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RICHARD INGRAMS Have you got a minute please. (or OI!!!)

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wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 11:03:19

Can you please sort out the unfair situation which exists at the moment, where Oldie readers get the cds included with the mag when they purchase it from a newstand, but your most loyals readers who subscribe annually, do not get it included but are expected to download it!

This is a mess and should be sorted out.

Thank you for your time, and awaiting your kind attention.

MrsJamJam Thu 12-Apr-12 11:08:57

Some of us haven't quite mastered the idea of a download, so a cd would be much more user friendly. And I'm sure it could go in the envelope instead of all that junk mail that goes straight in the recycling.

GoldenGran Thu 12-Apr-12 11:12:37

I agree, I gave DH subscription to The Oldie for Christmas, and now it seems he is being done out of his CDs. Do something please! Thank youwhotsup for bringing this to his attention.

Ariadne Thu 12-Apr-12 11:13:27


wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 11:17:16

What Ariadne?

We're all in this together now. All for one and one for all!

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 11:17:46

GoldenGran it is bad.

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 11:18:33

A reply to my original post through Charlotte Oldie would be acceptable. In the first instance.

jeni Thu 12-Apr-12 12:16:36

GNHQ can we have wooden spoon emoticon please!

glassortwo Thu 12-Apr-12 13:10:20

GHNQ while you at it can we just get this Oldie heading taken off once and for all, is there any reason at all why the threads coming through cant just be under our normal banner, I hate this division. I know I am repeating myself hmm but its one of those days. grin

gracesmum Thu 12-Apr-12 13:17:10

I think you mean wodenspon emoticon, jeni grin

Anagram Thu 12-Apr-12 13:23:14

But surely there has to be some differentiation, glassortwo? Oldie readers might not want their forum to be mixed in with ours! And they might get lost.....

glassortwo Thu 12-Apr-12 13:28:13

Anagram But if they are posting on our threads why do they feel they need to differentiate between the two forums....

Anagram Thu 12-Apr-12 13:37:54

How do we know if they're posting on our threads? I know there are one or two, but...
I thought they were just using this forum because they didn't have their own.

glassortwo Thu 12-Apr-12 13:42:18

I thought there were some threads from over there with our link on and they used them to access over here, but knowing me I could have got the wrong end of the stick grin

Anagram Thu 12-Apr-12 13:51:02

Me too....blush

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-Apr-12 13:51:59

Hi folks,

Hopefully can make things clearer for you.

There's just one forum, which is Gransnet. Oldie users can use a 'Oldie branded' version of Gransnet - they'll get taken straight through to this topic by clicking on the forums link on the Oldie website.

As you've all pointed out, there is nothing to distinguish Oldie users from anyone who's signed up to GN via, so there's no difference at all between the two groups of users.

All it's added is an extra topic called The Oldie Borum, where anyone is welcome to post, as with all topics on the site.

We've let CharlotteOldie know about the issues about CDs not included with the magazine for subscribers.

glassortwo Thu 12-Apr-12 13:57:26

Thanks josie smile

Anagram Thu 12-Apr-12 15:20:39

Yes, thanks josie - I think I've got it now.....

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 16:42:05

Thank you Josie.

Is Charlotte not so available as you lot GNHQ? smile

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 16:53:47

I posted the OP from the magazine side.

's good! Makes a change. smile

no more headless chicken act FGS!

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 16:56:20

Sorry Glass. blush


puffer Fri 13-Apr-12 09:32:19

This forum is like being invited to another club's swimming pool - but without being told there are lots of other swimmers there who are not only complete strangers, but who have never heard of the Oldie Magazine.

Is this really what was intended?

wotsamashedupjingl Fri 13-Apr-12 09:33:52

We've have heard of the mag. (Especially now! smile)

glammanana Fri 13-Apr-12 10:17:55

I've still not seen it on any newstands but to be quite honest something called The Oldie would attract my attention as I am do not consider myself as an Oldie at all and never will.

glammanana Fri 13-Apr-12 10:19:07

should read it would not attract my attention,PC has got hiccups today.