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Prince Harry’s Memoirs, should he or shouldn’t he

154 Norah

Should I have told off 2 kids in the street?

7 Daisend1

Beware of covid digital passport scam

6 welbeck

left out of mothers will

22 Smileless2012

Strange Facebook friend requests

31 FarNorth

Tesco six-packs of bottled water - shortage?

213 Jaxjacky

Wedding gift

78 Shropshirelass

advice please

70 welbeck

Is the heatwave hotter than the summer of 1976?

182 Craftycat

Tesco stopping letting customers have tray liners

275 ElderlyPerson

Grief, Baby medical termination.

44 cornergran

Floods in Europe

11 grandtanteJE65

The UK

179 Barmeyoldbat

Tesco grocery deliveries - the picker notes

38 ElderlyPerson

E scooters - how do you feel about them?

6 Namsnanny

How to de-list an item I'm sellling on Ebay?

5 BlueBelle

Do you all check your receipts before leaving a store?

24 Nonogran

Noisy neighbours.

80 Mincub

Modern job titles

12 eazybee

Life - to be lived

7 lemongrove

National anthem for England?

60 grumppa

Magazines - entertaining or demoralising?

160 Beswitched

Are you having the life you envisaged?

224 Mumofthree


18 Greeneyedgirl

Nicole's 1982 Eurovision song - various videos - various languages

12 ElderlyPerson

Waltz across Texas - various videos

29 Izabella


51 Blossoming

Have you recently moved to a new city after retiring?

10 Nannarose

Why is drinking alcohol so popular?

245 M0nica

Jazz - various videos

42 Fennel

Car insurance - why are we being ripped off?

9 mokryna

Links to music videos

5 MiniMoon


128 NotSpaghetti

Roll out the barrel / Rosamunde - various videos

13 ElderlyPerson

Wabash Cannonball - various videos

2 ElderlyPerson

Are some people born lucky and some born unlucky?

55 TerriT

Back in the 50s - a dramatic radio programme.

29 NotTooOld

Stairlift charity rip off

33 slcomparisonco

Advice on Memorial events

35 Jillybird

More jokes

14 Aveline

computer games

25 hollymak

Beware the Amazon Prime Scam !

38 LadyStardust

Women's urinal - eek!

65 3nanny6

Weirdest Schoolday Memories?

136 MamaCaz

Baking with Stork instead of Butter

87 amymorris01

Room 101 what would you put in?

175 FannyCornforth


83 M0nica

Is the music industry failing youngsters?

70 SueDonim

4 day weekend

40 CanadianGran

wise words

2 Blossoming