. If the reports in the press are true, it was completely unacceptable for him to pressure Lindsay Hoyle just before the debate, That should have happened days earlier.
However, it has increased the number of parties that I will be able to vote for in the General Election. I will not vote for the Tories, Labour, SNP, Greens and that leaves me with Reform and Lib Dems. God help me for both.

Iam64 Thu 22-Feb-24 18:48:39

Hoyle and Starmer deny the allegations of

DrWatson Thu 22-Feb-24 20:47:31

For Whitewave and Flapper, you can easily research the Lab MPs who've been suspended or in some cases jailed, that's IF you want to. Tories don't have a monopoly for MPs who are corrupt, perverts, or incompetent, in fact history shows it's just daft to have undue faith in ANY politicos, ANY badge.

Major Bliar aide Mandelson got suspended so often for assorted corruptions I lost count, mysteriously he got made a Lord at some point (but then Major is now a Sir, and Hezza a Lord, despite trying to bankrupt the country -- look up Black Wednesday), and now Mandelson is a Starmer aide too.

Let's not leave out the LibDems, they supplied a party leader actually tried for murder (Thorpe), that so lovable character Cyril Smith got exposed as what some might call a 'kiddy fiddler', and the so-reliable and respectable David Steele (actually a Sir) got booted out when it became known that he'd covered up Smith's, er, 'issues' for the sake of the party.

Overall, depressing, isn't it?!

Summerfly Thu 22-Feb-24 23:39:16

Nothing surprises me anymore. 😕

Moonwatcher1904 Thu 22-Feb-24 23:56:38

Scott Benton is the Tory MP for Blackpool South and the MP for Blackpool North is being investigated for misuse of public funds. We're going to be busy with by elections in our area at this rate. Is there no end to these dishonest MP's? Probably not.

Katie59 Fri 23-Feb-24 09:22:32

My brother works in a prison as an “educator” it’s a lower security place where sex offenders are encarcerated, among inmates are Judges, Police, Clergy, all sorts of other professionals as well as the expected low life. He says they are the most manipulative people you will ever meet, you cannot trust anything they say or do.

Are they really much different to many Polititians.

SeaWoozle Fri 23-Feb-24 15:17:41


At this rate, if we just wait a couple more weeks, there won’t be many Tories left!

I will celebrate the day!! 🍾🍾🥂

mae13 Fri 23-Feb-24 15:39:35

Lord,but UK politics is held together with string and chewing gum, apparently. Has it ever been such a circus?

Grantanow Tue 27-Feb-24 10:25:38

Not to mention sealing wax and greaseproof paper!

Seriously though, we now have MPs using tactical racism to further their political ends.

Eloethan Tue 27-Feb-24 13:12:17

Using racism to bolster support is a very dangerous game.

Sarnia Tue 27-Feb-24 13:28:43

Crispin Blunt from my neck of the woods, a fiddler of his expenses, is on police bail under suspicion of rape but is still MP. He won't stand at the next election.