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What is this new language?

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helshea Sun 08-May-11 18:09:22

Just watching Come Dine with me, and I can't believe it.. I can text or email like the best of them, but what is this new language that has filtered through to "everyday" conversation! OMG or even "oh em gee" what is all that about? save it for the text messages to save money, and start using words and sentences again! lol .... oops!!!!

TrillianAstra Sun 08-May-11 18:14:20

I love Come Dine With Me!

Can't imagine myself saying 'LOL' out loud, but I do sometimes say 'haha' when I don't want to laugh but do want to acknowledge that someone has made a joke (usually a bad joke, so the haha is more like a groan). So it may not be that weird.

Divawithattitude Thu 19-May-11 21:53:45

and what about I 'heart' you when it would be just as easy to say the real word 'love' !!

Joan Fri 20-May-11 08:42:25

I don't like text speak, but it has its place. However, that place is not in normal speech. Let's face it, it is quite ugly, which is probably why I don't like swearing in normal speech either. I prefer to save foul language for foul situations, like when i stepped in dog poo this afternoon....

Grandmacool Fri 20-May-11 08:48:46

I`m sure there were quite a few choice words flying around.