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What do you wear at home in this hot weather?

169 Teacheranne

tightening our belts

174 Grammaretto

Were you a disappointment to your parents ?


What in your view is common ?

158 Sara1954

The long school holidays

25 TerriBull

Which Deodorant is best?

82 Calendargirl

SE water shortages and the encouragement of snitching

31 Teacheranne


11 Caleo

Looking for a peaceful place in November

9 FannyCornforth

garden birds

14 HowVeryDareYou

Jeremy Corbyn

59 Galaxy

Fuming is an understatement

46 joysutty

Allergic to necklace

13 Luckygirl3

Plastic Surgery for Politicians

12 maddyone

Shortages in supermarkets and in other shops

85 nanna8

I am not a robot (attempt at humour)

23 Franbern

The design of product packaging in relation to customers with a disability

26 Bijou

What is the best advice you have been given ?

80 mauraB

Unemployment and job vacancies

18 JaneJudge

Very quick response from the council

19 RichmondPark1

Who knows about cars?

17 Katie59

Selling second hand clothing.

24 biglouis

A practical session on sending a parcel by Royal Mail Parcel Collect

61 MissAdventure

Highlighted or highlit?

4 Baggs


26 MerylStreep

Boots, the Store, not the Footwear

19 MayBee70

Old stored petrol.. can I still use it in my car?

20 Oopsadaisy1


125 Mine

Has anyone made a diesel car claim

14 Oopsadaisy1

The ethics of where vegans buy food

125 Chardy

To change or not to change (gear)

4 tanith

SNP….. So.Not.Perfect

32 Spinnaker

The legend Diana Ross

17 butterfly1

[ANGELA ] locked out [ blondnana]

6 Rosiecat

E-Scooter Accidents

5 ElaineI

Specsavers Hearing Aids

48 muse

Corona Virus causing unexpected/unexplain ed problem.

31 Aldom

Friends! What friends

24 M0nica


7 MayBee70

Kinder product recall

4 Mollygo

5 Years since Grenfell Tower tragedy

2 RichmondPark

What to do with old OS maps

23 JackyB

causing offence

8 grandtanteJE65

Good essay by Kenan Malik

15 LauraNorderr

Selling a property in Spain.

8 Sundaze

Energy prices through the roof

6 Germanshepherdsmum

My DD has moved back in with me but won’t make a decision about her abusive marriage

33 GramaJ

Knickerbocker Glory A Great Dessert Name

72 Marydoll

Snippets and quotes that hit the mark

13 YorkLady

I Don't Believe it!

14 HowVeryDareYou