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Bellesnan Thu 19-Apr-12 16:23:09

This may be an old thread - if so, apologies. Sitting in a car in a multi-storey carpark this week watched with horror whilst a lady tried to drive into a space (forwards) and seriously damaged the car next to her. She eventually, with some help from another driver, reversed out and drove off to park elsewhere no doubt. I had already taken details of the car and left it tucked under the wipers of the damaged car with my name and number. I later received a phone call from a very grateful driver - his insurance company had managed to track the car on their database. We are in the process of a claim against someone who drove into the side of our car - she said my husband was indicating - I think not. A year ago a black labrador off a lead ran out in front of our car and caused a lot of damage - the dog only lived because we contacted a vet. We received no compensation from him -not even a thank you for saving his dog.

Nonu Thu 19-Apr-12 17:24:22

other drivers irritate me when don"t acknowledge you letting them pass , just a simple thing I know makes you feel better

glammanana Thu 19-Apr-12 17:53:14

Bellesnan Most multi-story have CCTV so they will be able to trace where this selfish woman parked and also show the incident when she hit the other car,why are people so inconsiderate and think they can get away with things is beyond me.

Mishap Thu 19-Apr-12 17:55:31

Things about other drivers that annoy me.....

On country lanes when another car is coming towards you and they can see you when they are near a passing place, but they just plough on and you have to squeeze past or reverse - grrr!

Loose animals in cars - so dangerous.

Drivers on their mobile phones - happens all the time

That's enough to be going on with!!

Signed...Grumpy Old Lady!

HildaW Thu 19-Apr-12 17:57:19

Bellesnan, tis funny how its always someone elses fault (saying your husband was indicating) am sure I'm right in saying that its still up to us as motorists to make sure someone actually finishes a move they indicate for. Thus when we get to a junction we make sure anyone indicating that they are turning into the road does that, and does not carry on. Don't let the selfish so and sos put you off doing what you know is right, the world needs more folks like you. Trouble is so many people are brought up with the idea that a thing is only wrong if you are caught doing it..............I was brought up to know what was wrong and to try not to do it even when no one was watching. I failed with a few things -pinching the last biscuit and telling a few fibs, but I think I got the big things right.

Bellesnan Thu 19-Apr-12 19:04:54

Glamamama - when I say multi storey - well its got three floors and for our small town it is multi storey!! Except they put these awful pillars everywhere (they have even wrapped some on the exit slopes in rubber because so many cars had caught them) which means that if you have anything bigger than my Fiat 500 its a struggle! And nope - no CCTV so I had to be the good Samaritan that day.

Hankipanki Thu 19-Apr-12 23:54:00

I love it that I have all the time in the world now that I am retired, so when a young impatient driver blows his horn because he feels that I have not moved out from a junction fast enough, I can really take my time and pretend to be the doddery old lady.

glammanana Fri 20-Apr-12 08:46:32

Oh I understand now,well done you I would have done the same,I imagined a car park similar to the multi-storey that I park in when I go to Chester its massive I have to write down what level I am on or I forget where I have parked it has been known for me to spend time looking on the wrong level before to-day.confused

dorsetpennt Fri 20-Apr-12 09:23:06

A friend and I were crossing the road, on a crossing, when a driver who was on his mobile nearly ploughed into us. He hadn't be concentrating of course and hadn't realised we were in the right. As you say Hilda it's always someone else's fault as he stopped his car, leaned out of the car and shouted various expletives and the words' silly old bags' was also hurled. When my friend indicated the crossing he stopped immediately, slammed his door and drove off at speed.

kittylester Fri 20-Apr-12 09:52:03

glammanana that made me laugh and reminded me of a friend whose husband had just bought a Rolls Royce whuich was his pride and joy. He went to visit an old friend who had been in hospital for a while but, instead of parking on his usual floor, went right to the top where he thought no harm could come to his wonderful car. When he came back, the car was missing so he called the police and then his poor wife had to drive 15 miles in her mini to collect him. When he went back to visit the following day he was really surprised to find himself parking right next to the roller!

