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Prince Harry loses his appeal

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maddyone Wed 28-Feb-24 11:35:06

It’s just been announced, Prince Harry has lost his appeal to have armed security provided when he is in Britain.
I’m not surprised.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Feb-24 11:37:29

Neither am I. I’m glad he won’t be given preferential treatment, which would set a precedent. Perhaps he will get the message that he is now just an ordinary person, albeit a very rich and privileged one.

crazyH Wed 28-Feb-24 11:41:28

He can’t have it both ways - he made his choice.

Sparklefizz Wed 28-Feb-24 11:46:38

Good. I won't hold my breath but it would be good if these losses make him less litigious in future. He costs the UK taxpayers a lot of money just to hear these cases he brings.

Eirlys Wed 28-Feb-24 11:57:33

The late Queen decided he should be "either in" or "either out". The Prince decided to choose out. As a result he is not a working Royal.Security in any country costs money and he obviously wants this privilege restored. He should realise that he cannot now demand, or expect, to be treated like a fully-fledged member of the Royal family. How can any of them even talk to him now without wondering whether the conversation is being "recorded". I still cannot understand how a person can change so drastically in character over a short period of time.

AGAA4 Wed 28-Feb-24 12:08:54

It's right that he lost the appeal.

Jaberwok Wed 28-Feb-24 12:14:14

Not only that, the late Queen gave H&M a whole year to decide exactly what they wanted to do! On top of that H's father financed them to the tune of X number of million pounds to keep them during that year!! Which one of us has such generous (G) parents, even in a small way? Had they wanted to come back, they could have done so and carried on as if nothing had happened. They chose not to, and so they cannot have the perks of a job they have now left.

eazybee Wed 28-Feb-24 12:15:19

If elected, Trump is coming for he and Meghan, and not in a good way.

Astitchintime Wed 28-Feb-24 12:16:35

Oh dear, that's a shame ......... not! smile

Anniebach Wed 28-Feb-24 12:18:41

It’s right that he loses his appeal, wish he would shut up but doubt very much he will

Oreo Wed 28-Feb-24 12:20:27

He can afford his own bodyguards for his very short visits here.

GrannySomerset Wed 28-Feb-24 12:26:15

Prince Harry lost his appeal as far as I am concerned with the Oprah interview.

Smileless2012 Wed 28-Feb-24 12:27:11

I'm glad he's lost his appeal. Presumably he'll have to pay all the costs.

Smileless2012 Wed 28-Feb-24 12:28:29

Yes he can Oreo but they can't be armed and I think that's what he objects too; not having armed security.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Feb-24 12:31:45

They can’t carry firearms though Oreo, unlike the police who guard the RF. That’s his beef. Tough.

Labradora Wed 28-Feb-24 12:46:34

Independence he wanted; independence he's got and that includes financial independence which is the bit , I imagine , he doesn't like.
One of the factually reliable UK newspapers, a few years ago, did a piece on the costs of private security for a family like his and it was an annual cost north of £2.5 million , so probably more expensive now.
I imagine the lack of Guns may well be the most significant thing but cost will be an issue as well.
Even with their millions that's a significant income drain.

Desdemona Wed 28-Feb-24 12:54:58

When he visited the UK recently didn't the British Police escort him to and from the airport?

cc Wed 28-Feb-24 12:58:09


If elected, Trump is coming for he and Meghan, and not in a good way.

Yes, I read this. So even Trump can see them in their true lights. Apparently H's claims about drug-taking in his book may mean he gained entry to the US illegally. You would think that he would have thought this through?
We are well rid of them, though I expect he will be back when he is single again.

cc Wed 28-Feb-24 13:00:53


When he visited the UK recently didn't the British Police escort him to and from the airport?

A couple of police cars won't break the bank, though 24 hour hour armed security would cost significantly more. Maybe that is why he only stayed for such a short time for his last visit - a 'phone call to his father would have been more cost (and environmentally) effective.

Sparklefizz Wed 28-Feb-24 13:00:54

He made himself more of a terrorist target with all the things he said about his time in Afghanistan. He doesn’t engage brain before opening his mouth.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Feb-24 13:01:29

Not much brain to engage.

maddyone Wed 28-Feb-24 13:03:47

I don’t believe it!!!
BBC lunchtime news, he’s going to appeal!

Smileless2012 Wed 28-Feb-24 13:06:15

I was more annoyed when it was said that being denied the security he wants, may make it difficult for him to be close to his family maddy. Oh that will be the family he constantly berates for money!!!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 28-Feb-24 13:06:15


Lexisgranny Wed 28-Feb-24 13:06:27

Just read that he is going to appeal to the High Court. He reminds me of a music hall act where the performer is trying to keep lots of plates spinning. How does he remember who is suing/ appealing against on any particular day!?