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Lady Gabriella Windsor’s husband Thomas Kingston died from ‘catastrophic’ head wound.

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Urmstongran Fri 01-Mar-24 15:20:42

Tragic to hear this 45y old was found dead at his parents Cotswold out building on Sunday with a gun by his body. Such a shock to read this I had been assuming a heart attack or similar.

Condolences to all his family.
RIP Mr. Kingston.

AlwaysSmiling Fri 01-Mar-24 15:23:22

I thought so too, he always looked happy and was smiling in the photos. It just goes to show, that money cannot always bring happiness.

hollysteers Fri 01-Mar-24 15:26:27

So sad. I thought their wedding at St.George’s Chapel was so beautiful. R.I.P.
His poor poor parents and family 😢

sodapop Fri 01-Mar-24 15:26:57

So sad, such a young man. What a shame he couldn't get help before things went so far. My sympathy to his family.
RIP Thomas Kingston

Kate1949 Fri 01-Mar-24 15:30:14

Poor man. You never know what's behind the brave face.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 01-Mar-24 15:30:49

How terribly sad

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 01-Mar-24 15:31:59

That’s right Kate, you never know.

Casdon Fri 01-Mar-24 15:34:21

Very sad. The worst thing about suicide is the lifelong impact it leaves on those left behind, I feel desperately sorry for his wife and parents.

Calendargirl Fri 01-Mar-24 15:37:19

Looks like his poor parents found his body.

How absolutely awful for them.

Callistemon21 Fri 01-Mar-24 15:39:16

So very sad and shocking. Kate1949, no you never know and people can hide their true feelings and despair very well.

His poor wife, parents and all the family.

AGAA4 Fri 01-Mar-24 15:40:42

People can hide how desperate they feel from those close to them. Very tragic.

mrsgreenfingers56 Fri 01-Mar-24 15:45:28

Such a handsome chap. I was very sorry indeed to read this. Suicide is really awful and my thoughts very much with his family. He was so young, did read somewhere he had been in Iraq?

I heard recently of a collegue I worked with had shot himself just before Christmas and I was deeply shocked especially as this happened just up the road from where I live. Dear me how sad all round.

M0nica Fri 01-Mar-24 15:46:20

If nothing the last year has shown how being Royal or in their circle cannot protect you from the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune'.

They suffer as we do.

Allsorts Fri 01-Mar-24 15:51:05

It’s a dreadful waste. How down he must have been and it’s truly heartbreaking. Condolences to his family and friends. I worry for the men in my family as they don’t talk about their problems.

Anniebach Fri 01-Mar-24 15:53:00

So sorry for all, the family will find who their true friends are

Grandmadinosaur Fri 01-Mar-24 15:59:19

Just dreadfully sad to read of this news and yes it’s awful for his loved ones. RIP Thomas 💐

Mollygo Fri 01-Mar-24 16:00:26

So sorry he felt that was the only way, but even more sorry for those left to deal with the aftermath.

Cabbie21 Fri 01-Mar-24 16:04:32

So very sad for all the family.

TerriBull Fri 01-Mar-24 16:04:38

This was very sad to read, they both looked so happy in the recent pictures, but of course no one can possibly know what inner turmoil an individual disguises. So sorry that he couldn't overcome his demons, and for his family and wife dealing with such heartbreak. .

Desdemona Fri 01-Mar-24 16:14:09

I recall reading on a news site after this happened one of his friends said what a wonderful man he was, although you didn't always know what he was thinking.
Maybe that's it, he was thinking awful things and not sharing it with anyone who could help him.
Maybe his time in Iraq took a terrible toll on him - we will probably never know why hid did it. So sad.

lemsip Fri 01-Mar-24 16:14:44,unit%20at%20the%20Foreign%20Office.
Kingston once worked as a hostage negotiator in Iraq. Known as Tom, he read economic history at the University of Bristol before joining the diplomatic missions unit at the Foreign Office.

He was seconded to Baghdad as project manager for the International Centre for Reconciliation, based at Coventry Cathedral, in 2003. The following year, he cheated death in a suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital that killed 22 people.

a devastating tragedy for his wife and parents.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 01-Mar-24 16:37:26

For the family, it’s a particularly shocking way to do it.

Sarnia Fri 01-Mar-24 16:43:32

Poor man, to be in such a dark place that taking his own life was the only way. Very sad times for those who loved him.

Grantanow Fri 01-Mar-24 17:07:15


Icandoit Fri 01-Mar-24 17:19:42

R.I.P. - prayers for his devastated family.