A few days later, his daughter was waiting in the car to be taken to school when, reaching over to turn the radio on, she knocked the gear stick thingy into 'drive' and gaily sailed down their drive, over the very quiet residential, road at the bottom and carried on down the drive opposite into their neighbour's lounge. Luckily she was unhurt or his wife would have been even crosser. grin

Mamie Fri 20-Apr-12 17:41:22

Here in France we have the added joy of "priorité à droite", which means that if you pass a sign like a St Andrews' cross you can expect people to pull out of a side road in front of you as you approach on the main road. It is complicated by the fact that not everybody observes it or obeys it so you are never quite know what is going to happen. Round here they don't cut the hedges back much so it is often a blind junction as well. Add that to the fact that nobody expects to meet another car on the road anyway and it is a miracle that there are not more accidents.

nelliedeane Fri 20-Apr-12 21:46:33

Have had my car written off in february by a left hand drive articulated lorry,pulling carelessly across our lane and and spinning us around three times before the trailer threw us into the crash barrier on the notorius M25 fortunately we escaped with shock and whiplash,someone definitley was watching us that day,we now find the drivers details where not correct and we are having to claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau to trace the foreign driver to claim compensation.

A pet hate is drivers who like to sit on my bumper and tailgate,and motorbikes that roar up beside you and make you jump.

harrigran Fri 20-Apr-12 23:15:10

I saw a car today that had several long planks of wood sticking out of the passenger window and the driver was on his mobile while he turned a dangerous corner with one hand on the steering wheel. Where are the patrol cars when you want them ?

nelliedeane Sat 21-Apr-12 09:08:02

off to Essex to day to see family for the weekend ...Happy days ....note to continental drivers,stay away from the M25 I would like to get there and home in one piece thank you hmm

Nonu Mon 30-Apr-12 08:24:35

Yesterday wqe went to friends for lunch , and as is usual at the moment it was tipping down with rain . What amazed us was the amount of drivers without lights on and how invisible they were when just a short distance away [hmmm]

Annobel Mon 30-Apr-12 08:51:38

An appalling piece of driving I've seen more than once around here: on Friday I was driving along a standard single carriageway road on which there were a number of 'keep left' traffic islands. I saw in my mirror a car coming up fast (illegally fast) behind me and, as there was one of these islands ahead, I slowed down to allow the driver to pass. He did pass - to the right of the 'keep left' sign. shock

dorsetpennt Mon 30-Apr-12 09:14:46

Coming down the M3 on Saturday - suddenly the cars ahead all slowed right down. Why? There was an accident ahead on the far left so not in the way - people were slowing down to have a look at the accident. A policeman was crossly waving people on probably thinking what a gruesome bunch of people.

gangy5 Mon 30-Apr-12 09:20:18

As a pedestrian, what I hate is when drivers are exiting car parks, garages, drives etc. they pull right across the pavement so that you have to wait for them to exit onto the road before you can carry on. As far as I know, the pedestrian has the right of way and it is for the driver to wait until the path is clear.

Annobel Mon 30-Apr-12 23:30:04

I wondered if I could have passed the theory test which they didn't have 52 years ago. I found it on the DVLA website and I'm pleased to report that I passed. And no cheating!

Tennisnan Tue 01-May-12 04:17:21

Ive noticed that some of the most aggresive drivers on the roads today are young women! Im talking early 20's. They are full of attitude, wont let you in when you're supposed to merge two lanes to one, toot their horns at anything and give rude hand signs. At one busy junction I use everyday on my way to work Im regularly overtaken on the inside and its always one of these young girls, usuallly in a brand new small hatchback. Watch out for them, you'll see it too.

glammanana Tue 01-May-12 09:22:25

annobel I did the test and failed I only got 42 out of 50 I was surprised by a couple of the answers but who am I to argue.confused

Barrow Tue 01-May-12 09:37:44

I live in a small village and at one point the road has been narrowed to take only one vehicle at a time, the turning into my road, which itself is only one vehicle wide, is in the middle of this narrow stretch.

Whenever I enter the narrowed part I indicate that I will be turning right. Invariably a driver coming in the opposite direction will stop his car (its usually a man) right across the road I want to turn into. This has resulted in some very strange hand gestures and mouthing of words which, of course, I wouldn't know (!) whilst they attempt to reverse far enough back to allow me to turn into my road.

Annobel Tue 01-May-12 10:08:09

glamma. The pass mark is a bit high, I think, but then I would, wouldn't I? I got 46/50 in both tests, so nothing if not consistent. Does that make me a better driver? Doubt it!