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Anyone been mugged?

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Grandmama Thu 15-Dec-11 20:05:24

This morning, 7.30-ish feeling unwell I borrowed my daughter's car to drive to the papershop rather than walk. I parked, crossed over to the shop, purse in hand, and noticed a suspicious man apparently locking (but not really locking) his bike outside (it was still quite dark). Thinking he might be about to 'do over' the shop (at the moment the sole shop worker is a temporary young Asian girl who speaks little English) I went in, opened my purse at the counter and the man outside rushed in, pushed me to one side and ran out with my purse. £20 cash but loyalty cards, debit, credit cards, bus pass, generous Waterstone's gift card. The policeman was very helpful, trip to police station (all before breakfast and no face on!). CCTV from the shop might be useful (but of course the Asian girl didn't know how to use it). Morning spent cancelling cards, ordering new ones, not the plans I had in mind. At least I wasn't hurt and better me than a little old lady who might not have got over it. I feel surprisingly chipper about it, quite philosophical, huge nuisance and disruption to my day. Wish I'd chased him but I was dumbstruck when it happened - and I might have got stabbed or injured. Will he be caught? Probably wouldn't get much of a sentence.

kittylester Thu 15-Dec-11 20:10:23

Poor you Grandmama - how awful. Take care of yourself now. Maybe some [fglass] and certainly some thanks

GoldenGran Thu 15-Dec-11 20:22:11

I am so sorry grandmamma it is a horrible experience. I was knocked over in Barcelona and my bag taken. I was a bit battered and bruised and furious and no I don't think you should tackle them. you may get hurt.

Nsube Thu 15-Dec-11 20:23:39

If he's caught, and that's a big if, then his sentence will depend partly on his previous; but theft from a person in these circumstances would warrant an immediate custodial sentence of at least three months. I hope they catch him.

glassortwo Thu 15-Dec-11 21:37:13

I hope they catch him grandmama glad you were not hurt but isnt it a pain having to cancel everything. thanks thanks

Notsogrand Thu 15-Dec-11 21:48:51

Glad you're ok grandmama, what a horrible experience! angry
Look after yourself tomorrow too.....delayed reaction some times. Take care. x

jogginggirl Thu 15-Dec-11 21:56:46

So sorry to hear this grandmama - it's horrible. It happened to me in Madrid.........just take care - glad you are safe though....thanks xx

Carol Thu 15-Dec-11 22:23:13

Hope you're ok grandmama. What a horrible experience. This offence wouldn't be called theft from the person - it's a robbery, and because he went into the shop after you, and pushed you aside it's aggravated. Merits a heavy prison sentence. I hope they catch him. Please take care of yourself x

em Thu 15-Dec-11 23:20:54

Grandmama I do sympathise. I didn't suffer physically but it was very stressful when my purse was nicked from my bag a while ago on a visit to London. Had all the hassle of police reports, cancelling cards and accessing cash with 2 little GDs (9 and 12) in tow, on a theatre and shopping trip and a long way from home. The wonderfully reassuring part of it was the the support that was immediately offered by police, Underground staff and bank. We very quickly got our trip back on track with no serious trauma for the girls but I admit it left me rather shaken - though putting on a brave and coping face. You've obviously handled it well but isn't all the cancelling and reporting a real pain?

grannyactivist Thu 15-Dec-11 23:41:25

What a horrible experience for you Grandmama. Glad you didn't think to run after him or the outcome could have been much worse. You should be hearing from Victim Support in the next few days, just to follow up on how you're doing. It seems to me that you're a hardy soul and managing the situation with aplomb. wink
I've never been mugged, but was once followed and then accosted by a drug-crazed, glue sniffing man when I was out with my daughter, then aged about ten. I remained very calm and was eventually able to enter a shop, whisper to the assistant to call the police and then lead the man out of the shop whilst daughter remained safely behind. Although he was threatening violence to me I was able to use my professional skills to keep a lid on the situation until the police arrived. Afterwards I felt quite pleased with the way I'd handled things, but my daughter was deeply traumatised and still remembers the incident with a shudder. It really did affect her confidence terribly as she genuinely thought the man might kill me in front of her. (shiver emoticon)

HildaW Fri 16-Dec-11 15:17:14

Grandmama, you poor thing how very traumatic...have a big hug and I do hope you can shrug it all off. Yes, its a ruddy pain that you lost cards etc but you are unscathed and I'm sure that all your loved ones care about. thanks

grannyactivist Fri 16-Dec-11 15:25:32

How are you feeling today Grandmama?

absentgrana Fri 16-Dec-11 15:40:36

Grandmama I'm glad you're not hurt but I would guess either shaken or stirred or possibly both. I wouldn't hold your breath about the police. When I was mugged, the perpetrators were furious because I had no money or credit cards on me at the time so they kicked me unconscious – mostly in my face – as well as spitting on me. The police reckoned it was no use pursuing them and it wasn't serious as nothing had been stolen, although I knew at least one name and had recognised the face of one of the others so could easily have identified him.

Mishap Fri 16-Dec-11 16:21:35

These posts are so awful - thankfully this is all outside my experience and I send heartfelt good wishes to those who have suffered this.

Grandmama Mon 26-Dec-11 14:50:41

Dear Grans

Thank you for all your sympathetic comments. You and all my friends have been so kind. All my cards have now been replaced. Daughter no 2 responded (after I'd told her I was completely OK) with 'How awful, something like that happening before you'd put your face on, I never go anywhere with out my Estee Lauder on' (!!!). I'm meeting for lunch this week with 3 old school friends and they have clubbed together to replace my Waterstones gift card - I feel really touched by that and so grateful. On the negative side, I feel a bit wary when I'm out and about and keep looking over my shoulder.

grannyactivist Mon 26-Dec-11 15:07:27

Grandmama what lovely friends!! Not surprised you feel a bit wary; a perfectly natural reaction and probably a sensible one too. thanks

bikergran Mon 26-Dec-11 21:36:55

Grandmama only just read your first post....glad that you are ok and yes what lovley thoughtfull friends you have..they are true

granto7 Mon 26-Dec-11 22:10:34

Hello Grandmama
Hope you have got over your terrible shock a little bit now and feeling better