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JackieW2 Mon 18-Apr-11 07:30:33

Like all of you I adore being a grandparent. Since losing my husband I have moved closer to my family including my two wonderful grandsons aged 5 and 3 who I now see much more of. The one area I find tricky is discipline. I know I mustn't interfere but when they are with me on their own I do insist on certain things like saying please and thankyou. What do others think.

pegsi1 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:32:28

I totally agree. I have two lovely grandchildren and two step-grandchildren and although I always try to enforce their parents rules when they are with me I feel it only right that my discipline should be respected.

HildaW Fri 06-May-11 17:16:11

I totally agree with you Jackie. I have one grandson who is 2...and is just begining to show his little personality so its early days yet. He has been a little poppet but does now and again carry on doing something like throwing things when hes been asked not to. I watched my daughter 'discipline' him when he kept throwing stones in the garden, she quickly picked him up and sat him on the garden bench telling him to sit still and not to move because he had been throwing stones after being asked not to. He went very quiet and sat looking very sad for all of half a minute. He then said sorry and was 'released'. He played happily and no more was needed. So when I had him for the night a few weeks later he was refusing to let me dress him for bed and was getting very over excited...was end of a long day. I picked him up and sat him on the chair in his room and told him to sit still and that I was not happy because he would not let me dress him. He sat there looking down at his feet for a moment and then his little face crumpled. Quite unprompted he said 'Sorry Granma' and I nearly burst into tears. A huge cuddle was needed by both. He let me dress him we had a lovely storytime and he went to bed as good as gold. Discipline is all about a FEW firm rules...consistently enforced...NO meaning NO and lots and lots of love.

supernana Sat 07-May-11 17:29:33

HildaW...such a good grannie. I'm agreeing with every word you say.

babyjack Sat 07-May-11 17:34:42

I agree Hilda. My grandson is nearly three, we have a few rules like please and thank-you and holding hand when on pavements. He is mostly happy to go along with them. Like H i find that if i am a bit stern then he looks totally devastated but lots of cuddles and stories are great. He does get little treats with me which he does not get at home, like the odd small cup of diet coke, but my daughter approves and says nana's are meant to spoil them sometimes.He eats whilst playing on the floor sometimes at home but at mine i just say " here we all eat at the table" and he just accepts it for some reason.

glammanana Mon 09-May-11 13:19:11

Fabulous babyjack that your little one eats at the table,even though I
think of myself as a younger nana (have been nana since I was 40)now 60 I have always said that the basis of good manners start at the dinner table,learning to share things and eating properly,I always brought the
highchair to the table until babes where able to sit on booster seat,
helps with their conversation aswel I think and their own overall
confidence with other people (followed by loads and loads of hugs &

carboncareful Mon 27-Jun-11 17:17:11

babyjack, one thing I never can understand: why do parents and grandparents believe that children are perfectly capable of learning all the words in the English language bar two?