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Self condemnation

22 annep1

Public cleavages

160 Rosalyn69

Are you irritated by bicycles on the road?

23 Grandad1943

How old were you when you took your driving test? And what does being able to drive mean to you?

65 henetha

Hasty purchases pre-lockdown

32 annep1

Self-Published Books

2 annodomini

What are you reading right now?

670 callgirl1

Stairlift maintenance contracts

1 callgirl1

Abbreviation explanation please

6 Elderflower2


10 Serendipity22

Filthy Wild Campers

33 Alexa

Feeling Emotional after Lockdown

7 Alexa

Nightmare neighbours affecting my mental health

12 vampirequeen

Losing weight fast

24 PinkCakes

Boiler cover

1 harleyjohnston027

If you feel you need a laugh (and who doesn't at the moment) ...

92 Squiffy

Check contents of Hand Sanitisers

2 annep1

Feeling really let down

6 Greenfinch

Favorite Monopoly Game Token

24 TrendyNannie6

7 year old grandson, recently lost mother, refuses to learn to read and write

56 welbeck

Are we all white racists?

197 Madgran77

Park Homes

8 welbeck

what to do for the best.

84 Corryanna

How to deal with a person who never stops talking about themselves

62 Eloethan


18 sodapop

Feeling very hurt at not being invited to party

83 mistymitts

what a cheek

16 TheReadingRoom


10 suziewoozie

Getting taken short when in the middle of nowhere.

80 Dancinjay

Things you've worn out in lockdown

11 lilypollen


51 Nortsat

Will we ever have equality?

45 AGAA4

Hair disaster!

43 GreenGran78

Commercial surrogacy-could you leave a baby?

20 sodapop

Empty Nest

63 PinkCakes

Grandchildren visiting

7 kittylester

A film clip to lift your spirits

15 Grannybags

Shortest job you have had.

29 PinkCakes

Who decides if they are national treasures

29 Callistemon

Calling Gransnet Admin

8 Marydoll

Suddenly feel like I want to join a Choir! [confused]

19 Mbuya

Manners going out of the window?

62 Mbuya

Moving advice please

3 Oopsadaisy3

Amazon Prime jitters

11 Espes

Search this site to see if your e-mail is secure .

1 Floradora9

Uncertain times with job role

10 Grandad1943

Idiots abroad.

3 felice

Perfume favourites and why?

140 lemsip

Washing machine went bang

16 Sunny82z

Points system for immigrants from next year

247 Coolio007