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Crinkle skirts, how do you dry them?

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nanapippa Fri 13-May-11 19:32:16

I have two lovely East crinckle skirts but the instructions tell me to make a knot of them to dry them. Surely they don't dry very well and go a bit mouldy as the knt is quite big. Help please.....

eGJ Fri 13-May-11 19:50:51

No they are quite right! They DO dry and look good afterwards; just give it a try. Not too tight a knot!! Hang it in the open air and you'll be surprised by how good it looks. Just drying or ironing (UGH) COMPLETELY wrecks them until you wash them again. You could trytwisting them and then kinotting loosely if you think mould will set in.

milliej Fri 13-May-11 19:54:56

I bought a crinkle skirt once and ironed it hehe......I still tend to 'over iron' think because when we lived in Africa we had to iron everything (I mean everything) because of little nasties that lay eggs in ...anything yuch! smile

Elegran Sat 21-May-11 17:19:28

If you don't fancy tying a knot, then pull it inside the leg of a pair of old tights and peg the tights (should that be tight?) to the line or from the shower head. It drip-dries in no time, and the crinkles are still there. Putting them into a tight-leg makes it easier to pack too (and you have the leg with you for washing it on holiday.....)

Poppygran Sat 21-May-11 18:05:13

I don't have a crinkle skirt but do have a few crinkle blouses. I twist them as tightly as I can into a sausage shape, secure with a few pegs and hang by any available bit with one peg, they dry beautifully.

nanapippa Sat 21-May-11 21:39:12

Wow, thank you all, some excellent ideas. I particularly like the tights idea Elegran. Will try it all and see what works best. Many thanks x

Elegran Sun 22-May-11 15:46:51

That was how we used to dry the enormous frilled lacy petticoats to wear under our circular skirts in the 50s.and early 60s

Who remembers making those skirts? They swung out nicely when jiving, showing lots of lace underneath..

No paper pattern. You cut two great semicircles from 36in wide cotton material , with small semicircles cut out at the waist. A straight strip made a waistband. The bits left over made a matching triangular headscarf - we thought ourselves very chic.

But unless you were a short-arse the semicircle had to have a flat bit because the material was not wide enough, so you patched in an extra bit in two places. OK if you matched the flowers right, but buy too little material and you looked like a patchwork quilt.

tjspompa Sun 22-May-11 19:38:11

I have several crinkle shirts -- I just give them to my wife -- quickly ducks as abuse flys overhead !!!

tjspompa Sun 22-May-11 19:41:31

Correction, I drop them on the bedroom floor and they just get sorted !!

harrigran Sun 22-May-11 22:42:06

Tut, tut tjspompa, do you not share the laundry ? I load the washing machine and dryer but DH does the ironing and very good he is too.

numberplease Mon 06-Jun-11 17:15:14

I have a few of these crinkle skirts now, anything that cuts down ironing is OK by me! I just tie them in a loose knot, hang them on the line for a day, but they`re still damp, then I undo the knot, shake them well, then hang out again as they are, and they come out lovely.