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Manners going out of the window?

61 PinkCakes

Suddenly feel like I want to join a Choir! [confused]

14 bikergran

Moving advice please

3 Oopsadaisy3

Amazon Prime jitters

11 Espes

Search this site to see if your e-mail is secure .

1 Floradora9

Shortest job you have had.

27 henetha

If you feel you need a laugh (and who doesn't at the moment) ...

84 Kate1949

Uncertain times with job role

10 Grandad1943

Idiots abroad.

3 felice

Perfume favourites and why?

140 lemsip

How old were you when you took your driving test? And what does being able to drive mean to you?

55 Purplepixie

Washing machine went bang

16 Sunny82z

Park Homes

6 CassieJ

Self condemnation

12 Luckygirl

Points system for immigrants from next year

247 Coolio007

Reading and recording child’s book.

6 deaneke

Feeling a bit low 😢

48 Harris27

Sykpe Blocked by Country

15 StevenBrown

A light hearted look at guidelines (sorry didn’t have link so it’s copy and paste)

14 farview

Been a naughty girl and no self control

20 Ginny42

Lynn Faulds Wood, aged 72

18 MissAdventure

Another scam

7 timetogo2016

Be careful phone call a scam

4 Ang23


2 Cunco

Fundraising for the NHS

3 ninathenana

Do you fancy a photo' walk?

87 NonnaW

The topic says it all.

7 felice

Research your family

3 Teetime

Footballers to ask the taxpayer to pay 80% of their wages

54 CherryCezzy

Request to kind helpers

4 SueDonim

Coronavirus world

1 Firecracker123

Wonderful Nightingale hospitals but why no Seacole?

59 Parsley3

Chaos when its all over?

134 M0nica

Calling Gransnet Admin

1 Alexa

Urgent - Scam re Whatsapp

42 sevenkidsnotv

Good things that come out of crisis

5 LullyDully

waspi women and the virus

4 Septimia

Living with sons in law

21 GreenGran78

Practical Advice Please

15 wildswan16

"Inevitability box"

46 bikergran

I Really Need Your Opinion.

30 MissAdventure

No wedding

8 Granny23

Phone call purports to be from Amazon

13 Wheniwasyourage

Have you read Wilding?

8 Callistemon

What does 'mixed race' mean to you? How would you describe a 'mixed race' person?

106 grandtanteJE65

completing a capsule wardrobe

29 M0nica

St. David’s Day

51 Callistemon

Best Whisky related advice, I've been given...

29 paddyanne

Oh a Oh a Waw, oh a ramalamadingdong. HELP

25 Dinahmo

Ed Balls In Euro land BBC

5 popsis71