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granmo Sat 28-May-11 10:03:25

can anyone tell me whats the best way to cleen marks of a white handbag i dont want to ruin it using chemicals i shouldnt use.any advise would be appreceiated .

gangy5 Sat 28-May-11 10:27:35

I find that baby wipes (fragrance free) are really good at removing all sorts of marks and stains.

lucyjordan Sat 28-May-11 11:11:29

Would help if you told us what the handbag was made of. Plastic? Leather? Satin? Also what the mark are. Fingerprints? Ink? Curry sauce?

HildaW Sat 11-Jun-11 22:09:54

Am just having a knee jerk sneer at the thought of a white plastic handbag......ok I'll admit it....I'm a handbag snob!

baggythecrust! Sun 12-Jun-11 06:44:18

"magic erasers" aka microfibre sponge will get most marks off most smooth surfaces and you don't need anything but water. Just google 'magic eraser' to find them.

Grumpyoldwoman Sun 12-Jun-11 09:23:50

I too am a great fan of baby wipes for leather..especially ones with aloe vera or lotion in them.
Magic erasers are good but can 'dull' the surface.
HildaW...I too am a handbag 'snob'...only wear uggs or fitflops on my feet ...but love my leather handbags.

harrigran Sun 12-Jun-11 10:44:45

I have a new Mulberry handbag that is unlined, am I going to have problems keeping the inside clean ?