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Catherine seen for first time today.

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lemsip Mon 04-Mar-24 21:43:34

Kate Middleton Spotted for the First Time Since Her Hospitalization
The Princess of Wales was photographed in a car with her mom, Carole Middleton, near Windsor

nanna8 Mon 04-Mar-24 21:48:19

Hope she is okay. It is horrible recovering from a major op, especially if you are in the public eye.

luluaugust Mon 04-Mar-24 22:07:15

Paparazzi poor woman, not sure it will be printed here

Anniebach Mon 04-Mar-24 22:09:22

I am concerned for her return to public work, the media will
be a nightmare

lemsip Mon 04-Mar-24 23:20:50

further to OP

The Princess of Wales has been pictured for the first time since undergoing abdominal surgery in January - after an American website published photos of her being driven by her mother near Windsor today.

The pictures were published by US gossip website TMZ but not in the UK after Kensington Palace appealed for her to be able to recuperate in private.

It is the first time that the princess has been seen in public at all since she celebrated Christmas at Sandringham with Prince William, their children and the rest of the Royal Family.

lemsip Mon 04-Mar-24 23:24:51

Kate was pictured wearing sunglasses in the passenger seat of a 4x4 Audi, which her mother Carole Middleton was driving near Windsor Castle. The photos were taken shortly before 9am, suggesting the mother and daughter were returning from the school run.

maddyone Mon 04-Mar-24 23:39:13

The picture was apparently published in America. They don’t respect privacy there.

Whethertomorrow Mon 04-Mar-24 23:44:58

Why is Catherine still being called Kate Middleton?

keepingquiet Mon 04-Mar-24 23:55:16

The vultures are out it would seem.

CoolCoco Tue 05-Mar-24 06:49:03

It’s not great news that she’s been papped whilst still recovering, when she obviously isn’t posing for the camera. Poor woman.

Freya5 Tue 05-Mar-24 07:16:11


Why is Catherine still being called Kate Middleton?

The modern age, not always kind or generous, or respectful to people, can you imagine our late Queen being called anything other the Princess Elizabeth.
Why do people also think that its OK to shorten people's given names, I can't remember Princess Diana being called Di Spencer, ugh.
Manners cost nothing. Then again it is an American rag.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 05-Mar-24 07:25:23

I expect this morning the Princess of Wales and her mother have got bigger things to worry about than TMZ

(Carole’s brother Gary Goldsmith went into the Big Brother House last night and will be all over the ITV network…)

AGAA4 Tue 05-Mar-24 08:25:03

Why can't they leave her alone to get well in private.

Iam64 Tue 05-Mar-24 08:40:34

I’m still known by the name I was Christened and registered with, nothing disrespectful there

I hope Catherine is feeling better. She’s clearly had significant surgery

Chestnut Tue 05-Mar-24 09:41:11


I am concerned for her return to public work, the media will
be a nightmare

That has been worrying me. They will be examining her in detail from head to foot and noting every little thing. She is such a public figure, so elegant and beautiful, any change will be highlighted. The family need to pull together and protect her as best they can.

Calendargirl Tue 05-Mar-24 09:43:59

I’m sure that when Catherine is deemed fit enough to return to her public roles, it will be very carefully managed.

Nothing too arduous or lengthy, and probably very low key.

Callistemon21 Tue 05-Mar-24 09:58:32


Why can't they leave her alone to get well in private.

I agree think it's the foreign press.

And Gransnet. ☹

Callistemon21 Tue 05-Mar-24 10:10:29

And the Daily Mail again.


News or gossip? I thought the British Press were respecting Catherine's privacy at the moment.

AmberSpyglass Tue 05-Mar-24 10:11:09

It really doesn’t look like her in the picture, though.

Callistemon21 Tue 05-Mar-24 10:12:44


It really doesn’t look like her in the picture, though.


ronib Thu 07-Mar-24 06:45:30

I am 75 years old and had major abdominal surgery a week ago today. I am able to walk between 6 and 8,000 steps daily on days 5 and 6. The recovery time is 6 weeks and walking is highly recommended but no lifting of heavy weights or housework.
Of course, royalty will have timely access to medical care and help with the chores.
My point is that for most women recovering from a hysterectomy, the recovery process is 6 weeks and please don’t be afraid. Some young women say they are fine after 3 weeks.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 07-Mar-24 07:01:06

The Daily Fail have been printing scurrilous articles about the lady they call ‘Kate Middleton’ since the Waity Katy days.

Iam64 Thu 07-Mar-24 07:46:37

good to hear you’re recovering well ronib.
Catherine hasn’t had a simple hysterectomy though has she. She’s had some kind of major surgery involving her abdomen and I’d suggest more. Women are home 24 hours after hysterectomy and don’t need 14/13 nights hospital care. Whatever she’s going through it’s clearly significant.

Anniebach Thu 07-Mar-24 08:17:07

Most women do not have to face crowds , handshakes, smles .

lixy Thu 07-Mar-24 08:29:32

I hope she is properly well before she has to return to work.